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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #H: The problem of "authenticity" of UFO photographs and recommended by the Bible method of solving this problem:

#H1: The "authenticity" of UFO photographs and sightings represents a serious problem, because UFOs are favourite subjects of scams, falsifications, fabrications, jokes, etc.:

Because UFO vehicles are so illusive and so stubbornly hide from people their continuous activities on the Earth, with the elapse of time UFO become the favourite subject of fabrications, falsifications, jokes, cheating, hoaxes, etc., for swindlers of all kinds. After all, these swindlers know jolly well, that because of the illusiveness of UFOs there is a very small chance that their hoaxes are ever discovered. On the separate web page Memorial - about methods with which UFOnauts themselves undermine the evidential value of authentic photographs of UFOs, is illustrated how difficult and how serious is this problem of detecting scams and determining the authenticity of UFO photographs. So each time when someone is carrying out research on UFO sightings or UFO photographs, it is necessary to address simultaneously the problem of authenticity of photographs or input data for the research. Below I am going to describe the method which I use for addressing the matter of authenticity of UFO photographs.

#H2. The method of confirming the "authenticity" of UFO photographs and sightings is explained in the Bible authorised by God Himself:

In item #C5. of the totaliztic web page Bible - about the Bible authorised by God Himself, is described an excellent method of gathering relatively true information from input data which typically may contain various lies, errors, deviations, or intentional misleading. This method of determining the truth recommended by the Bible states that "on the confirmation of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established.". In other words, the Bible recommends that all our actions we should always base on the information which is certified NOT just by a single source, but at least by two sources of information that are independent from each other, while whenever possible, even by three or more such sources.

#H3. How I use practically the biblical method of confirming the "authenticity" of UFO photographs and UFO sightings:

Because I myself carry out a lot of UFO research, in my investigations I always apply to them the biblical method of determining the truth described above. But because I was unaware that this method is recommended by the Bible, in my UFO research I developed myself the same method independently of the Bible, and I did it in two different versions of its use. The first use of my own version of the same method which I developed independently from the Bible, boils down to gathering and to researching possibly the largest number of UFO photographs and descriptions that originate from entirely different sources, and which all confirm exactly the same truth. After all, when the number of these UFO photographs and descriptions is very large, then even if later turns out that one amongst these photographs or descriptions was falsified, still a given truth is confirmed by further amongst these photographs and descriptions which were NOT falsified. A best example of the use of this first version of the biblical method of establishing the truth is my formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs which in its entirety was published in subsection P2 from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5], while briefly it is summarised on the web page UFO proof.

Another version of the previously explained biblical method of finding the truth, which I developed independently from the Bible a long time before I learned that this method is also described in the Bible, is the use of just only one UFO photograph, but with the simultaneous confirmation of the truth of whatever this photograph captured with the aid of data that originate from several other sources (i.e. from several other "witnesses"). For example, if any detailed mode of operation of a UFO vehicle was captured only on a single known to me photograph of a UFO, then this same mode of operation I am trying to confirm additionally through verifying (1) whether the theory of the vehicle of my invention called the Magnocraft allows this mode of operation to be generated by the propulsion systems of magnetic vehicles, and also the same mode of UFO operation I try to confirm through finding (2) a report of some eye witness who saw with his own eyes a given phenomenon that is captured on the photograph. Examples of the use of this second version of biblical method described here, is illustrated on the web pages Interpretation UFO photographs and UFO activities on the Earth.

When shown here photographs of "cloud UFOs" are concerned, the authenticity of each one of them was verified with the use of this second version of my method - described also in the Bible. Namely, although in my own case I have no access to appropriate laboratory and equipment which could allow me to verify whether a given photograph is really authentic, still each one amongst photographs of "cloud UFOs" shown on this web page fulfils the following conditions:
(1) I myself witnesses with my own eyes the formation of a "cloud UFO" similar to the one captured on a given photograph and I myself confirmed through the analysis of my own sighting that this "cloud" displays attributes which arte typical for technically generated clouds which hide UFO vehicles inside;
(2) a section of the "Theory of Magnocraft" confirms that a given shape of the "cloud UFO" (or a given destruction inflicted by the landing of a UFO on a crop field) can in fact be caused by UFO vehicles which use the UFO propulsion system.

Due to subjecting all UFO photographs that are publish on any web page of totalizm, including this web page, to the verifications described above, the following statement applies to each one amongst these photographs: even if the author of any UFO photographs published on web pages of totalizm committed some undetectable fabrication and intentionally captured on his photo something completely different than a UFO vehicle, then still the general shapes and phenomena which are registered on this photograph are also formed by UFO vehicles in a real life. Therefore, even if later it is to turn out that a given photograph captured something different than a UFO vehicle, still this photograph simultaneously constitutes a visual illustration for a specific phenomenon and specific shape which also is formed, amongst others, by UFO vehicles.

#H4. Uses of the above biblical method of finding the truth in disciplines other than just UFO research - e.g. for finding whether God does exist:

The method of finding the truth explained above, which is described in the Bible and which was also developed independently by myself, is equally effective in all possible applications - not just only in relation to UFO sightings and to UFO photographs. In order to illustrate this high effectiveness, let us now demonstrate the use of it for another commonly appearing case, when in everyday life we need to choose between two mutually contradictive opinions. Most frequently met such a case, are claims of atheists that "God does NOT exist", and opposite to these claims of believers that "God does exist". When we hear such mutually contradictive opinions, out of which only one can represent a truth, of course each one of us would like to know which one of them agrees with the truth. A good example of one amongst such claims is described in item #A2. (part 8) of the web page Timevehicle - about time, time vehicles, and about principles of shifting back in time.

As is explained in there, a well-known scientist, Professor Richard Dawkins from the Oxford University, contributed his private finances for placing on city busses from London the following advertisement: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life". Let us omit here any considerations regarding the moral appropriateness of such advertisement, which encourages that instead of imposing on one's life the requirements of leading morally correct behaviours and practicing love of other humans, it rather suggests to gorge in pleasures and enjoy life according to the principle "riot your life out - there is no hell". In this item of the web page let us consider how much such an advertisement on busses misses the truth - after the merit of it is verified with the biblical method described before.

As it is explained on several web pages of totalizm, e.g. see item #D1. of the web page UFO, for very vital reasons God hides from people the fact of His existence. But in order to instigate a human curiosity and research, God simultaneously provides people with well hidden numerous items of evidence and many confirmations, which all prove that in reality God does exist. Unfortunately, many people cease their inquisitiveness on realising that God does NOT manifest to them openly the fact of His existence. These people are fast deriving to a hasty conclusion that God does NOT exist. What even worse, these people frequently try to impose their hasty views onto others. Because there is quite a few such people who fail to carry out their own searches for God, while all of them act in almost an identical manner, from the point of view of logic all of them represent a single "group witness" the view of which can be expressed by the general claim that "God does not exist".

On the other hand, we have a lot different people who are not satisfied with realising that God did NOT show Himself to them. These people seek God actively. Many amongst them encounter various evidence for the existence of God, and with the elapse of time they become sure that God does exist. These other people represent a different "group witness" which confirms that, after all, "God does exist". Furthermore, each independent category of evidence which certifies for the existence of God, also represents another "witness" that confirms the truth that "God does exist". So let us now list at least several examples of such different "witnesses", each one amongst which confirms the existence of God, and each one of which contradicts views of these people who claim that God does not exist.

(1) If we ask the opinion of a large number of believers, then probably almost each one of them is to express the opinion that the advertisement of Professor Dawkins misses the truth because God really does exist. After all, each believer in one or the other way have found his or her personal proof that God does exist. In turn, according to research presented in item #F2. of the web page Evil, and also in item #D1. of the web page UFO, in God believes over 90% of people.

(2) If we check archives of numerous religious institutions that exist on the Earth, for example archives of the Catholic church, then it turns out that each religion noticed thousands of different items of evidence for the existence of God, for example thousands of so-called miracles which could occur only then when God does exist. An example of the miracle which I saw with my own eyes is described, amongst others, in subsection I3.5. from volumes 5 of monograph [1/4] and monograph [1/5]. In turn an array of other events from my own life, which also could be qualified as "miracles", is described in item #H2. of the web page named UFO proof.

(3) Several formal scientific proofs for the existence of God were already developed. Four such formal proofs are presented in subsections I3.1. to I3.4. from volumes 5 of monograph [1/5] and monograph [8/2]. In turn briefly these proofs are described in item #B3. of the web page God - with scientific answers of the secular philosophy of totalizm to basic questions about God.

(4) Identified was already a huge pool of scientific evidence for the existence of God. Only a small fraction of this ocean of evidence is described on the web page God proof.

(5) The scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity revealed, that there is a place in the universe in which God lives and in which people are unable to detect Him. This place is called the "counter-world". The same "theory of everything" indicates the natural mechanism which caused the self-evolution of God. This mechanism is described in items #B1. to #B8. of the web page Evolution.

(6) If God really does NOT exist, then the entire universe would need to originate from noting - as the official human science insists with its "theory of the Big Bang". (According to this theory, before the Big Bang nothing existed, means there was no space, no mass, nor no time. In turn after the Big Bang everything originated from this nothing, means from noting comes space, from nothing comes matter, and from nothing comes time.) But if God does exist, then God created the visible part of the universe from the invisible substance called "counter-matter" - as this is described in the Bible in verses that are indicated in item #C12. (part 5) of the web page Bible - about the Bible authorised by God Himself. Because the science itself teaches us that from "nothing" has no right originate "something", this means that God must exist in order to be able to create the visible part of the universe from the invisible "counter-matter".

(7) The commonly known principles of logic clearly reveal to us that God must exist. Namely, according to logic, God can only (a) exist, or can (b) not exist. There is no third possibility. In both cases, namely when (a) God exists, and when (b) God does not exist, the operation and phenomena of the universe would clearly differ from each other in several vital details. For example, if we consider the operation of the universe in which God does not exist, then it turns out that all events in this universe would have to have exclusively physical character. In turn if we consider the operation of the universe in which God exists, then it turns out that would occur in it both, the physical only events, as well as events of other characters, e.g. miracles, spiritual phenomena, supernatural phenomena etc. Because it turns out that the universe which surrounds us in fact demonstrates bot the phenomena, means physical phenomena as well as phenomena of other characters, this according to logic excludes the possibility that God does not exist, and leaves us with just one alternative - namely that God does exist (although for vital reasons God intentionally hides His existence from people). Notice that numerous examples of phenomena which have the character different from physical are described on a number of totalizm web pages. These include, amongst others, ghosts, miracles, and other categories of evidence indicated on the web page God proof, ergonomic attributes of fruits (these attributes are described in item #D3.1. of the web page Tropical fruits), the physical evidence for the discrete (jumping) elapse of time (described in item #D1. from the web page Immortality), the existence of so-called ULT - means the "universal language of thoughts" in which God communicates with people, and also in which people can communicate with animals, vegetation, UFOnauts etc. (the ULT is described in item #B4 from the web page Telepathy) and many others.

To summarise the above, if we check which one out of two considered in this item opposite alternatives expresses the truth, means whether (a) the statement that "god does exist" that is unanimously confirmed by all the above "witnesses" and by all the above "confirming evidence", or (b) whatever states Professor Dawkins, then according to the recommendations of the Bible the truth is that "God does exist".

#H5. In a similar manner the Biblical method of finding the truth described above allows also establish e.g. that "we all have immortal souls":

Very similar doubts as the ones about the existence of God, various people have also about the fact of the existence of immortal human souls. Furthermore, in the exactly the same manner as in the matter of the existence of God, the biblical method described here allows us to determine where the truth lies regarding the existence of immortal soul in people. Only that these "witnesses", or "confirming evidence" in the matter of the existence of immortal human soul are slightly different than the ones which confirm the existence of God. For example, a formal proof for the existence of soul is the proof described in item #C1.1. from the web page Nirvana.

In turn the empirical evidence certifying the existence of soul can be e.g. the appearance of so-called "death flash" in the moment of dying of every living organism. (This "death flash" is described more comprehensively in item #1H7.3 from subsection H7.3 in volume 4 of monograph [1/4], monograph [1/5] and monograph [8/2]; while its brief descriptions provides item #F2. (part 8) of the web page God proof, and item #F2. (part 8) of the web page Bible - about the Bible authorised by God Himself.)

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