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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #D: Photographs of "cloud UFOs" posted to me by readers of this web page:

#D1: The photograph of "universalis":

On 23 March 2005, one of readers of my monographs, who used the pseudonym universalis - email: universalis@o2.pl, send me the following photograph of a cloud, about which he claims, that he discovered a UFO vehicle hiding in it. Because the shape of the cloud send by him to me in fact does correspond to shapes of "cloud-UFOs" that I know of, I decided to publish his photograph on this web page. Here is how this photo looks like:

Fig. #D1_1
Img.102 (#D1_1)

Fig. #D1_2
Img.103 (#D1_2)

102/103 (#D1): A photograph of a cloud, the shape of which corresponds to shapes of clouds formed technologically by UFOs in order to hide inside of them from the human sight.

Above an entire original of this photograph is shown. Below a copy of this photo is shown on which the exact spot is marked in which, according to "universalis", a UFO vehicle was hiding.

When I asked the person who took this photograph about place and circumstances of taking it, I received the following explanation - in my translation from his email (in Polish):

"it was taken in Argentina by one member of our unofficial club of UFO fans. We discovered that for unknown reasons UFOs prefer to visit tropical areas, especially both Americas. My colleague was led to the place of this photograph by a local guide, who said that very frequently in these regions flying saucers can be seen, which tend to damage crops. As one may see from this photograph, this field was scorched during a landing of a flying saucer."

#D2. Hanging "fir-tree" configuration formed from "cloud-UFOs":

Another interesting photograph of a "cloud-UFO" posted to me for interpretation, is shown below as Img.104 (#D2). Unfortunately, I received it without details of the author who took it. So I am unable to ask about circumstances of taking it. Thus for the time being I am showing it here without providing details of the origin of it. However, I would like to reassure the viewers, that in my searches I had many opportunities to observe strangely behaving "cloud-UFOs" (unfortunately, almost always I had no photo-camera handy in such situations). In a large proportion of these observations, clouds that hide UFOs inside displayed shapes very close to the shape that is illustrated below in Img.104 (#D2).

Fig. #D2
Img.104 (#D2)

Img.104 (#D2): Here is a photograph of a "cloud-UFO" in the shape of the configuration of UFOs which in monograph [1/5] is called a "fir-tree" complex.

Only that on the above photograph this configuration hovers in the "hanging position", instead of the "standing position" in which usually we see the forest fir-trees. Detailed descriptions of such "fir-tree" configuration are provided in subsection G3.5. from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn principles on which such a configuration is formed, are illustrated in Img.048 (G8_2) and Img.130 (P11) from my newest monograph [1/5].

#D3. Polish photographs of a "cloud UFO" in the shape of a ring:

On 9 March 2009 I received an email from another reader of this web page, who photographed still one more "cloud-UFO" - this time in the shape of a ring. Because his email explains practically everything, below I am repeating it in its entirety (just only after translating it myself into English) - together with two photographs of the Polish ring-shaped "cloud-UFOs" that were enclosed with this email. To facilitate the fast reading of the email, the most evidential part of it - which describes circumstances of taking both photographs, is emphasized with blue colour.

The only thing that I should add to descriptions of Mr JG, is that I myself also saw in New Zealand a ring-shaped "cloud-UFO" of the appearance and attributes almost identical to his cloud - i.e. the one that is described and illustrated below. For descriptions of my sighting of just such ring-shaped "cloud-UFO" see item #C2. above.


Good day,
I am enclosing two photographs with this email. Please do not publish my email address. For purposes of identification I agree to publish my initials - JG, I also added these initials onto both photographs. Herewith I agree that Jan Pajak uses both these photographs, and text provided below, without payment for the non-commercial research purposes and scientific publications and for adding these materials to his own works with mentioning the author (JG). This my agreement is valid forever.

I am the author of these photographs. They were taken in 2003 or 2004 in Lublin (Poland). I remember the phenomenon itself, and I am going to describe it below. Unfortunately, I have a lack of memory as to where I took these photographs (i.e. I completely forgotten where I took them). But this can be established on the basis of buildings visible in the background.

Photographs probably were taken from the driving car (although I am NOT sure of this) while I was the passenger of this car. Photographs show two frames of the same phenomenon and probably were taken from two different spots not far from each other. Photographs were taken with the camera build-into the handphone Nokia 7650 and I am presenting them in the original (unfortunately not very good) quality - but just such were capabilities of this camera.

The phenomenon was visible with the naked eye and visually it was more spectacular than on the photographs. Here is my first impression and later conclusions.

Notice: in spite that the sighted figure according to principles of geometry is NOT a ring, I am going to call this phenomenon a ring, as I suspect that the initial geometrical form of it was a ring (before the trail in the shape of a ring started to diminish and become an arch).
a) The ring was positioned (in my subjective feeling at the moment of my sighting) noticeably lower than the condensation trails of jet airplanes.In my opinion the ring was stationary (meaning it would not move).
b) In its composition the ring resembled a condensation trail from jet airplane - but it was composed like from huge number of small clouds which formed a ring with smooth edges. But jet airplanes do not fly in circles.
c) In the vicinity of the sighting area there is no airport for jet airplanes so no such airplane could circle in there. The city of Lublin does NOT have a real airport yet, although such an airport is just being planned.
d) In the city of Lublin there are no air-shows. Even if these would take place that day, still they would NOT be organised above the densely populated area, but rather somewhere beyond the city over farmland, which surrounds Lublin.
e) From the Earth this "ring" looked to me circular, not elliptical as it seems to be on the photograph. The lower this ring was formed, the more elliptical it should appear for the witness who sees it under an angle from the level of the ground.
f) When I first saw this phenomenon, the ring was already unclosed one (i.e. had a break in it - so from the point of view of geometry it was just an arch of a circle) and as time elapsed the trail diminished.
g) The diminishing of the trail looked similarly like diminishing of the condensation trail of a jet airplane - "clouds" disappeared in the air as time elapsed, and their thickness become lesser.
h) It is worth to add that at the moment of taking the photos, with naked eye was visible much more than on the photograph - the "ring" was more closed one (i.e. the arch sighted was much longer) but because of low quality the camera apparently did not capture this. In the place where the ring disappears, with naked eye still was visible a thinner strip of "clouds", thus I am sure that initially this figure was a closed ring.
i) What interesting, probably this trail disappeared on both ends simultaneously - as time elapsed, instead of just from one end as this would take place in airplane trails (although I am not absolutely sure of this, as a lot of time elapsed). I consider this to be quite a significant detail as even if the ring would be formed by an airplane flying in circles, this trail should diminish only at one end of it (this thicker one), similarly like the condensation trail of airplanes diminishes first from the end where the airplane arrived first. If the phenomenon that Iobserved originated from a jet engine then two airplanes would need to start from the same point and then meet in a common point on the "opposite" end of the ring.
j) The photograph with a street lamp visible was taken earlier, while the photo with a traffic sign - later. They were taken in a gap probably around teen seconds. Unfortunately the camera did not write so-called EXIF and thus the exact establishing the time elapsed between photographs is not possible. But it is possible to carry out a simulation in order to check how much time is necessary to drive such a distance by a car - if the exact spot can be established.
k) When I was close to finishing the sighting, only a half of ring was still visible, the trail was quickly diminishing. My time of sighting amounted to around a minute. I deduce from this, that the entire phenomenon could be visible maximum 2 to 3 minutes.
Up until now I found no rational explanation for this phenomenon. Never before, nor never later, I saw something similar.
Kind regards, JG

Fig. #D3_1
Img.105 (#D3_1)

Fig. #D3_2
Img.106 (#D3_2)

Img.105/106 (#D3): Two photographs of a cloud shaped like a ring taken by JG. My own sighting of almost identical ring-shaped "cloud-UFO" like that above is described in item #C2 of this web page.

#D4. Polish photographs of a "cloud UFO" very similar to the "cloud UFO" photographed above the parliament of New Zealand:

In May 2009 another reader posted to me next photographs of a "cloud UFO" photographed above Poland. Below, in Img.107/108 (#D4) I am showing these photographs. This cloud manifested a shocking similarity to the cloud which I photographed myself above the building of New Zealand parliament, and then show in Img.097 (#C1) from the beginning of this web page. Here is how this particular Polish reader describes his sighting and photographing of that extraordinary cloud - quoted are sections from his emails.:

Several days ago by a "coincident" I managed to take two clear photographs of a non-typical "cloud". These photographs were taken with a handphone camera which has one amongst the best (in handphones) integrated digital cameras. Furthermore, this camera was stolen from me by a thief already a next day. When I realised that the handphone was stolen, I started to chase the thief, but strangely he disappeared into the thin air behind a house corner. A couple of days later I recognised the thief in a Police database - but the investigation seems to last forever. Fortunately I managed to copy the photographs from the handphone the same day as I took them.

The evolution of the "cloud" I was watching for only around several, or perhaps ten minutes, as this was the all time that I waited on the tram-stop for the tramway in which I am going to work everyday. The weather that day was, as I remember it, windless, thus clouds, in the short-term would NOT move in a noticeable manner along the sky. When I was returning from the work, around 8 hours after taking these photographs, of course the "cloud" that I photographed earlier was NOT there anymore, nor any other cloud captured on the photograph.

Please take a notice of following points:
- almost an ideally fluent transition of the tone (gradient) that results from varying density of the water vapours at edges of the "cloud", please compare edges of the cloud generated technically with edges of a natural cloud that existed below it - which edges are clearly distinguishable.
- the "cloud" is located in a highly unnatural manner, this looks as if it intentionally tried to hide itself behind another cloud, from potential onlookers on the Earth,
- the "cloud" was located in the straight line, in a distance not greater than several hundred meters from my flat, and it was located on the side at which windows of my flat are directed, i.e. thus by looking through any window in my flat I would see it for sure,
- the theft of my handphone looked like work of a professional. If NOT the fact that I realised about it a few seconds too late, I would catch the thief for sure, but to my surprise the thief still managed to escape in spite that I was nearing to him while running only around 20 meters behind him - he disappeared from my sight only at the moment of turning sideways in place where I live and thus which I know perfectly; i.e. when I emerged from behind the corner of a building the thief already was not there. It is also significant that the handphone was stolen from me in a distance of around twenty meters from the place in which I took photographs discussed here, as well as not far from the house in which I live.
On the other hand, I copied photographs into my computer a day earlier, so the theft of the handphone only makes impossible taking further photographs in similarly unexpected situations.
Thus, the message should say approximately as follows: "you were deprived the tool with the use of which you acted against our interests and you potentially could act again in the future - if we would NOT remove this tool from you".

Fig. #D4a.
Img.107 (#D4a)

Fig. #D4b.
Img.108 (#D4b)

Img.107/108 (#D4ab): Photographs of a "cloud UFO" taken in Poland above the city Łódź with a photo-camera from handphone. This photo was taken and made available for showing here by Mr. Bartłomiej Kotlewski - email: b.kotlewski@gmail.com.
The captured cloud shown a multilevel similarity with the clod from "Fig. #C1" which was photographed by myself in New Zealand above the Parliament buildings from Wellington.

Img.107 (#D4a): The first amongst two takings of this cloud.

Img.108 (#D4b): The second taking of the same cloud photographed a minute later.

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