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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #B: Introductory information of this web page:

#B1: What are goals of this web page:

A scientific definition of "tsunami" states that tsunami is a huge wave of sea water saturated with extremely destructive energy of undersea earthquake, the behaviour of which is ruled exclusively by laws of physics. In other words, according to the present science, "tsunami" is a thoughtless, "wanton element" which hits, kills, and destroys in a completely random manner.

As a huge wave of water, tsunami is an extremely murderous "catastrophe". Its destructive force is increased because it carries various debris, pieces of wood, and sand, which blind, hurt, and pierce its victims, making impossible for them to swim and to survive.

Because the science explains the appearance of tsunamis as a "by-product" of random undersea earthquakes, the origins of which are ruled by laws of probability, according to the opinion of scientists the arrival of tsunami at the present level of our knowledge cannot be prevented nor defended from. The only thing that currently we can do, is to develop a technical system for warning people when the tsunami appears, allowing them to escape. Unfortunately, such a system, as all warning systems, always is going to have its drawbacks, thus at the time of emergency it may fail.

To summarise the above, because the official human science treats "tsunami" as a random kind of "wanton element" which obeys only "laws of mathematical probability" and "laws of physics", currently the science is NOT able to develop nor indicate ways of preventing eventuation of tsunamis nor indicate manner on which people could defend themselves against destructive action of it.

#B2. The totaliztic definition of "tsunami" as a "corrective intelligence" which only "simulates" a thoughtless, "wanton element":

The scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines "tsunami" in a completely different manner. According to its statements, all phenomena in our universe, including "tsunamis", have an intelligence. Thus, according to the dipolar gravity, "tsunamis" also have the ability to act intelligently. Thus for us, people, it only suffices to establish, for what purpose tsunamis utilise their intelligence. Then we can transform this knowledge into a principle of preventing tsunamis and into a principle of defending ourselves against their deadly attacks.

The confirmation for "intelligence" of tsunamis can be found relatively easy. Independently from facts which I am going to describe in next parts of this web page, this confirmation is indicated in the very name "tsunami". After all, the Totalizm states, that in the physical world everything carries vital meaning, even names. The name "tsunami" originates from the Japanese language. It was formed through joining two words, namely: "tsu" = "harbour" and "nami" = "wave". In other words, "tsunami" = "wave in harbour". However, in this name we should be puzzled by its inner contradiction. The point is that a "harbour" is always build in such a manner that the boats anchored in it are protected from waves. So if a wave in spite of this still appears in a harbour, this wave must somehow cunningly get inside. In other words, the wave must be enough "intelligent" to be able to get to the harbour and cause destruction in there, in spite that the harbour is always protected by breakwaters which stop ordinary sea waves.

In the further part of this web page I am going to explain that "tsunami" manifests its "intelligence" through the correction of outcomes of people sliding down into claws of a highly immoral and destructive philosophy called Parasitism. (Principles of this correcting of consequences of parasitism are explained in item #B4. from the totaliztic web page Seismograph.)

In other words, the totaliztic definition of "tsunami" described in this item, states that tsunami is a "corrective intelligence" which utilises sea water to spread death and destruction in order to repair consequences of sliding down of a given community into the deepest stage of the philosophy of parasitism. Tsunamis are just a single kind amongst a whole array of intelligent "angry elements" of the "Acts of God" type, which are created especially to correct the "morality" of entire so-called "group intellects" described in items #B2 to #B4.4 of the web page Możajski (i.e. to correct the morality of entire families, villages, towns, cities, islands, nations, countries, etc.). To other similarly intelligent such elements belong also, amongst others: Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Landslips, floods, fires, wars, and a number of further listed in item #O1. below.

The defining of "tsunami" by totalizm as a "corrective intelligence" rapidly opens for us an opportunity which could NOT be able to be created by the scientific definition of tsunami as a "wanton element". After all, when we know that it is an intelligent "angry element", then we can determine reasons for which it appears, and then eliminate these reasons - so that the element is to disappear on its own. We can also find ways how to defend ourselves from it - e.g. through persuading it to leave us in peace. This is what further parts of this web page do. This is also why this web page is worth to read.

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