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Secrets of deadly tsunamis: people can prevent them

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:

#A1: What are goals of this web page:

This web page has a very simple goal. Namely, it tries to reveal these secrets of murderous tsunamis about which NO paid scientist would have a courage to speak openly, but which in reality define into whom, where, when, and how tsunamis hit. Due to this, the author hopes to create beginnings of the knowledge which in the future is able to prevent tsunamis.

This web page indicates also a very simple method of protecting the place where we live not only against tsunami and earthquakes, but also against all other murderous cataclysms. In order to extend such a protection over the area on which we live, it is enough that a group of ten colleagues from a school, good acquaintances, or even members of the same family, undertakes an aware and sincerely declared to God effort of a pedantic implementation in their lives of an iron principle, that "whatever they are going to do, they will do it exclusively according to recommendations of the highly moral Totalizm.

In such a manner the group transforms itself into these at least "10 righteous" people required by God for stopping a cataclysm to be send to a given area - as this is explained in item #G2. of this web page, and also recommends the based on morality method of defence from cataclysms described in "part #I" of the web page named Earthquake. My empirical checks described in item #I3 of this web page indicate, that the effect is striking and it is almost difficult to believe in our own eyes when one sees it and experiences it. It is really worth to have a try.

#A2. What inspired me to write this web page:

Although the stopping of a future tsunami may appear to be a task requiring "supernatural" powers, actually if the content of this web page convinces you, then you will discover that it lies in powers of ordinary people, like you and me. As it turns out, future tsunamis can be stopped if a sufficient number of people learns their causes, become aware that every next tsunami actually confirms the truth of these causes, learned signs indicating their not-too-distant coming, and if these people join morally their efforts, thoughts, and feelings, to stop this cataclysm together. Therefore please read this web page. In turn if you find it convincing, please join our efforts to implement what this web page recommends. Especially, that implementing these recommendations have the ability to protect you individually - even if for various independent from you and higher reasons tsunamis still must come and destroy the community amongst which you live.

#A3. How my discovery from 2007, that UFOs and UFOnauts in fact are "advanced simulations", changes the interpretation of facts described on this web page:

When the first time I was preparing this web page in December 2004 (to publish it in January 2005), I still believed sincerely, that UFOnauts are cosmic relatives of humans, who practice the highly immoral philosophy of "evil parasitism", and that "black sheep" of human family intentionally cause all cataclysms, including tsunamis. But in 2007 I make a discovery, that UFOs and UFOnauts in fact are just "simulated" by God, to more efficiently accomplish His superior goals. However, that shocking discovery of 2007 does NOT change much in the interpretation of facts presented on this web page. After all, in the light of existing facts (presented on this web page) still is obvious, that tsunamis described here were caused by UFO vehicles. The only matter that changes, is the reply to the question why UFOnauts induce these tsunamis and a number of other destructive cataclysms? In turn, to allow the reader find the answer to this question, I suggest him or her to consider what morality and philosophy was practiced by the population living in areas affected by cataclysms described here, and then read about other similar cataclysms described e.g. in part #H from the web page named Tapanui, or e.g. in item #I3.1. from the web page named Petone.

What is the most interesting, when we once find the answer to the above question "why?", then it turns out that we know also the reply to practically all other puzzling events that occur in the present world (even these ones which we see in today's television news, because they repetitively keep occurring also in present times).

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