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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #D: The worst tsunami of present times, means the disaster of 26th December 2004 from Sumatra:

#D1: My research on tsunami of 26th December 2004 - means a coincident or an intelligent act of fate:

In item #C1. of the totaliztic web page Immortality is explained that our lives are pre-programmed in advance in so-called "programs of life and fate". (This is why our lives can be e.g. shifted back with the use of Timevehicle, then again re-lived infinitive number of times, thus giving to people a possibility of accomplishing technical immortality.) One amongst life situations when this pre-programming of my life was clearly revealed, was when by this "program of fate" I was forced to undertake research of the tsunami described in this part of the web page.

This supposedly "coincidental" forcing me by the fate to undertake the research on tsunamis, and in the result also to derive conclusions described on this web page, started when near the end of 2004 I purchased an airline ticket for my vacation in Malaysia. My vacation started just after Christmas. In this way, supposedly by a "coincident" I rapidly found myself in the centre of the area affected by that tsunami. Local newspapers got filled with reports and descriptions of this cataclysm. In turn I started to study these reports - thus directing my attention to facts described on this web page. Soon I noticed the high "intelligence" in actions of this supposedly thoughtless "wanton element". Only that later three further years needed to pass, before in 2007 I discovered scientifically where this "intelligence of tsunamis" comes from. (Initially I also was misled by this "simulation" of the tsunami as if it was caused by a "technical explosion of a UFO vehicle" - for more details see items #J1. to #N2. from further parts of this web page.)

This supposedly "coincidental" finding myself in the centre of the area destroyed by the tsunami discussed here, initiated many years long research of cataclysms, outcomes of which presents not only this web page, but also numerous other web pages about cataclysms of the morally "correcting intelligence" and about preventing them. In further items from this "part #D" which are to follow, I am going to describe most vital facts which immediately after that tsunami of 26 December 2004 I managed to gather about it from local publications that presented reports and recollection of eye witnesses and victims.

#D2. What course had this tsunami of 26th December 2004 from the Indian Ocean:

As all most probably still well remember this, on Sunday of 26th December 2004, means during the second day of Christmas - in English named the "Boxing Day", at 8 am of the local time, occurred the first "initiating" stage of the tsunami described here. It was then that a series of 9 powerful shocks of Earth, took place to the west from the Island of Sumatra on the Indian Ocean. This powerful earthquake was measured as having 9.0 on the Richter’s scale. It was the biggest earthquake on our planet since 1964. The energy released during these 9 shocks, propagated along the Indian Ocean, causing catastrophic tsunami on the surrounding coasts. As it turned out later, this energy travelled with two different speeds, namely as the carrier of 9 "primary waves of tsunami" that expanded (in my estimate as magnetic disturbances) with the huge velocity estimated at around 800 kilometres per hour, and also as a carrier of a second series of a slightly smaller 9 "secondary waves of tsunami" which expanded (in my estimate as hydraulic vibratory disturbances of ocean waters), with the speed estimated at around 160 kilometres per hour. (Some eye witnesses are also claiming, that there was a third series of small shocks, that travelled with a very small velocity of only several kilometres per hour. In my estimate this third series propagated in the form of mechanical vibrations of the ground under the sea bed. Because of the existence of this third series, Malays claim that the tsunami had a form of passing of "three brothers of destruction". However, so-far I have not met any official confirmation that this third series of waves actually did exist.) After arriving to nearest coasts, the energy of these two main carriers of energy converted into two series of water tsunami. In each one from these two series there were 9 waves of water. They hit coasts, crushing and wiping out everything that stood on their path. The interesting aspect of these waves was, that 8 out of them were rather small and they did not cause a lot of damage. But one of them, located somewhere in the middle, was this destructive wave, around 8 times more powerful and larger from others. It was this one that crushed and killed everything on its path. Before these waves hit the coasts with an enormous fury, firstly the ocean water was suckback to the sea, rapidly uncovering enormously wide strip of beach, on the bottom of which shocked fish was jumping, rapidly left by water that withdrawn dangerously from the enlarged beach. These unwise witnesses, who run on the uncovered bottom of sea, to collect these jumping fish, become first victims of the powerful waves, which a short while later hit the coast. Countries most affected by the fury of these waves turned out to be Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. However, waves of this tsunami destroyed completely coasts of many more countries, including into this even countries from Africa, e.g. Somalia and Kenya. In total, on 5 January 2005 - means at the time of preparing my first description of this tsunami, the official number of human victims of both these series of tsunami waves was stated as around 150 thousands of people. Then this number was continually increased. For example, when I again updated my descriptions on 17 January 2005, it was already given as reaching around 200 000 human victims, out of which number only in Indonesia died around 168 000 people. In turn the Malaysian newspaper The Sun, issue dated on 21 January 2005, on page 9, wrote that the number of victims was then around 220 000. The evening TV news broadcasted on 25 January 2005 stated this number as equal to 281 705 victims (out of which 72 people died in Malaysia).

#D3. Most extraordinary attributes of the tsunami of 26 December 2004, the occurrence of which shocked me during my research of this catastrophe:

As I already mentioned this, in time shortly after that tsunami, I was on vacation in Malaysia. In turn as we know, the northern end of Malaysia, means the border between Malaysia and Thailand, especially the Malaysian island of Penang, was also hit by the tail end of this tsunami. So I could read about the destruction directly from the local press. Furthermore, I frequently talked with locals. After all, some of them participated in person in this tragic event. Out of the descriptions that I learned then, especially I was interested in several items. Here are the most important out of these.

(1) Earthquake after water waves. Tsunami from the Indian Ocean had quite an interesting attribute. Namely the waves of water preceded in it the waves of earthquake. Expressing this in another words, firstly the coasts of the Indian Ocean were flooded with waves of water, and only then they were shaken by waves of earthquake that arrived slightly later. In the result, this tsunami did NOT produce any phenomena that would warn the future victims that a cataclysm is just approaching.

(2) Angry water. Water from tsunami waves that hit the coasts, was NOT at all the enlarged version of ordinary sea waves that continually arrive to sea coasts. This is because normally sea waves that hit coasts are formed from transparent sea water of the same color as sea has in a given day. In turn water from tsunami waves was described by eye witnesses as "black and muddy", and also as "angry". These people who were hit by it, but somehow survived, describe it as literally water of that tsunami boiled in a manner similar to water boiling in a kettle, only that it was not hot. It also carried within itself a huge amount of sand, mud, and various debris mixed with rubbish. These who were hit by it, while still at a beach, were completely blinded by sand and mud, and did not know in which direction is the shore, while in which direction is the sea. Sand, mud, debris and rubbish got to their eyes and disallowed them to see. In turn when this water started to flow through the land, it turned out into a kind of "boiling" black mud, full of wooden beams, planks, various debris, bricks, stones, soil, pieces of metal, and everything that this water met on its path. People were unable to swim in it. In turn these ones who were hit by it, were pierced by debris, cut into pieces, and dismantled. So survived mainly these ones, who were sheltered from it by a hard shell of some sort.

(3) The surprise of animals. This time animals did NOT sensed the incoming tsunami, until around 5 minutes before this tsunami hit the coasts. (Normally animals are able to sense the approaching tsunami many hours, and frequently even many days, before it approaches the ground.) It was observed, that this time animals started to run only around 5 minutes before the first waves of tsunami hit the ground. Most probably these animals were only scared by the wave of magnetic disturbances which arrived to them from the simulated UFO explosion, and which on the coast was just starting to build up the first waves of water that hit the ground several minutes later. However, in spite that animals started to escape so late, they were more effective from people in their escape. In the result, victims of tsunami were mainly people, while corpses of dead animals were found extremely rarely. This reminds me a folk wisdom of old miners, who used to state in past about accidents in mines, that "if you see escaping rats, always escape with them wherever they run - as rats always know the best, how to save themselves".

(4) A strange "tide out". Just before the first waves of tsunami hit the ground, sea water firstly silently and majestically withdrawn itself deeply into the beach, as if in the result of an extremely low "tide". Only several minutes later it returned back and hit coasts with an enormous roar and fury. During this rapid withdrawal from the beach, water left on the enormously extended beach numerous large jumping fish. (Typically, the withdrawing water takes fish with itself, or more strictly fish follows the withdrawing water.) It looked almost like these fish experienced a shock from a curtain of magnetic disturbances which rapidly hit them and which arrived because of the simulation of exploding propulsors of a UFO. So these fishes were completely stun by these magnetic disturbances, they lost their orientation, and did not follow the withdrawing water. Just before the tsunami hit the coast several situations took even place, that in some places people run onto this non-typically extended beach, to collect huge fish that were jumping on the sand. But these people had no time to return with this fish to the solid ground. Soon afterwards they were drowned by the huge mountain of "boiling" water mixed with sand that fell onto them. This "angry" water blinded their eyes and made them unable to swim.

(5) Anonymous Samaritan. One more extraordinary event of this tsunami dated 26th December 2004, were warnings of an "anonymous European". These were described in the article "The unknown hero" published on page 5 from the Malaysian newspaper "New Straits Times" dated on 31 December 2004. Around an hour before the tsunami hit the beach named "Teluk Bahang" on the Malaysian island of Penang, along this beach a man looking like an European aged around 50 to 60 years was running. With a loud and full of terror voice he yelled in the Malay language "Keluar! keluar!" (what means "Get out! Get out!"). Something in his voice, run, or behaviour was so terrifying, that it scared children who make their parents to escape from the beach. So in spite that nothing indicated why these people supposed to get out, around 200 people listened to his yell and climber the steep cliff that run along the border of this beach. Then from the safety of the road which passes along this cliff, they observed the further development of events. As it later turned out, all of them own their surviving to this anonymous man.

However, several people ignored his warnings and remained on the beach or in the water. All these died. Apart from yelling of this man, initially nothing else indicated that tsunami is approaching. It was a beautiful day without any breeze. Sea was calm and beautiful. It never was established who this man was. For me in his warnings several matters are unclear. For example, why he was so similar to UFOnauts from the so-called "Nordic race"? How he knew that the murderous tsunami is approaching, when no other signs indicated yet what is brewing up? How comes that he know the Malay language? (After all, only a few Europeans ever learns this language.) Why he squashed in himself the very human temptation to enjoy the fame and the thankfulness of these ones whom he saved? After all, in spite that people saved by him intensely sought him, he never revealed who he was? It is extremely difficult for me to imagine, that amongst these simulations of "diabolic UFOnauts" who are "simulated" as if they are just killing our entire civilization, who without a blinking even a single eye murdered with this tsunami around 300 000 people, and who in next catastrophes are "simulated" as if they murdered millions of next victims, was simulated even a single UFOnaut who still supposedly has a conscience and a moral behaviour. But in the above matter I have no other option but to consider such a possibility. The "anonymous UFOnaut", please accept my words of the deepest respect!

(6) "Ghosts" of Europeans. In Malaysian press, many reports appeared soon after this tsunami, about people seeing "ghosts" that looked as if they inspected areas where this tsunami has hit. These strange "ghosts" were sighted and reported not only in Malaysia, but practically in all counties hit by the tsunami. Probably it would not be anything unusual in seeing "ghosts" in areas where hundreds of thousands of people met a rapid death shortly before. But the problem is that these "ghosts" were described not as local "Asians", but as Europeans of typically "Scandinavian" appearance, who, however, displayed a non-typical ability for a rapid disappearance from the view, or for passing through closed doors or walls. Of course, the question which immediately arrives to my mind, is "why on the area where died mainly people of the Asian appearance, "ghosts" were seen which displayed only European appearance. Before someone invents a justification for this fact that is based on deaths of Scandinavian tourists, it is worth to consider how locals from the area of destruction would describe simulations of UFOnauts who flown over there in order to inspect effects of the tsunami that they caused shortly before. After all, many simulations of UFOnauts also belong to the so-called "Nordic race", looking like Scandinavian tourists. Furthermore, they have the ability to rapidly disappear from the view, to walk through doors and walls, etc. It is worth to add, that these sightings of "ghosts" reached so large intensity in areas destroyed by tsunami, that they caused even a kind of "ghost hysteria". Local people started to be afraid over there to go in evenings or at nights to the beach or at the area destroyed by this tsunami. (A best article on the subject of these "ghosts" I read in the Malaysian newspaper "The Malay Mail" dated on 18th January 2005. However, apart from written articles, in Malaysia people used to also talk a lot on the subject of this European "ghosts".) Very interesting in this entire matter of ghosts is also that soon after I placed this web page in the internet, rapidly in countries which these "ghosts" were ravaging, local authorities started to call for stopping these talks and these writings about ghosts, because supposedly "this scares overseas tourists". (Interesting why these authorities would not forbid "ghosts" to inspect areas destroyed by tsunami, instead of shutting up people's mouths and requesting not to talk nor write about these ghosts?) An article about this request not to talk nor write about ghosts was published under the title 'No ghosts please - you're scaring tourists', on page 11 of the free edition of Malaysian newspaper "The Sun" dated on Friday, 28 January 2005. I am personally puzzled by the logic behind this request. In my opinion, if there is a tourist who is brave enough to fly to the area where not long ago a powerful tsunami stroke, and where according to statements of scientists at any time another powerful earthquake and tsunami could be expected, if this tourist is not scared that these areas are endangered with various illnesses and that there still bodies are being found, then how such a brave tourist can be scared by talks about ghosts? In my opinion such talks can only make him/her interested much more in a given place! (At least this was the case with myself!) So all this forbidding to talk about ghosts, makes no sense from the tourists point of view. But it makes a perfect sense from the point of view of simulations of UFOnauts not wanting the world know that they inspect the area of destruction they caused.

(7) Survival of churches, mosques, and Buddhist temples. Tsunami destroyed the majority of buildings in the area flooded with the waves. But shockingly, all Muslim mosques, all Christian churches, and all Buddhist temples that stood in the area of destruction, come out undamaged from this disaster. In the result, when in TV the information about withstanding of these churches, mosques, and Buddhist temples was shown, the picture that emerged was astonishing. This is because there were shown areas completely destroyed, where for tens of kilometres only grey and deprived of greenery fields were left from human settlements and buildings, which looked like rubbish dumps, means were deeply covered with blackened beams, rubbles, splinters, rubbish, and mud. But in the centre of this grim dark picture of destruction, every now and again, a bright, clean, untouched by the devastation church, mosque or temple had stood. It looked as if God let know to all people, that whatever diabolic force is doing this destruction, it is unable to harm of whatever remains under His protection. Furthermore, in this withstanding from the destruction of churches, mosques and temples, in my opinion a clear message from God is contained, which states approximately something along the lines: "people, do not turn one against another because of religions that you practice, as for me it is vital how morally you live, not under what name you are praying to me".

#D4. Which items of evidence confirm, that the course of tsunami of 26th December 2004 was additionally so "simulated" as if it was caused technologically by a UFO explosion:

As I already mentioned this in item #C2., the tsunami of 26th December 2004 displays the presence of a number of attributes, which were so intelligently simulated into three different levels of simulation, that these directly imply three different origins of this catastrophe. Namely, independently of the “true origins” of this catastrophe - which is to be explained in further parts of this web page, one “level of simulation" of that tsunami shows it as a kind of "stupid element" enraged by the work of nature. In turn the other "level of simulation" of the same tsunami suggests, that it was NOT caused "naturally" by the "mother Earth", but it was induced technologically through the underground (or more strictly, under the sea bottom) explosion of a UFO vehicle type K3. These attributes which are simulating a UFO explosion, are to be discussed one-by-one in next items #D5. to #D8. of this web page. But in order to indicate already here some examples of these, these include, amongst others:

(Item #D5 below): the fact, that this particular tsunami was composed of exactly the same number (i.e. 9th) of water waves attacking the coast, as the number of propulsors that can explode in a UFO type K3. Furthermore, similarly as the eight side propulsors of a UFO type K3 is loaded with the same amount of magnetic energy, while a single main propulsor is loaded with the 8 times larger amount of magnetic energy, also 8 waves of water that attacked the coasts during that particular tsunami were relatively small and of a similar size, while one wave contained somewhere between them was around 8 times larger and it was this wave that caused all the damage.

(Item #D6 below): the fact, that the energy of this particular tsunami was carried outby two different carriers, namely by (a) a very fast (if not moving instantly) wave of magnetic disturbances, and (b) by much slower wave of hydraulic vibrations. It is also worth to notice, that during other typical tsunamis, energy of the earthquakes that cause them is carried out exclusively by hydraulic means.

(Item #D8 below): the fact, that the tsunami took place in a day supposedly especially favoured by UFOnauts, means on 26th (i.e. on 13 + 13) etc.


Independently from the mentioned above main items of evidence, which implies that this particular tsunami was induced technically by exploding a UFO, and thus which is discussed in separate items from the further part of this web page, there is also a wealth of additional observations and evidence, which point out at exactly the same fact. These additional items of evidence indicating the supposed involvement of UFOs in causing this tsunami, are so numerous that I run out of time, processing capabilities, and space, to document them comprehensively on this web page. So just in order to indicate what type these additional items of evidence are, below I am going to provide brief descriptions of the most representative out of them.

(1) Resonating fish. In several Malaysian newspapers photographs of sea shores (beaches) were shown. These photos were taken several days later in areas hit by the tsunami. On these photographs I was astonished to notice that in the area where a strip of rubbish normally left by sea waves lies along a beach, this time lied a wide strip of massive numbers of dead fish. The largest number of photographs of these dead fish was shown in a special attachment "Focus" to the Sunday edition of the Malaysian newspaper "New Sunday Times" dated on 9 January 2005 (e.g. see there pages 1 and 2). It would not be anything strange in the fact that after such a devastating event several dead fish is spread along a beach. After all, wherever elements get furious, there must also be accidents, while fish is not immune from becoming victims. However, it is already strange that such massive numbers of fish were dead. After all, even boats that floated in the sea were unaffected by tsunami waves passing under them. So similarly should be with fish - the hydraulic wave of tsunami should pass around them without doing any harm. By the way, such lack of destruction inside of water was confirmed by research - see the article "Minimal damage to west coast reefs" which appeared on page 16 of the Malaysian issue of newspaper "New Straits Times" dated on Tuesday, 8 February 2005. But even more strange than the massive numbers of dead fish, is that this time something wrong was with this fish. On various photographs all these fish were of the same size, which on the basis of comparison to size of people I estimate at around 1 kilogram (i.e. at the size of a typical Christmas carp from Milicz).

In spite of long searches I was able to find on these photographs only one fish of a different size (i.e. much larger). But this one larger dead fish fits within statistical boundaries of falling a victim of an accident, e.g. being pierced by tsunami with sharp debris. So how strange these "accidents" needed to be that they killed only fish of the same size - and in such huge numbers. I am ready to bet, that all these fish died from the same cause, which was not the tsunami itself. Their identical size immediately suggests only one possibility, namely that they died in the result of internal injuries caused by their bodies resonating with high energy vibrations of some sort that had exactly defined frequency. These vibrations needed to be propagated in sea waters simultaneously with the tsunami. We know that magnetic field generated by UFO propulsors oscillates with the frequency of around 2500 Hz. (The description of a manner in which this frequency of a UFO field was determined, is provided in subsection N5.1.1. from volume 11 of my newest monograph [1/5].) So all signs indicate, that at the time of this simulation of a UFO type K3 explosion, which supposed to cause that tsunami, into the sea water was also emitted a powerful beam of high energy vibrations which caused the death of all fish the bodies of which resonated with these vibrations. However, what I am shocked the most in all this, is that practically no-one was puzzled by the fact of this identical size of all dead fish, nor by the enormous numbers of it, and that no-one researched reasons why this fish died in such massive numbers. This shows how uninquisitive and just on surface is research carried out by professional (paid) scientists.

To the above I should add, that when in television from New Zealand I watched reports from tsunami in Samoa (described in item #F2. below), also I was astonished by a significant number of fish of sizes similar to each other, which dead lied over there on the sea shore. Only that in Samoa all these dead fishes were several times larger than fishes killed during the tsunami from the Indian Ocean that is discussed here.

(2) Cumulative earthquake? There is a special shape of explosive charges, which is used in military technology. It is named a "cumulative explosive charge". It is shaped like a mirror in a torch, so that after being exploded it channels the shockwaves mainly into one direction. Thus it is used basically to destroy armours, e.g. in tanks. Well, shocking as it may sound, the attribute of the tsunami of 26th December 2004 was that it produced a destruction which was shaped exactly like the destruction caused by such a cumulative explosive charge. A quite accurate description of this extraordinary (because "cumulative") destruction, is contained in the article entitled "Physics explains variance in waves" that was published on page 42 of the Malaysian newspaper "Sunday Star" dated on 9 January 2005. According to this description, areas which were mainly affected by the tsunami, were located to the north, and also east and west from the epicentre. In turn small islands Diego Garcia and Mauritius, located approximately to south from the epicentre (or to the east from Madagascar), practically were left almost untouched by this tsunami. Furthermore, tsunami waves were displaying variations, depending on their location in relationship to the epicentre, means exactly as this happens with shockwaves from a "cumulative explosive charge". Of course, if the tsunami discussed here supposed to be caused by the "mother nature", then such a cumulative distribution of shockwaves would be rather extraordinary. After all, earth does not shake like a cumulative explosive charge. But if this tsunami was "simulated" as if caused by the explosion of propulsors from a UFO type K3, then it must have just such a cumulative character. This is because propulsors in a UFO are purposely arranged into a shape of a mirror from torch. Therefore also all previous UFO explosions described in item #N2. of this web page, i.e. Tapanui and Tunguska, had in fact such a cumulative character. (More on the subject of cumulative character of UFO explosions is explained in subsections C2, G4 and in chapter I of monograph [5/3e].)

(3) Hissing noise. Many eye witnesses of the simulated UFO explosion from Tunguska in Central Siberia (described in item #N2 below) emphasized in their reports, that simultaneously with the first flash of the explosion from disintegrating UFO vehicle, they heard also a very loud hissing noise. (Only a moment after that hissing they heard a first, magnetic series of 21 explosions.) Well, the shocking fact about the tsunami from Sumatra was that the eye witnesses also heard a similar hissing noise. Immediately after this hissing sea water started to "boil" producing bubbles and froth. Here is the description of this noise reported by one of eye witnesses and published in the article entitled "Waves like 'possessed beasts'" which appeared on page 17 of the New Zealand newspaper "Otago Daily Times" issue dated on 29 December 2004, quote:

"Thazangude, India: Seconds before the first wave struck the fishermen from behind, the air turned to mist and they heard a loud hissing noise, as if the sea had become a savage animal. ... the calm waters had started to froth and bubble, and it seemed as if a wintry fog was rolling in. "There was a ghastly 'ssssssssss' sound," Mr Arul recalled on Monday. "I hadn't seen or heard anything like this before." ...

It is worth to add to the above, that - as this is illustrated with photographs from the web page UFO clouds, vibrations of magnetic field from a UFO (or from a UFO explosion) are able to cause a rapid formation of fog due to a resonance with the own frequency of particles of water contained in the air.

(4) Unusually powerful auroras. When in 1908 the simulated UFO explosion in Tunguska, Central Siberia, took place, one of consequences were strangely powerful auroras (or "polar lights") that appeared then at both poles of Earth. For example, the reflection of these auroras was so powerful in England, that it made possible reading newspapers at midnights. Well, the extraordinary attribute of the tsunami discussed here was, that it also caused a non-typically intense polar auroras. I remember that in evening on 27th or 28th December 2004, New Zealand TV news contained an information about an abnormally powerful polar aurora that was then observed as high as almost the city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand. In turn evening TV news from a next day broadcasted an information that powerful polar auroras were observed in England in places which normally do not allow to see these luminescent phenomena. During watching this information I was unaware of the connection of it with the simulated UFO explosion near Sumatra (i.e. I did not comprehended then yet, that the tsunami discussed here was so simulated as if was caused technologically by explosion of a UFO vehicle). So I did not write down the exact details of these two news items. In turn when in the middle of February 2005 I returned to New Zealand from vacation in Malaysia, it was too late to find any written information on the subject of these especially powerful polar auroras that took place on Earth during nights following 26th December 2004. However, because of the evidential value of these polar lights, I would like to appeal here to readers to inform me about written publications on this subject - if by any chance they come across such publications.

(5) The disappearance of life in the crater at the bottom of ocean. Exactly in the former epicentre of the earthquake which cased the tsunami of 26 December 2004, 4 km under water there is a 1000-metre crater (chasm), like a one left after a UFO explosion. This crater is similar to the so-called Tapanui crater>" which also has around 1000 metres in diameter, and which exists in New Zealand (the Tapanui crater is also described on a separate web page about Newzealand). Only that this underwater crater is located on a slope of much steeper cliff. Five months after the strike of tsunami described here, scientists directed a remotely controlled submarine to this crater. What was discovered in it, shocked everyone. The outcomes of their investigations are described in a small article entitled "Tsunami creates dead zone", which appeared in the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, 16 December 2005, page B5. These outcomes were also presented then on the web page theage.com.au. Namely, it turned out that at that time water over there was still "muddy". Furthermore, in spite of the location near the Earth's equator, the temperature of water in there was only 4 degrees Celsius. In turn, in this muddy water all life ceased to exist. Explaining this in other words, 5 months after the tsunami, in the very epicentre of the earthquake which caused it, still until then a huge zone dis exist which was deprived of any trace of life. However, if the tsunami had a natural origin, than life should return to the crater in the epicentre, after such a long time. On the other hand, if this crater was simulated as formed in the result of explosion of a telekinetic UFO, then water and sediments must be strongly telekinetised. In turn such telekinetised substances obtain an attribute called the "super-slipperiness". (This attribute is described in subsection H8.1. from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5].)

This "super-slipperiness" on one hand makes impossible "sediments" dissolved in the water to settle down - this explains why water was then still muddy. On the other hand, it disallows the holding of gasses (oxygen) dissolved in it - this makes it unable to support life. Furthermore, the phenomenon of natural Telekinesis, which still takes place in this telekinetised water, causes the decrease of temperature. This in turn explains, why in spite of location in tropics, the water there was equally cold like water from the ocean just near Antarctic. Therefore, the fact of the existence of this "dead zone" in the former epicentre of the earthquake, is another evidence that the tsunami was simulated precisely as if caused through the purposeful exploding of a (telekinetic) UFO vehicle.

While reading the above descriptions of further items of evidence, we need to remember that these are only complementary to the undeniable facts documented in items #D5 to #K2 below. These undeniable facts conclusively confirm one rather extraordinary truth. Namely, that the murderous tsunami of 26th December 2004, was for sure purposely simulated in such a manner as if it was caused intentionally by morally degenerated relatives of humanity, who exploded their UFO vehicle type K3 at the bottom of the ocean. In turn this extraordinary truth has for us such a meaning, that the tsunami was not "one off" or the last one, but a first in a whole series of tsunamis that this creatures simulates as our morally rotten relatives, supposedly planed to dish out to the humanity.

Fig. #D4 (P1 in [1/5])
Img.120 (#D4)
Img.120 (#D4): Here is a photograph of a smallest UFO vehicle, the explosion of which was simulated on 26 December 2004 as a cause for the murderous tsunami from Sumatra.

This smallest UFO vehicle is named K3 type - it is shown also in [1/5] as Figure P1. (The name "K3" for it originates from the fact, that the "flattening coefficient" marked "K" and defined as the ratio of the outer diameter "D" to the height "H", K = D/H, for this special vehicle is equal to K = 4.38/1.46 = 3.) All the simulation of UFO vehicles are carried out in such a manner, that the powers and technical capabilities of UFO vehicles are used to harm people. For example, it was just such a UFO vehicle of K3 type, identical to the one shown on the above photograph, that was exploded on 26th December 2004, in order to cause the murderous tsunami from the Indian Ocean. About the fact that it was the simulated explosion of just such a UFO vehicle which caused this tragic tsunami, certifies a number of attributes listed and explained on this web page. An example of these attributes can be the fact, that this particular tsunami was composed of 9 waves, means of the number of waves which corresponds exactly to the number of 9 propulsors loaded with magnetic energy that are assembled inside of such K3 type UFO. More information, as well as more photographs of subsequent types of UFOs, are provided in volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5].


#D5. Why the fact, that the tsunami of 26th December 2004 was composed out of 9 waves confirms that it was "simulated" as if caused by an underground explosion of a UFO type K3?

The fatal tsunami of 26 December 2004 was composed out of 9 separate waves which hit shores in a sequence. In turn these 9 waves correspond to 9 propulsors that are contained in each UFO type K3. Every such a propulsor typically is heavily loaded with magnetic energy equivalent to around 1 megaton of TNT. Thus, in case such propulsors are intentionally exploded underground, they cause a destructive earthquake or tsunami. Explaining this in other words, in order to cause technically a catastrophe of the magnitude described here, it sufficed to explode underground one UFO type K3. For this, a UFO vehicle would need to be flown deeply underground. But this is no problem, as UFO vehicles have the ability to evaporate underground tunnels - such tunnels are shown and described in item #F1. from the totaliztic web page Newzealand.

Moreover, UFO vehicles are also capable to withstand high temperatures and high pressures. This resistance gives to them the so-called "magnetic lens" and "magnetic framework". (This "magnetic lens" and "magnetic framework" are described in subsections F10.1. and F10.3. from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5].)

Summarising the above, attributes of the tsunami described here correspond to consequences of underground detonation of the smallest type of UFO vehicles, namely a UFO type K3. This UFO type K3 has 9 separate magnetic propulsors filled up with the purest form of energy, means with the magnetic energy. Namely, it has n=8 small "side propulsors" with approximately the same amounts of magnetic energy contained inside of them, and one larger "main propulsor" with 8 times as much energy inside, as the energy contained in each side propulsor. As it is known to us from other historic UFO explosion that occurred in 1908 in Tunguska, Central Siberia, such separate magnetic propulsors of UFOs do not explode simultaneously, but they do it one-by-one with a small time delay. In the result, the explosion of a UFO type K3 has a character of NOT a single large bang, but a series of 9 blasts that occur in a fast sequence one after another. Because of the principles involved in a natural mechanism of propagation of magnetic disturbances, which governs later the distribution of energy by these 9 explosions, the waves of energy splashed around by each of these blasts, gradually are distancing from each other as their gap from the epicentre grows. In the result, to the areas significantly distant from the epicentre of earthquake discussed here, these 9 waves arrived with significant time delays between each other. Therefore, the coasts destroyed by waves were flooded cyclically as many as 9 times, one wave after the other. Thus, the fact that the destructive tsunami discussed here was composed out of 9 separate waves, not just from a single wall of water - as this takes place in case of a typical tsunami, provides us with a "smoking gun" for the fact that it was intentionally "simulated" as if caused technically by an underground explosion of a UFO type K3 that contains inside 9 propulsors loaded with pure magnetic energy.

The above is worth to supplement with the information, that if our professional (paid) scientists are not so busy with denying that UFOs are worth of researching, then they could easily prove scientifically, that the discussed earthquake and tsunami actually were "simulated" as if they originate from the explosion of a UFO vehicle type K3. This in turn would allow them to officially derive many conclusions presented on this web page. The point is that each earthquake leaves after itself a seismographic "signature" that is unique to the origin and mechanism of it. This "signature" is simply a set of unique attributes of the seismographic recording that was formed in the effect of a given earthquake. Because the discussed earthquake was "simulated" as if it originated from the explosion of a UFO vehicle type K3, the "signature" that it produced would display attributes similar to these produced by a series of 9 underground thermonuclear explosions taking place one after another (8 out of which were of similar power, while 1 was around 8 times stronger).

Even more interesting is the fact, that somewhere in depths of scientific laboratories is hidden an obvious and direct proof, that this tsunami was surely "simulated" as if caused by a UFO explosion. This proof are recordings of magnetometers from that tragic day. This is because "normal" earthquakes and tsunamis do not cause larger disturbances in magnetic field. But a powerful UFO explosion surely caused such a magnetic disturbance on an enormous scale. So in spite that I did not meet so-far even a smallest mentioning of any scientist that such disturbances of the magnetic field in fact were recorded that tragic day, I am ready to bet everyone, that these highly evidential records either are still lying buried somewhere in depths of magnetic laboratories and not noticed by any scientist (probably as usually too frustrated by the lack of topics for his doctorate to notice what happens around him), or in a mysterious manner these records rapidly "vanished".

It is also worth to notice that shortly after this tsunami I heard in news about a burst of magnetic activities of the Sun, and about the appearance of strong auroras at magnetic poles of Earth - about which I wrote already in item #D4 above. So it appears that either the simulation of a UFO explosion triggered such intense magnetic phenomena, or that the date of this explosion was intentionally selected in the middle of period of increased solar activity, to hide from less inquisitive people the magnetic character of this explosion.

Fig. #D5 (P1 in [1/5])
Img.121 (#D5)
Img.121: (#D5) Here is an exact appearance of K3 type of the Earthly starship with the magnetic propulsion system, called the Magnocraft. Developed was even a formal scientific proof which conclusively illustrated that suich an Earthly "Magnocraft type K3" must fulfil a number of laws of physics and mathematical equations that result from these laws, and thus in spite that it was invented on the Earth, it still must have the exact shape and appearance of the "UFO vehicle type K3". Therefore the above drawing reveals also how exactly looks a UFO type K3, the simulated explosion of which on 26th December 2004, caused the tsunami of so tragic consequences. In order to compare the shape of the above Magnocraft, with the shape of a UFO type K3, compare the above drawing with the photograph of a UFO type K3 shown in Img.120 (#D4) (remembering, however, that on the above drawing the shell of the Magnocraft is transparent, while on the photograph of the UFO the same shell is reflecting the light like a mirror). Such a UFO type K3 is shaped like a saucer turned upside down. In the centre of it, and also around the peripherals, spherical propulsors filled up with magnetic energy are assembled. On the above drawing these propulsors are illustrated as spheres, with cubical so-called "Oscillatory Chambers" housed inside of them. In total a UFO type K3 has 9 such spherical propulsors. Out of these 9 propulsors, one "main propulsor", assembled in the centre of this vehicle, is 8 times larger than the remaining n=8 "side propulsors" assembled around peripherals of this spaceship.

More information about the design and operation of UFO vehicles, as well as more data about attributes and capabilities of these space vehicles which are simulated as means of transport used by our evil relatives from cosmos, can be obtained from volume 3 of Magnocraft. In turn descriptions where this enormous energy comes from, which can be released during the explosion of UFO vehicles, is provided on web pages about the so-called Oscillatory Chamber.

#D6. What tells us the fact, that tsunami of 26th December 2004 had two energy carriers, and these carriers moved at two different speeds:

In monograph [5/3] are summarized the most important reports of eye witnesses of another simulated UFO explosion, which took place in Tunguska, Central Siberia, in 1908. One extraordinary detail of these reports, which was confirmed independently by several eye witnesses, was that in Tunguska as many as two series of explosions were heard, around 21 separate explosions in each of these two series. (This is because a UFO type K6 exploded over there, which carries n=20 side propulsors, and one main propulsor - this is why there were 21 separate blasts.) The first out of these two series of 21 explosions from Tunguska, was very loud, sharp, and it could be heard almost simultaneously with the flash of the explosion. In turn the second series of 21 explosions arrived to the eye witnesses only around 10 minutes later. It was much quieter, and more fuzzy. The fact of existence of these two separate series of of explosion I personally explain in the monograph [5/3] by the action of two energy carriers that were released over there, namely the magnetic energy carrier (this means the waves of magnetic disturbances generated by the disintegrating propulsors of the exploded vehicle), and the acoustic energy carrier (means waves of vibrations of the air that carried the sound of the explosion's noise). The magnetic carrier transported the energy of explosion almost instantly. In turn the acoustic energy carrier transported this energy with the speed of sound.

Well, the most shocking aspect of the tsunami from the Indian Ocean, was in my opinion that also this tsunami had as many as two energy carriers (series of waves), which moved with two different speeds. Scientists called these two series of waves with names "primary tsunami" and "secondary tsunami". In the article "Expert: Lucky ours was a secondary hit" published on page 6 from the issue of Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times dated on Friday, 31 December 2004, it was estimated that the "primary tsunami" propagated along the Indian Ocean with the speed of around 800 km/h. In turn the "secondary tsunami" propagated with the speed of only around 160 km/h. In the result, coasts around the Indian Ocean this time were destroyed by two subsequent series of tsunami waves. The first series was the one which did the damage. It arrived almost instantly. It was composed of 9 separate waves of water, which attacked coasts with an extreme fury. After some time, when the water from the first series returned to the sea, arrived a second, smaller series that also was composed of 9 separate water waves. They again flooded coasts that were already destroyed. At this point I should explain, that two separate series of waves of tsunami that originated from a single "earthquake" are an extraordinary phenomenon. Normally a single earthquake causes a single wall of water that floods the coast. Thus the fact that there were two series having 9 waves each, is another evidence, that the tsunami discussed here was intentionally so simulated that it resembled a disaster induced by an underground explosion of a UFO vehicle K3 type.

A direct evidence for the fact, that the destructive energy of the first series of tsunami wave was forwarded via a magnetic carrier (means NOT by a hydraulic carrier) is also the fact that this first series of waves was propagating exactly along straight lines. So it did not hit coasts which were hidden behind some other lands or islands. In turn, as this is well known to everyone, the vibratory or a hydraulic energy carrier would allow the destructive waves to propagate along curved lines, and to hit also areas hidden behind a land or an island - if there is only a water path leading to these areas. So the fact of motion this tsunami in straight lines (means via a magnetic energy carrier) is a further undeniable proof for the fact that this particular tsunami was so simulated as if it was caused technically through the underground detonation of a UFO vehicle type K3.

Fig. #D6 (P17 in [1/5])
Img.122 (#D6)
Img.122 (#D6): A photograph of a UFO type K3 taken in Japan. It illustrates the directing of a beam of light along strands of force lines from a UFO magnetic field. Similarly like the energy of light is transferred within the channel formed from magnetic field of this UFO vehicle, also after such a UFO is exploded, the energy of explosion is propagating inside of a flash of magnetic disturbances. In the result, to sea shores this energy arrives carried out by two energy carriers, namely by (1) the magnetic carrier, and mechanically by (2) the hydraulic carrier.

More information about the above photograph is presented in the caption under Figure P17 from volume 13 of monograph [1/5], as well as on "Fig. #3" from the web page Memorial.

#D7. What is indicated by the fact that the Sumatra tsunami of 26th December 2004 was not proceeded with warning:

As we know, every natural earthquake is brewing itself up for quite a long period of time. After all, the stress in Earth's crust is building itself up gradually for months and sometimes even years. During this brewing, it emits increasingly intensive warning signals, in the form of strands of increasingly intensive telepathic disturbances. These telepathic disturbances of the earthquake that is just brewing, are in turn perceived by various animals which react very strongly to them. Typically animals feel the approaching earthquake many days in advance (sometimes even many weeks) before it strikes. And so, dogs begin to howl before an earthquake, horses become nervous and refuse to work, some fishes become crazy, birds stop singing, while frogs and toads emigrate to place safe for them already 5 days before the earthquake is to strike (for more details see item #E6 below), etc. Some of these strange behaviours of animals are then noticed by various highly sensitive people who receive in this way their early warning that a disaster is coming.

However, as it was already emphasized in (3) from item #D3 above, in Sumatra animals did NOT sensed this telepathic warning. Most clearly such a warning was not emitted this time. This factemphasizes again, that the tsunami discussed here was intentionally simulated as if it was caused by a UFO explosion.

People living around the Indian Ocean are very close to nature. So if the earthquake brewing up would send any warning signals, then with no doubts they would perceive these signals and interpret them correctly. However, in the earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004 no such warning signals were emitted. The only incident which was noted priori to it, is that in a day proceeding the deadly earthquake fisherman catching directly above the area where the epicentre was located caught unexpectedly lot of fish. But we must remember, that in this area already earlier was simulated a situation as if UFO vehicles were gathering in there, to prepare the explosion of one of their vehicles in this exact spot. So the powerful magnetic field that would be generated by such UFO vehicles, and that needed to be simulated in there, caused the confusion amongst fish. In the result, these confused fish allowed to catch themselves much easier than normal. After all, just on the same principle of a powerful magnetic field are based methods of magnetic fishing (in such methods a powerful magnetic field leads fishes directly to the net). So the higher than usual catch of fisherman in the area of epicentre is only an evidence that in this area a situation was simulated as if UFO vehicles were present earlier in there. This catch did NOT constituted a warning signal about a natural earthquake brewing up. In turn the appearance of the powerful earthquake without prior manifestation of any warning signals typical for such an earthquake, is another convincing evidence that this particular earthquake from the Indian Ocean was simulated on purpose as if caused technically through exploding a UFO vehicle, NOT caused by natural phenomena. This means that the murderous tsunami discussed here was prepared to be perceived by people as if was caused by diabolic UFOnauts, not by the "mother nature".

#D8. What meaning has the date of 26th:

Subsection V5.4 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4] explains comprehensively, that in order to distinguish between events on the Earth which were simulated as purtely natural, and events simulated as caused by UFOs, a secret code of dating of events seems to be introduced. And so, according to this code, every important event which happens on 13th of any month, and also on 1 April (Fools day), was simulated as if it was caused by UFOnauts. Examples of a whole range of such events supposedly caused by UFOnauts on 13th days of a month, are described in subsections VB3.2, VB4.3, VB4.3.1, VB5.3.1 and VB5.3.3 from volume 17 of my slightly older monograph [1/4].

Two such examples are also indicated in the caption under Img.123 (#D8) below. In turn examples of events carried out on 1 April (Fools day) are described on several totaliztic web pages - for examples see item #J4. from the web page named Malbork, item #D5. from the web page named Możajski, item #G3. from the web page named UFO proof or item #C2. from the web page named "Możajski".

As it turns out, the multiple of date 13th (means the date 2x13 = 26) seems to also be used for a secret marking earthquakes simulated as if it was caused by UFOnauts. What even more interesting, from findings presented on this web page, and also findings presented on the web page named Seismograph, stems that the date 26th of a given month is used by God for carrying out these earthquakes with which God tries to let to known the affected victims that He does NOT accept their beliefs nor practiced Philosophy of Parasitism.

At this fact of intentional imposing by God the meaning to the date 26th, in the best way points our attention the extremely interesting article entitled "26th a quake-prone date", which appeared on page 2 of the free edition of Malaysian newspaper named The Sun, dated on Saturday, 1st January 2005. Because of the evidential significance of this article, I am quoting it below. Here it is:

"PETALING JAYA. It may be a mere coincidence or the number 26 just attracts earthquakes but it is interesting to note that several major earthquakes in the beginning of this millennium had occurred around the date 26. In 2001, earthquakes in Gujarat near Ahmedabad, and Chennai fell on Jan 26 and Sept 26, respectively. In 2003 there were earthquakes in Japan on May 26, and on Sept 26, which injured hundreds and caused chaos around Hokkaido. There was also an earthquake in Indonesia on May 26. The most destructive earthquake, however, killed an estimated 30,000 people in the historic city of Bam in Iran. It occurred on Dec 26. And this year, the largest and most devastating earthquake by far in recent years happened in Indonesia, also on Dec 26. There were other earthquakes which were unleashed on the 26th day of the month including one in New Zealand on Jan 26, 2003 and in China on Oct 26, 2003.").

The above it is worth to complement with the information, that the simulation of deadly tsunamis in a manner as if these were caused by UFOnauts who chose the 26th day of the month to carry them out, did not started in this millennium. For example, in the article "Old wave gives clue to the next big one" from pages 18 and 19 of the Malaysian newspaper New Sunday Times dated on 9 January 2005, is described the oldest (known to me) exactly dated deadly tsunami. Shockingly, according to records in Japanese historic chronicles, it took place on 26th January 1700. The epicentre of it was located in the area in which presently the so-called "Cascadia fault" is located on the western shore of North America.

It is also worth to add here, that one of Chinese numerology interpretations for the number "26" in the Cantonese dialect states "yee loh" - what means "easy to die" (could it be possible that the intelligence which have chosen 26th day for inducing tsunamis was inspired by the Chinese language).

Of course, now when finally we managed to determine, that these most murderous tsunamis are so simulated as if they are technically induced by UFOnauts on 26th day of any month, we have a chance to take a special notice of such particular dates. After all, it most probably will be on 26th when the "big bang" is to take place. (This "big bang" is unavoidably pulled onto our heads due to the rapid spread and advancing around the present world of the highly destructive Philosophy of Parasitism.) So we can begin to prepare ourselves already now for the arrival of that tragic day.

Fig. #D8 (S1d in [1/5])
Img.123 (#D8)
Img.123 (#D8) (S1d in [1/5]): An authentic photograph of a UFO vehicle type K7. So far, people all around the world have gathered a huge number of such authentic photographs of UFOs, and even authentic movie films of UFOs (e.g. consider the famous "Kaikoura UFO film" taken on 31 December 1979 in New Zealand). Furthermore, has been accumulated also a vast number of various other items of evidence which confirm the objective existence of UFOs. In addition, in spite that many especially close-minded scientists repetitively tried to prove that the entire body of evidence for the existence of UFOs is a "fabrication" of unworthy people, the proving that supposed "fabrication" turned out to be impossible - e.g. see the web page Memorial. Therefore this already accumulated body of evidence allowed to develop a formal scientific proof for the objective existence of UFOs - which proof is presented on the totaliztic web page named UFO proof. In turn, the scientific proving of the fact that UFOs do exist objectively, reveals to us that a significant number of most vital events on the Earth is so designed by this "corrective intelligence" which controls these events, thet the events have as many as 3 different explanations. Namely, each such an event in fact is
(1) caused by this "corrective intelligence" described in item #J2. of this web page. But simultaneously, each such event is also
(2) "simulated" as if it had "natural causes" resulting from the action of "laws of nature". Furthermore, each such an event is also
(3) so "simulated" as if it was secretly organised by the advanced technology of UFOnauts. In turn the existence of such 3 different explanations for all most important events, inspires in people turbulent confrontations of views and much more intense search for truth - the outcome of which is always a growth of knowledge and the increase in awareness.

An excellent confirmation for the intentional "simulation" as many as 2 additional explanations for every event which in reality is organised by this "corrective intelligence", is the so-called "Miracle from Fatima" in Portugal. Namely, when on 13 October 1917, God's Mother appeared to people another time in Fatima, Portugal, the appearance of that "God's Mother" was intentionally so designed, that she had all anatomic features of female UFOnauts (described in item #M2.) - for example a pointed chin, triangular face, etc. Simultaneously, at the moment when God's Mother appeared, an unexpected strong gust of wind opened clouds and show to shocked almost 70000 people that gathered below, a silver disc of a UFO vehicle, very similar to that UFO from the above photograph. More details about this supernatural event from Fatima is reported on pages 110 to 111 of the book by Stephen Skinner, "Millennium Prophecies", Carlton Books Limited, 1994, ISBN 1-85868-034-4, 160 pages, HC.

By showing to the crowd in Fatima that silver UFO vehicle, also the 3rd explanation was added to that religious event. In the result, that event has as many as 3 different explanations defined in the caption from the above photograph. Namely, for people whom are already enough mature intellectually to accept the evidence for multilevel activities of God this event from Fatima is just (1) another religious confirmation of the existence and actions of God. For people with the most primitive views of the world, whom in everything see just an action of "laws and forces of nature" the Fatima event is just
(2) one amongst more strange manifestations of hysteria of crowds. In turn for people whom already discovered that laws and work of nature do NOT explain everything what happens in the universe, but whom still do NOT reached the level of awareness which would allow them to accept that God arranges absolutely all events which take place in the entire universe, including in this number also events which people perceive as "evil", this event from Fatima was so "simulated" that it can be considered to be a (3) cunning impersonating of a holy figure by female "UFOnaut".

The above photograph of a UFO vehicle type K7 is explained more comprehensively on Img.162 (S1) from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#D9. Why tsunamis and other "Acts of God" usually take place during a holiday?

The tsunami of 26th December 2004 was induced during a holiday. This is because during a holiday the majority of public services responsible for keeping eyes open and for alarming people, either do not work, or are deprived their decision makers. Also during holidays it is extremely difficult to mobilize immediately any rescue operation. As this is explained in more details in subsections VB3.2, VB3.3, VB4.4, or VB4.5 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4], if an "Act of God" is coming, which supposed to cause a significant destruction, then usually it happens during a holiday, or during a weekend. This is because the "corrective intelligence" which controls these disasters know perfectly well that in such days practically almost everything on the Earth is having a holiday and nothing is working. So for example the majority of damages, which I experienced myself, was done during holidays or during weekends. As we know, the tsunami of 26th December 2004 also was caused during a second day of Christmas (in English this day is called the "Boxing Day"). So the date of carrying it out also directly indicates, that this particular tsunami for sure was caused by some "intelligence", which knew jolly well what and when is doing.

An excellent illustration of reasons for which this "intelligence" chooses holidays for carrying out its disasters, provides the article entitled "The day U.N. killed 227,000: Why there was no tsunami warning from agency monitoring seismic activity (from Joseph Farah's G2 bulletin)". This article was placed in Internet on 9 May 2005 under the address www.worldnetdaily.com. As it appears from this article, in time when this murderous earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004 took place, all 320 employees of the located in Vienna UN agency named the "Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization" was send to holiday. The agency is responsible for monitoring the seismic activity around the globe, and supposedly has everything that is needed to warn all countries which were destroyed by this tsunami that the tsunami is coming at them. Only that, when this murderous tsunami stroke, according to the above article no-one from employees of the agency was at work to monitor what happens - all of them went at a simultaneous holiday. The activities of this agency are paid by UN and cost 105 millions dollars a year. The above article suggests that if NOT all employees of this agency went to a simultaneous holiday, then most probably it was possible to prevent the tragedy of 26th December 2004.

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