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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #J: Summary, and the final information of this web page:

#J1: The summary of this web page:

In order to maintain the cleanness of the swimming pools, someone invented the liquid which after being added to water changes the colour of water into red - if only someone begins to secretly piss into the water of this pool. In the result, these people whom with their urinating try to secretly dirty pools in which we swim can be immediately recognised and punished. Unfortunately, so far no-one invented a substance which e.g. after being added to the air would change the colour into red when someone is lying. In the result, so-far we not always know who tells the truth and who feeds us with lies. Perhaps this is even better, as such a substance would probably cause that the entire Earth's atmosphere would become red. Of course, in the present situation when the significant proportion of people do lie, in ourselves a doubt is rising whether it is worth to say the truth. The reply to this doubt is provided by the Philosophy of Totalizm. This philosophy states that if other people do lie, then with their lying they dirty only their own, not ours, Karma.

After all, according to so-called "moral laws" in the result of their own lies they themselves will fall victims of someone's lies one day. In turn our karma is defined only by what we do ourselves. So if we ourselves are going to tell exclusively truth, our karma is NOT going to be dirty with lies. In turn the fact, that while telling truth ourselves, we still are exposed to lies of other people, has no significance. If we tell truth, then lies of others are unable to harm us significantly - even when these other people are believing that with their lies they managed to cheat us and hurt us. After all, even if a lie is directed at us, but the destructive energy of it is unable to harm us, then from our point of view it is as if the lie does not exist. Furthermore, lies of other people can be neutralised in various ways - for example, in each case it is enough to obey the recommendations from the Bible described in the above "part #H" of this web page, and also in item #C5. of the web page Bible - about the Bible authorised by God Himself - means, it is enough to believe only in these statements of others, which arrive to us from at least two sources that are independent from each other.

There is a proverb "illness recognised is half cured". As it turns out, almost all problems of our civilisation stem from the fact that a significant proportion of people lives in everyday lies. These lies begin from supposedly innocent matters, lying jokes, or claims which the stating person did not check but authoritatively speaks about it. There examples are already provided in item #A1 of this web page. They include denials by the official human science that UFOs do exist. They incorporate the claims that God does not exist. To such supposedly "innocent" lies belong also promises of politicians that after they are elected they are going to do what they really do not intend to do. These supposedly "innocent" lies have such a consequence, that their destructive energy gradually accumulates in us and it slowly destroys our civilisation. In the result our civilisation already now is mortally ill and if it is not subjected to "healing" it soon may cease to prevail.

We all are aware of the way on which we could heal the mortal illness of our civilisation - which depends on living in continuous lies. Namely, we first need to realise and openly admit that as a civilisation we really do live in lies. Then we need to undertake efforts to finish for good with this everyday lying. In turn finishing with the lies requires that, amongst others, we start see and describe the world as it really is. The first and almost painless step in this direction would be to understand, that in spite of lies, cheating, hoaxes, fabrications, double-standards, and hysteria of some morally deviated people, there is also a reliable evidence that UFO vehicles really do manifest their presence on the Earth. In turn manifestations of these UFOs include phenomena described on this web page, and also on a whole range of other web pages of totalizm, e.g. on web pages Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Landslips, Katowice, Memorial, and several further ones. So undertaking an open and constructive discussion on the subject of these UFO manifestations is a first small step which initiates the path of humanity towards the less lies, and the same towards a better future for all of us.

#J2. Readers are invited to send further photographs of "cloud-UFOs" which they took, so that these photographs could be commented and shown to others:

As this is explained in details on a separate web page named Day 26 , the very survival of humanity as a civilization may depend on the fast increase of our knowledge about UFOs and about hidden manners of UFOnauts' operation on Earth. Therefore, a fast increase of this knowledge in fact for us is a matter of "life and death". In turn one of the best methods of such fast increase of our knowledge on UFOs, is a mutual exchange of information about these extraterrestrial vehicles, and also a wide dissemination of photographs of UFOs. Therefore, herewith I am announcing the following appeal to readers of this web page:

If anyone notices the cloud in the sky, which has perfectly discoidal shape, then this someone should firstly photograph this cloud, then observe it for at least 15 minutes. (It is worth to remember about the main rule of acting during confrontations with UFOs, which states that first shoot photographs, only then ask questions. The goal is to capture fast a UFO on a photograph, before this vehicle has a time to fly away and deprive us opportunity to take a photograph.) If during these 15 minutes the cloud does not change drastically the discoidal shape - as typically this is done by natural clouds, than this means that the photographed cloud is in fact formed technologically by a UFO vehicle which hides inside of it. If this cloud undergoes cyclical transformations of partial dispersing by wind and subsequent returning to the original discoidal shape - as this is described in item #G1. (b) above, then it would be also beneficial to document photographically subsequent stages of the transformation cycle that it manifests. The scan from photographs that one takes, together with description of the entire observation, please sent to me so that they can be published on this web page.

It is also worth to remember, that this web page was created just to allow such exchange and dissemination of knowledge about the appearance and behaviours of UFOs. So instead of wasting opportunities when someone witnesses another such "cloud-UFO", I am encouraging to photograph this "cloud", to take notice of all details of its behaviour, and to post me an email with a scan from the photograph and with a description of observations that accompanied a given photograph - so that I could publish them on this web page. My most current email addresses, at which such photographs and descriptions of "cloud-UFOs" sightings could be posted, are provided on the separate web page FAQ.

However, while sending me such a photograph and/or a description, please remember to post them to me anonymously, means without providing your full/true name and address (i.e. as I explained this on the web page FAQ - frequent questions). If someone incautiously reveals to me his personal details, then he/she exposes himself/herself to a danger, that his/her details become intercepted by UFOnauts who censor and record my entire email correspondence. In such a case his/her fate may start to take a similar unfortunate course, as this happened to all participants of that research expedition to Roxburgh, about which I wrote in item #A2. of this web page.

#J3. Even if someone does not take own photograph of a "cloud-UFO", it is still worth to return to this web page again, after some time elapses:

It is worth to remember about this web page. From the definition this page is to be subjected to further improvements and extensions, as soon as further photographs from readers arrive to my hands. (Or as soon as I take next photographs of such "clouds-UFOs".) Therefore, after some time, it is worth to visit this web page again. Perhaps by then it is going to already be extended and improved.

#J4. How with the web page named "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

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#J5. Blogs of totalizm:

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#J6. Emails to the author of this web page:

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