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Clouds formed technologically for hiding UFO vehicles


Welcome to a web page which illustrates another amongst many paradoxes which surround UFOs. It reveals, that in UFO matters one may be completely wrong and simultaneously be right. For example, one may be completely wrong when in UFO matters he or she plays a "sceptic", a "close-minded", or a "devil’s advocate", and stubbornly denies the existence of UFOs, and claims that all UFOs sightings are clouds, illusions, or even fakes. Simultaneously, in such a denial of UFOs one may be right, because - as this web page explains and illustrates it, many UFO vehicles intentionally camouflage their presence in the sky through either forming technological clouds around themselves, so that they can hide in these clouds from the human sight, or they form even a more advanced phenomenon of the so-called "magnetic lens" - which makes them invisible to human eyes. (See the Kazkh video, documenting the use of just such a "magnetic lens", shown and explained in item #E2. on this web page.) So in fact, in many cases UFOs may look like clouds, while clouds can hide UFOs inside. What is even worse, as I explained this on different my web pages Tornadoes and Katrina, in many cases UFO vehicles which hide in these technological clouds, can technologically generate destructive tornadoes, while sometimes even destructive Hurricanes.

Thus, from the above findings stems the content of this web page. The page presents photographs, attributes, circumstances of photographing, and scientific explanations, for a special kind of clouds and rings on the sky, which are formed technologically by UFO vehicles. UFOnauts generate such clouds on purpose with the use of extremely advanced technical capabilities of their vehicles. They hide from the sight of people their UFO vehicles inside of these clouds. Thus, in the interest of people lies that we begin to take notice of these extraordinary clouds or rings, and initiate our research to learn truths which these clouds are able to revealed to our civilisation. After all, our learning of these truths and their practical utilization has the capability to advance our civilization to the next level of interstellar travel.

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