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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #G: "Cloud-UFOs" should be researched, not ignored:

#G1: Let us summarize attributes of "cloud-UFOs" described on this web page:

Such "cloud-UFOs" created technologically, the purpose of which is to hide UFO vehicles inside, are displaying a whole array of interesting attributes. Our knowledge of these attributes is vital, because it allows us to distinguish such "cloud-UFOs" from ordinary clouds of natural origins. During my observations of these technological "cloud-UFOs" to-date, I already managed to establish some of their attributes. I am listing below these attributes, which are already known to me:

(a) UFO-like shape. The shape of "cloud-UFOs" is defined by principles of their technological formation. In turn this principle depends on giving to magnetic circuits of a UFO such frequency of vibrations, that particles of water vapours present in the air fall into resonance and form droplets of fog - for details see subsection LB2. from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5].

For this reason, "clouds-UFOs" always assume the shape of magnetic circuits that are wrapped around UFO vehicles. In turn these magnetic circuits approximately correspond to shapes of UFOs themselves, only that are more rounded than sharp corners of UFO shells, and simultaneously deprived of all concaves. The shape of magnetic circuits of UFOs forms the so-called "ionic picture of a whirl", which is described in details in subsection G7.3. from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], and which sometimes on UFO photographs are taken for shapes of UFOs' surfaces. (As an example of such "ionic picture of a whirl" captured on a photograph, see Img.139 (P20) from volume 14 of my newest monograph [1/5].) Because of the above reasons, the thick "clouds" that are formed technologically by UFO vehicles in order to hide these vehicles inside, always assume shapes approximately similar to shapes of UFOs that hide inside of them.

(b') The ability to maintain the same shape, size, and consistency for many hours. Because the shape of "cloud-UFOs" is defined technically by the shape of magnetic circuits of the UFO vehicles that hide inside of these "clouds", this shape does NOT change with the elapse of time. So, if there is no wind in a given time, or just only a very weak wind blows, the shape of such a "cloud-UFO" looks as if it is "frozen", i.e. it does not change at all with the elapse of time. Thus such "clouds-UFOs" keep exactly the same, unchanged shape for many hours, means practically for the entire time in which UFO vehicles hide inside of them. Even if these clouds change their motionless hovering into a flight, still their shape, size, nor consistency does not change. This ability of "clouds-UFOs" to maintain unchanged shapes for many hours, distinguishes them decisively from natural clouds, which in normal circumstances continually change their shape and consistency.

(b") The ability to cyclically regenerate the original shape, size, and consistency, if a strong wind tries to blow apart such a "cloud-UFO". In case when a strong wind tries to disperse these "clouds-UFOs", they display an extraordinary ability for undergoing a cyclical transformation which always brings to them their original shape, size, and consistency. Description of the case, when during over 2 hours I observed just such continuous cyclical transformations of a "cloud-UFO", is provided in item #C1. above. The "cloud-UFO" that I observed then went through such transformation that renewed its shape repetitively every several minutes.

(c') The ability to hover motionlessly above the same spot for many hours. As it is known from everyday observations, the majority of natural clouds always slowly drift with winds. In turn "cloud-UFOs" described here show the tendency to hover exactly above the same spot for many hours, as if they are anchored in there.

(c") The ability to intentionally float in directions which may collide with the direction of the wind. In one case of my observation of such a "cloud-UFO", described in item #A2. above, the UFO vehicle hiding inside of this cloud apparently observed our research team. So when participants of this team sat into cars and drove back to Dunedin, the "cloud-UFO" flown together with us. It travelled parallel with us with the same speed as our cars (i.e. in open areas with the speed of around 100 km/h, while in human settlements with the speed of around 50 km/h). The direction of motion of this cloud was slanted at least 90 degrees in relationship to the direction of (not too strong) wind which drifted other clouds in a different direction. During the flight this "cloud-UFO" still maintained its original shape, size, and thick consistency.

(d') The physical uniqueness of water vapours that form these "cloud-UFOs". The principle on which UFO vehicles form clouds that later hide them, differs from the principle on which natural clouds are formed. (I.e. the water vapours formed technologically around UFO vehicles is condensed due to a magnetic resonance, not due to the existence of "seeds".) In turn, this difference in physical properties of vapours of these clouds, is the source of a whole range of their unique attributes. For example, these "cloud-UFOs" almost always have slightly a different shade of the colour than natural clouds that surround them. Furthermore, subsequent parts of these clouds may mutually differ amongst themselves by a shade, if they are generated by UFO vehicles of different types in which magnetic fields have distinct resonance characteristics (this difference in shades is perfectly illustrated on photograph from Img.111 (#E1).)

(d") The ability to disappear from the view within just around 20 seconds. Water droplets that are formed by UFO vehicles in order to generate technological clouds for hiding purposes, also seem to be several times more volatile than droplets of water from natural clouds. (Perhaps this too is caused by the fact that they are formed without "seeds" and kept in the state of visible vapours exclusively due to resonance of magnetic fields.) Therefore, if a UFO vehicle ceases to maintain the permanency of these droplets with the use of its magnetic field, a given "cloud-UFO" disperses from our view completely within just around 20 seconds. In turn natural sizeable clouds require at least several minutes in order to disperse completely. This practically means, that in one moment of time we may look at some area of the sky and see a sizeable "cloud-UFO" in there. (Of course, we may not be aware at that point in time that there is a UFO vehicle hiding inside of that cloud.) Then we may look for a brief while into a different direction and when we again look at the same spot, there will be no even a slightest trace of this previous cloud. So if one day we notice such a rapidly disappearing cloud than this means that we just saw a "cloud-UFO" described on this web page.

(e) The ability to perform a function of the sky "transition port". One or two UFO vehicles of a large type, which hide in just such motionlessly hovering "cloud-UFO", can constitute a kind of sky "transfer port" for a whole fleet of other UFO vehicles. In last days of April 2005 I had an opportunity to witness myself for about an hour the operation of just such a "port for transfer of loads" that hovered motionlessly high in the sky above Wellington in New Zealand (as it usually happens when the fate gives me an opportunity to watch UFOs, I had no camera with me). Subsequent UFO vehicles of this "port" surrounded with white clouds, were hovering one exactly above the other, in a mutual distance of around 1/3rd of their diameter. Most probably they were magnetically coupled together into a configuration which in subsection G3.1.3. from volume 3. of my newest monograph [1/5], is described under the name of "detached configuration". In the first moment when I spotted them, there were 4 such "cloud-UFOs". They looked like a kind of four-stepped ladder or stairs formed from four crescent-shaped clouds of identical shape, size, and chalk-white colour. After around 5 minutes, one (the highest) out of these white crescents rapidly disappeared. Then another (lowest) also disappeared. So remained only two identical crescent-shaped clouds separated from each other with a wide free space. Then it turned out that these two formed a kind of "dock" for this motionlessly hanging sky "port", to both sides of which every now and again further UFO vehicles were docking in order to fly away again after around further 10 minutes. And so, after around 5 minutes to these two clouds again arrived another white crescent, and soon later still another. So again there were 4 of them. After around 10 minutes firstly disappeared one of the arrived, later another one. Then alternately kept arriving to, and depart from, both ends of these two central vehicles further UFOs. It looked exactly like these two central vehicles mutually coupled into a "detached configuration" constituted a kind of busy, sky port, to both ends of which every now and again further identical UFO vehicles were arriving, only to depart after a fast reloading their content. After they departed, next UFOs were arriving to take their places, and so on. I personally believe, although I am not able to prove this, that the UFOs that kept arriving and depart after only around 10 minutes, were transporting people abducted to these UFOs from the Wellington region. This is because only the reloading of one or several people to (or from) these two motionless "plants processing human sperm and ovule" could be carried out in such a brief time of around 10 minutes, for which each of the newly arriving vehicles stopped in this sky port. Interesting was also that in the sky not one but two such "processing spaceship" hovered continually - as I believe one of them extracted sperm from males abducted to it, while another one extracted ovules from females abducted to it. The entire spectacle described above finished for me after around an hour of watching, when a layer of thick natural clouds that floated much below this "transfer port" with the elapse of time hide it from my sight completely. So I was not able to watch further activities of it. Several days later from the case described in item #E1.(b) I learned that such "cloud-UFOs" linked together like "steps of a ladder" rather frequently are observed while they carry out the function of such "sky transfer port" for people abducted to them. In such cases one or two motionlessly hovering UFO vehicles hidden inside of clouds that mask their presence, are performing the function of the "processing plant for human sperm and ovule", while the remaining UFO vehicles repetitively deliver to this processing plant, and then take back from it, people that they abduct from the area above which they hover.

All "cloud-UFOs" which I observed in my life, or about which I heard from other investigators, always demonstrated the presence of at least one attribute from each above classes (a), (b) and (c), and in some cases they also demonstrated attributes (d) and/or (e). In turn the presence of such attributes in a cloud, quite conclusively indicates, that this cloud could NOT be formed in a natural manner, but must be formed and controlled technologically.

Notice that to me (i.e. the author of this web page) are NOT known all circumstances of taking subsequent photographs shown here. So in not all cases I am able to give my full guarantee, that all clouds shown here in fact were formed by UFOs and contain in themselves UFO vehicles. However, in spite that I am not able to give such a guarantee, still I make sure that every single one out of photographs indicated here in fact shows the shape about which from my empirical observations I know for sure that it corresponds exactly to shapes of "clouds-UFOs". Thus, all examples of clouds shown here relatively well illustrate how these "clouds-UFOs" do look like in reality. Of course, if I know evidence which supports our certainty that a given cloud was actually formed technologically by a UFO vehicle, than I am providing here this evidence.

It is worth to complement the above with the information, that the formation of technological clouds is not the only method with the assistance of which UFOnauts hide their UFO vehicles from the sight of people. Other equally frequent method of such hiding of UFO vehicles is "parking" them inside of underground caves. This other method of hiding UFO vehicles underground, is described in more details on separate web pages , i.e. on a web page about Aliens and on a different web page about the Polish city of Wrocław.

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