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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #C: Where "tsunamis" come from:

#C1: Let us cease this scientific "putting heads into sand" and let us call the cause by its name:

Present scientists mastered to perfection the principle and skill of such defining and explaining all present tragedies, that this explanation neither makes anyone responsible for the destruction, nor indicates a manner on which this tragedy could be avoided. According to this scientific principle, tsunamis are random "by-products" of undersea earthquakes, in turn these "earthquakes" are consequences of natural, continuous, and purely physical (i.e. thoughtless) changes in configuration of the crust of our planet. Thus according to this scientific definition and explanation, supposedly "tsunami and earthquakes cannot be prevented, and we only can accept them" (means, apparently people should continue to die because of them). After all, in opinion of scientists, supposedly these events are unavoidable consequences of the work of nature. While we are aware of the existence of such scientific definition and explanation for tsunamis and earthquakes, we should also remember, that the official human science is continually forced to deny almost every of its previous claims. It is also worth to remember, that if scientists really knew everything, then our planet would NOT be in troubles which we can see currently around us - and which, amongst others, are fruiting with these tsunamis and earthquakes.

Fortunately for us, independently from the above official explanation of scientists for tsunamis and earthquakes, these phenomena are also explained in a completely different manner - on the basis of scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This explanation was developed with a chain of logical deductions based on empirical evidence, which are presented in items #B1. to #B7. of the totaliztic web page Seismograph.

It results from the empirical finding, that every earthquake and every tsunami contains in itself quite meaningful, repetitive, and shockingly "intelligent" attributes, for example:
(1) earthquakes and tsunamis always hit and destroy only these communities which practice the highly immoral and destructive philosophy called Parasitism,
(2) they always are proceeded by symptoms which in advance warn people who know information provided on this web page that such a disaster is approaching and that people should take urgent action (these symptoms are described, amongst others, in item #B7. on the totaliztic web page "Seismograph"),
(3) they always either can be prevented, or a given community can defend itself from destructive consequences of it - if only people of good will undertake morally motivated action (the manner of preventing of these cataclysms is described in item #B6. on the totaliztic web page "Seismograph", while it is illustrated on an actual example of the New Zealand settlement called "Petone" - in which I live, in items #I1. to #I3. from further part of this web page).

#C2. Why tsunamis are intentionally so "simulated" as if they are formed by a superior technology:

If someone undertakes a thorough analysis of tsunami attributes, or attributes of any other murderous element (e.g. fire, flood, etc.), then without difficulty discovers that these attributes have a highly intelligent character. For example, tsunamis destroy houses but leave untouched religious objects - such as churches, mosques, Buddhist temples, crosses, etc. - for details see item #B2. on the web page "Seismograph".

In selecting these people who are to be killed, tsunamis clearly use morality as the criterion - e.g. if a tsunami is to hit two people clinging to the same tree but having completely different levels of morality, then is to die the one who acts immorally, while survives the one with the high morality. Tsunamis destroy only these areas, citizens of which already slipped down to the level of so-called "agonal intellect" in their practicing the Philosophy of Parasitism.

Tsunamis have their favourite days in which they hit - see also item #B2. on the web page "Seismograph". During tsunamis water behaves like a living creature or like an "angel of death" which seeks, chases, and kills previously selected victims.

Unfortunately, not every inhabitant of the Earth is ready to accept the truth about origins of these intelligent attributes of tsunamis. Therefore tsunamis, and also almost every other "Act of God", independently from
(1) its actual origins from this morally "corrective intelligence", is additionally so "simulated" as if it originates from further sources. Namely, for the use of scientists and atheists of all kinds, it is "simulated" as if it was
(2) a thoughtless, "wanton element" that results from the work of nature. In turn for the use of these people, who already noticed the intelligent characteristics of tsunamis, but still are NOT ready for accepting the truth about the true origins of this cataclysm, tsunamis are so "simulated" as it they were
(3) secretly formed by some superior technology. More information about reasons and mechanism of this at least three-level "simulation" of tsunamis and "simulation" of all other "evidence" (in this catastrophes), is presented in items #C1. to #C5. of the separate web page named Truth.

In order to simultaneously provide people with 3 above (completely different) explanations for its origins, every tsunami, as well as practically every other catastrophe, is so skilfully controlled, that it provides parallel evidence which is able to document at the same time each one amongst above 3 mechanisms of its formation. In other words, this morally "correcting intelligence" which controls tsunamis and controls all other catastrophes, does NOT form these cataclysms in a random manner which we could expect from accidental, thoughtless, "wanton elements". Opposite, it forms these into a particularly clever way which provides "evidence" simultaneously for as many as at least three different groups of researchers - each one amongst these groups trying to prove that a given tsunami or a given cataclysm originates from the causes believed by this group. In other words, this morally "correcting intelligence" forms tsunamis and other catastrophes in such a way, that they contain at least three parallel categories of evidence. The first
(1) such a category, is evidence which reassures beliefs of these researchers, who already are mature enough to accept the true origins of tsunamis and other catastrophes from this morally "correcting intelligence". In turn the second
(2) category of evidence also contained in all "Acts of God", is such a "simulation" of these elements that they simultaneously provide another group of researchers with evidence for a more primitive character of these catastrophes, namely that they are only thoughtless "wanton elements". This second category of evidence is always so skilfully "simulated" that it hits eyes of every, even the most superficial, blind, and careless researcher. The third
(3) and already slightly more refined and subtle category of evidence, which still is to deceit even these more inquisitive researchers, is such formation of these catastrophes that simultaneously with previous evidence they also provide yet another group of researchers parallel evidence that these catastrophes are secretly caused by UFOs. (But this evidence is so formed, that it causes also an impression, as if by a cunning and evil UFOnauts it was so "disguised" to look as if the cause are thoughtless "wanton elements".) Examples of catastrophes other than tsunamis, which also are so cleverly "simulated" as if secretly they are caused by UFO vehicles, are described e.g. on the web page Tornadoes or on the web page Katrina.) It is because of this third group of evidence, that every tsunami, which someone researches sufficiently thoroughly - as this is illustrated in "part #D" of this web page, looks as if was secretly caused by a "technological explosion of a UFO vehicle" which by the superior although evil intelligence of UFOnauts was only intentionally so "disguised" as to look at a thoughtless "wanton element".

#C3. A related web page named "Seismograph" discusses the subject-area of earthquakes which, amongst others, induce tsunamis described here:

These readers, who become interested in content of this web page, I would like to invite also to review a related web page named Seismograph. That related web page discusses the subject area of earthquakes, which - as we know, with the cause-effect chain physically induce tsunamis. For this reason, that web page "Seismograph" extends and additionally complements many topics discussed also here on this web page.

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