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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #F: UFO vehicles which hide inside of "cloud UFOs" are dangerous for people:

#F1: "Cloud-UFOs" are lurking dangers as on command from UFOnauts they can unleash murderous tornados:

If someone observes typical "cloud-UFOs", then these appear as if they are completely harmless. Just unimposing, regular, usually chalk-white clouds. However, as I explained this on a separate web page Tornadoes, in these clouds a deadly danger is stalking. On commands from UFOnauts which control these UFO vehicles, such "cloud-UFOs" can quickly transform into deadly tornados. Then from innocently looking clouds they turn into roaring monsters which destroy and kill everything onto which UFOnauts direct them.

The principle on which such innocently looking "cloud-UFOs" transform into deadly tornados is explained in details on a separate web page named "Tornado-UFOs". But in order to summarise here, at least very briefly, the descriptions provided over there, this principle boils down to intercepting by a UFO hidden in such a cloud, the nearest "low-pressure whirl of counter-matter". (What are these "whirls of counter-matter" is explained in subsections H4.2. and LB1. from volumes (respectively) 4 and 10 of my newest monograph [1/5].)

These low-pressure whirls of counter-matter could be compared to huge loops formed from an extraordinary substance which are spinning in a separate world, and which are penetrating through our planet. (More illustratively they could be compared to colossal snakes made of counter-matter, which spin around the axis of rotation that runs along their own spine cords, while they bite with their jaws ends of their own tails thus forming single closed loops with their spinning bodies.) In the areas where these spinning loops of counter-matter penetrate through Earth's atmosphere, they intercept particles of the air, thus forming huge circulations of the air. On weather maps shown in our TV these circulations are illustrated as circular winds that rotate around low pressure areas which prevail in their centres. An interesting attribute of these huge low-pressure whirls of counter-matter, is that they can be intercepted by magnetic circuits of a large UFO vehicle, and then narrowed down to just several (or a hundred) meters. In case of just such narrowing down of a low-pressure whirl, the normally slow moving air that is propelled by this whirl accelerates significantly and receives huge velocities and power. In the result, this UFO vehicle (or a Magnocraft) which intercepted and narrowed down a given low-pressure whirl, forms a "technological tornado" from it. The tornado is then directed onto a building which the crew of this UFO vehicle wishes to destroy. Of course, people who witness this tornado are unaware that it is NOT natural at all, but that it was formed technically by a UFO vehicle. After all, the UFO vehicle which generated it is hiding from people inside of a "cloud-UFO" from which this tornado emerges. So through creating such technological tornados UFOnauts are able to secretly destroy any object on Earth, while people have no clue what really hits them. Unless people manage to learn how to distinguish such technological tornados formed by UFO vehicles, from natural tornados. This is because such tornados formed by UFOs must display a whole array of attributes, which have no rights to appear in natural tornados. These attributes result either from characteristics and principles of operation of UFO vehicles which control them, or from phenomena utilised by UFO vehicles for generating such technical tornados. For example, these tornados always must have a "funnel" the appearance of which depends on the magnetic pole directed towards Earth in the main propulsor of the UFO vehicle which created them, they always emerge from a low-flying "cloud-UFO", always on their "funnels" characteristic offshoots shaped into "membranes" appear, also always their behaviour is "intelligent". The complete list and explanation of attributes which characterise these tornados induced technologically by UFO vehicles is presented on a separate web page named Tornado-UFOs.

I personally know for a long time these tornados formed by UFOs. I described them already in various publications of totalizm. Unfortunately, so-far I had no photographs which I could present in Internet to illustrate their attributes and behaviours. By a fortunate coincidence, such photographs finally were forwarded to me. One series of them illustrates a tornado that was formed by a UFO on 16 May 2005, near the township Bunbury in Western Australia (i.e. around 50 kilometres south from Perth). Attributes of this tornado coincided with characteristics of tornados induced technologically by a huge UFO vehicle that was flying in a "hanging position". For example, the trajectory of this tornado by a "strange coincidence" was passing "intelligently" along the densely populated and well developed areas of the Western Australia. The "funnel" of this tornado was looking like the one formed by the outlet from the "N" pole of the UFO main propulsor directed towards the ground, and had characteristic "membranes" which are formed during a hanging orientation of the UFO vehicle which formed them. (In Australia the single UFOs which are flying in a "hanging position" always direct towards Earth the "N" magnetic pole of their main propulsor.) In turn the cloud which generated this tornado had a UFO-shaped, bulging-downward dome, which is consistent with the hanging orientation of the UFO vehicle which generated this tornado.

Below I present for viewing both, photographs of this tornado generated by a UFO, as well as explanations what these photographs show. After all, they provide us with a rational knowledge about one more destructive and hidden use of UFO vehicles against humanity. As such, these photographs give us to hands a learning tool which may initiate an effective self-defence of humanity against these hidden attacks of UFOnauts. These photographs and explanations are addressed to all people with open minds, who wish to know "what really is going on around them", which intend to watch atrocities committed on Earth by morally decadent UFOnauts, and which intend to undertake self-defence against attacks of these evil aliens. So now I suggest to firstly look at these highly evidential photographs shown below as Img.098 (#F1a), then I recommend to shift onto a different web page named Tornado-UFOs, where one can learn detailed interpretations of these photographs and also learn attributes of tornados generated technologically by UFOs. On this separate web page one can also verify via personal analysis the message and information which I am trying to forward and illustrate with the use of these photographs.

Fig. #F1(a)
Img.098 (#F1a)

Fig. #F1(b)
Img.099 (#F1b)

Fig. #F1(c)
Img.100 (#F1c)

Fig. #F1(d)
Img.101 (#F1d)

Img.098/099/100/101 (#F1abcd): Here are four photographs of the same tornado formed technically by a large UFO vehicle, which ravaged the town of Bunbury in Western Australia on Monday, 16 may 2005. The detailed explanation of principles on which "cloud-UFOs" generate such murderous tornados, as well as descriptions of attributes which characterize such tornados induced technically by UFO vehicles, are presented on a separate web page named "Tornado-UFOs".

Analyses carried out on that separate web page reveal, that the above tornado was induced technically by a huge UFO vehicle, most probably of a K10 type, which was flying in a "hanging position" with the "N" magnetic pole of the main propulsor directed toward the ground. Therefore the above photographs represent a highly illustrative evidence which reveals that many tornados are formed by such unique "cloud-UFOs", means by clouds the behaviours and shapes of which coincide with those of UFO vehicles. In order to see more clearly each of the above photographs, it is suggested to click on it to make it enlarged.

The tornado captured on the above photographs caused huge destruction. Many "strategic" objects were affected by it. In May 2005 articles which mention it were placed at the following Internet addresses abc.net.au/news and www.news.com.au.

I should complement the above with the information, that a cloud looking very similar to the above one, most probably also hiding a UFO vehicle type K10 flying in the "hanging position" with the "N" magnetic pole of the main propulsor directed towards the ground, generated in New Zealand a tornado which looked almost identical to the above one. This New Zealand tornado also had a short, transparent, and jagged "funnel", which was spinning in the "clockwise" direction. In Thursday, 10 March 2005 it attacked and destroyed a part of the New Zealand township Graymouth. An amateur film of this tornado from Graymouth was later broadcasted in all TV news of New Zealand. (Unfortunately, it is not known to me that a photograph of it was published anywhere - although the description of the same tornado was published in New Zealand newspapers, e.g. see the article "Rumble, a flash, then it struck" from page 1 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Friday, 11 March 2005.)

#F2. Numerous people are abducted, or even taken forever, by discoidal "cloud-UFOs":

The case of abduction of a Swiss citizen to a cloud-UFO described in item #A2. of this web page, is not the only such a case known to us, when people were abducted (and frequently even taken forever) to the UFO vehicle which in order to hide from people surrounded itself by a cloud of technically created vapours. A most widely known such a case concerns the disappearance of an entire company of soldiers. It was the so-called "Sandringham Company". It disappeared in Gallipoli (Turkey) in 1915. In sight of numerous witnesses it marched straight into a cloud of yellow fog, to never be seen again. This "Sandringham Company" was an elite military force formed from workers and servants of the private residence of the English king. It means it was composed of people who after the First World War would have a significant influence on the politics of the British Empire. So the most clearly UFOnauts did NOT want that these disillusioned about the war people had any political influence in England. The unusual history of this company - together with clumsy efforts to explain rationally their mysterious disappearance, was presented in the British TV documentary drama (film) entitled "All the King's Men". (This documentary film was broadcasted in New Zealand in channel 1 of TVNZ, on 23/4/00, at 20:15 to 22:05.) The fate of it I also reported in subsection VB4.5.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4].

It is worth to mention, that soon after the war, at the personal intervention of the Queen of England, in Turkey an investigation was conducted in order to determine what actually had happen with this entire company of soldiers. It was suspected that Turks took them all for prisoners of war (after all, they disappeared without firing even a single shot). But Turks had NOT know anything about the fate of this company. Most clearly UFOnauts abducted these soldiers for good. Although during this investigation an unique watch (a personal gift from the king) was found, which belonged to one of officers of this company. But it is known that in order to mislead people, UFOnauts have the custom of fabricating this type of "evidence" in areas where they committed their crimes - as this is explained in descriptions of methods of their cunning activities on Earth, provided in chapter VB from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]. Thus, most probably this watch was intentionally dropped again to Earth by UFOnauts in order to confuse again the inquisitive people who carried out this investigation.

The case of this famous disappearance of the entire company of soldiers was described in the book by Viktor Farkas, entitled "Unexplained phenomena" - 1988. This book reports the exact course of the abduction of this company of soldiers by a UFO vehicle which surrounded itself with a cloud formed technically. This course was observed by 22 soldiers from the third platoon of the field company no 1 of the New Zealand expedition corpse, from the trenches on the post "Rhododendron", around 2,5 km to south-west from the Hill 60 in Gallipoli.

Other examples of people abducted by UFOs forever are described in item #C4. of the web page about bandits amongst us.

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