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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #I: Source of power which generates "cloud-UFOs":

#I1: Simulations by the universal intellect:

Our God has a serious problem. Here He created the human civilisation, the major ambition of which becomes to rob from other humans much bigger wealth than it is necessary to have a prosperous lives, and then wasting this wealth for various forms of debauch - which the same God from the very beginning forbade in the Bible that He authorised. So what this God supposed to do? Should He allow that this civilisation deprived of moral brakes destroys itself? It appears that probably in the last attempt to save the humanity which He created, God uses the inspiration and illustration. Namely, through the use of His abilities of temporally create whatever people do NOT know yet - as it is described on the web page Evolution, God simulates numerous manifestations and devices which illustrate to people that there is much more to life than accumulation of wealth, seeking sex, and showing off to others the powers that one have. For example, with such temporally simulations God illustrates and shows that people can shift time back and thus extend the length of their lives infinitively, or that people can build vehicles which are going to carry them to other worlds.

A temporary simulation of God aimed at intriguing people in what humans do NOT know yet, are Godly simulations of strange space vehicles popularly known as UFO vehicles. In turn an illustration of technical capabilities of such UFO vehicles is to simulate phenomena which these UFO vehicles are able to generate, such as these "cloud-UFOs" described on this web page, or e.g. Tornadoes and Hurricanes described on other web pages of totalizm.

In the matter of simulations created by the universal intellect (God) there is a number of burning questions which ask for constructive answers. For example "why such simulations are created", "what attributes characterise them", "how they are completed", etc. Thus, in order to provide replies to most of questions which stems from these simulations, on their subject there are numerous publications of the Philosophy of Totalizm. The most comprehensive one amongst these is volume 6 of the monograph [8e/2] "Totalizm".

Other, much shorter such publications, include "part #D" (i.e. items #D1. to #D7.) of the web page UFO - about UFOnauts, and also "part #F" (i.e. items #F1. to #F8.) of the web page Evil - about origins of all evil on the Earth. I recommend having a quick look at these publications.

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