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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #C: My personal experiences with "cloud-UFOs":

#C1: A "cloud-UFO" above Wellington, New Zealand:

Around Friday, 18 March 2005, the city of Wellington - means the capitol of New Zealand, started to be troubled by very strange fog. It was thick like milk. It was hanging over Wellington near to the ground, forming a thick and motionless layer several hundred meters high. In spite that rather strong winds were blowing in Wellington at that time, this cloud of fog would not move nor lift. Only periodically it disappeared for a brief period of time (I believe that UFOnauts had then a brake in their activities), in order to fall soon on this city again. It lasted above Wellington stubbornly for almost a week of time. It lifted itself only on Wednesday afternoon, on 23 March 2005. During the time it lasted, it paralyzed completely the communication of Wellington with the rest of country, making car traffic extremely difficult and causing that for several days airplane flights to Wellington airport needed to be cancelled. The disturbances caused by this fog are described in numerous articles that appeared at that time in New Zealand newspapers. (As an example see the article "Fog set to hang around" published in a New Zealand newspaper named The Dominion Post issue dated on Tuesday, 22 March 2005, page 1.)

I personally suspected that this extraordinary fog is NOT of a natural origin. My believe was that it was caused technologically by UFOnauts, who was completing then in Wellington some activities on the surface of the ground. With the use of this fog UFOnauts hide their presence over there for several days. After all, I knew already then about other cases when UFO vehicles formed similar fogs in order to hide their presence and activities. (An example of such cases is the event described in subsection VB4.5.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]. Namely, in 1915, in Gallipoli (Turkey), a UFO induced a powerful fog, into which an entire company of soldiers marched in sight of numerous witnesses, in order to be never seen again. This company was known as the "Sandringham Company".) I also already knew the principle of fogs formation by UFOs. I described this principle in subsections LB2 and H5.4 from volumes (correspondingly) 10 and 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. So when this extraordinary fog paralyzed the city of Wellington, I kept my eyes and ears open. I wanted to find a proof, that it was caused technologically by a UFO. And in fact this proof appeared in front of me.

When one day this extraordinary fog started to lift (probably because UFOnauts had a next break in their activities), I was just sitting in my office in front of a computer. The window which I have by my desk overlooks Wellington. So periodically I was lifting my eyes from the computer screen in order to see through the window how this fog is lifting. Soon after 3 p.m. the fog disappeared almost completely. Only small patches of it stuck to buildings of the Wellington city. But above Wellington still a thick layer of clouds prevailed, which looked approximately like clouds from Img.102/103 (#D1) below. When a subsequent time I looked more carefully at these clouds, I noticed in them a familiar shape of a "cloud-UFO", that I already knew from my earlier observations. I have not noticed what exact time it was then, but for sure it was still long before 4 pm. Before this point of time I did not analyze carefully a part of the sky in which this "cloud" was located. (After all, earlier the sky was concealed by the dense fog.) So I am not able to say when exactly this "cloud" arrived to that place. Before I spotted this "cloud", it could already hover in this place for many hours, or perhaps even for several days. The interesting thing is, that it hovered approximately above the place, where the New Zealand Parliament is located, which was just in session. Could it be possible that UFOnauts were interested in this session? Pity that I do not know way to learn what kind of law the parliament was passing at that time. I continued my work, from time to time looking at this "cloud-UFO". At the height that it hovered a powerful wind must prevail. This is because all other clouds drifted fast with this wind. But this one cloud stood exactly in the same spot all the time, as if it was "anchored". However, the wind kept disturbing quite fast its almost ideal discoidal shape. After it was disturbed it looked untidy - as it is shown in photograph from "Fig. #C1". So every several minutes this "cloud" went through a cyclical transformation. From a disturbed and irregular, it rearranged itself into a perfectly discoidal with a smooth surface. When at 5 p.m. the time had come to finish my work and to go home, almost all other clouds from this thick layer that initially was extending above Wellington, were already moved beyond the horizon. Only several small clouds were still left above Wellington, plus this rhythmically renewing itself discoidal "cloud-UFO". After I returned home I immediately grabbed my photo-camera in order to photograph this "cloud". Unfortunately, other buildings of Petone disallowed me to see it. So I needed to walk around a half of kilometre from my flat into shores of the Wellington harbour, where nothing was standing between me and the "cloud". I photographed the "cloud" from over there. As it turned out, the photo of it was the last on my film. (I had no a replacement film - UFOnauts visibly always have a "luck" in avoiding being well photographed.) So in spite that I intended to photograph this "cloud-UFO" in several subsequent stages of the cyclical transformation, I had no film. Thus I only observed what happens next. After further around 15 minutes, during which the "cloud-UFO" was undergoing several further transformations of self-renewal of its shape, the "cloud" did NOT renew its subsequent disturbing by wind and gradually diminished. In the place where it stood "anchored" for over 2 hours, then appeared a blue, clear sky. Here is how looks this only photograph of the extraordinary "cloud-UFO" from Wellington, which I managed to take that afternoon:

Fig. #C1
Img.097 (#C1)

Img.097 (#C1): The centre of this photograph shows a "cloud-UFO" which I observed for over 2 hours as it hovered above Wellington - the capitol of New Zealand. I (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk) photographed it myself in March 2005. This cloud for sure hid a UFO vehicle inside. It demonstrated almost all behaviours which are described in item #G1. below. What is most interesting, that this UFO appears to hover right above the building of the New Zealand Parliament, which was in session at that time. It would be interesting to know, what kind of law was passed in the Parliament that particular afternoon.

The city of Wellington (i.e. the capitol of New Zealand) is visible below this "cloud-UFO". It is captured in view from shores of the sea harbour that extends from the centre of Wellington, up to the suburb of this city - i.e. the settlement named Petone in which I currently live. Between buildings in the centre of Wellington (located under this "cloud"), especially in the right side of Wellington, non-dispersed remains of this extraordinary dense fog are still visible. This fog was formed technologically by UFOs and it troubled the city for almost a week of time. In the left lower corner of the photograph still the rest of this thick layer of clouds is visible. At the time of my first sighting of the "cloud-UFO", that thick layer of clouds prevailed along the entire sky above Wellington and Petone, means from the horizon to the horizon. The "cloud-UFO" captured on this photograph initially was just only one out of numerous clouds from that thick layer. During over 2 hours of time when I carried out my observations of the "cloud" shown here, the thick layer of clouds was pushed by wind beyond the horizon. Simultaneously, the "cloud-UFO" captured on the above photograph was hovering all the time in one and the same place, as if it was "anchored". Also, in spite that all other clouds from that thick layer continually changed their shape and size, this "cloud-UFO" kept almost unchanged shape and always was approximately the same size. Because the powerful wind continually tried to disperse it, every now and again it renewed its original, UFO-shaped appearance, returned the initial smoothness of the surface, and returned to the same, original size. In fact, the above photograph captured this "cloud" in almost the last phase of the dispersion by wind. Soon afterwards it was undergoing through a next transformation that returned it to the original, UFO-like shape and to smooth outlines of the surface. On the above photograph it is shown in almost the most disturbed state which it reached always just before a cyclical renewal of its UFO-like shape. In around 15 minutes after taking the above photograph (which turned out to be the last photo on my film), and after undergoing several further cycles of dispersion by wind and returning to the original UFO-like shape and smooth surface, the "cloud-UFO" captured on the above photograph rapidly diminished into nothingness, still without moving from the spot in which it hovered for so long.


At this point it is worth to realize, that such a huge UFO vehicle hovering above a capitol of a country in a cloud formed technologically, is introducing to people a number of dangers and threats. The most scary out of these threats is the fact, that we really do not know what type of sabotage this UFO vehicle carries out during the time when it hides inside of that cloud. After all, it can telepathically force selected people to undertake specific decisions or actions, which are contradictive to interests of humanity and interests of a given country. It may just carry out abductions of people into vast interiors of this space vehicle, where these people are subjected to various forms of biological exploitation, robbery of their sperm and ovule, hypnotic pre-programming of their views and actions, etc. - for details see the web page UFOs or see subsection OC1. from volume 13 of my newest monograph [1/5].

This UFO may also remotely induce deadly cancers in selected inhabitants of a given city, by using on them the murderous "device for inducing cancer", which UFOnauts have in their disposal, and which is described in details in subsections K5.2. and V5.3.3. from volumes (respectively) 9 and 17 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Of course, the threats introduced by such a UFO vehicle hidden in a cloud do not limit themselves to these listed above. After all, we must remember that at any time into such a cloud may fly a passenger airliner which just passes above the city. In such a case this airliner would simply disintegrate into pieces. In turn, the fault for this disintegration would again be blamed by hypnotically manipulated "experts" onto supposed "whirls of the clear air" described in subsection V7. from volume 12 of my newest monograph [1/5].

(After all, in the present intellectual climate of a blind condemnation of everyone who says anything about UFOs, no "expert" would risk loosing his job by revealing that a given airliner disintegrated because of a collision with a UFO - even if evidence for such a collision would be obvious and visible to everyone - as an example see the web page Day 26", which presents equally obvious evidence that tsunami of 26th December 2004 was caused by UFOs.) We must also remember, that the sole capability of UFOs for mass production of fog is a serious threat to people as well. After all - as this was demonstrated by a UFO vehicle captured on the above photograph Img.097 (#C1) several hours before that photo was taken, if such a UFO vehicle descends close to a city, and initiates the generation of large quantities of fog, then in such supposedly "natural" manner just on its own it is able to sabotage the entire communication and entire activities of that city.

The intriguing aspect of the above photograph is also, that relatively close to the point from which it was taken, I have found one amongst these famous in the entire world plastic ducks adrift in ocean currents. My internet research suggest, that the duck which I have found drifted to the beach in Petone from as far as eastern coasts of the USA - for information about its fate see the caption under Img.604 (#M1) from the web page Telekinetics - that illustrates and describes the appearance and identifying marks of that duck. For this reason, that duck provides an illustrative evidence that radioactive pollution from the explosions of nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, also with the elapse of time are to spread around the entire world, harming these inhabitants of practically every country, which practice the punishable by God, highly immoral Philosophy of Parasitism - as I am trying to warn about this in items #C7., #I1 and #B5 of the web page named Seismograph.

#C2. My sighting of a ring-shaped inception of a "cloud-UFO" above Wellington, New Zealand:

In less than two weeks after the date of taking the above photograph, most probably I had an opportunity to observe how UFOs form just such a "cloud-UFO". That particular day I went for a walk along the same beach from which I photographed the cloud from Img.097 (#C1) above. I still had freshly in my memory this photographing, so I carefully looked at the sky above Wellington in the area where this cloud hovered the other day. It was a cloudy day and the entire sky looked as if was covered with a kind of grey screen. The bottom surface of this screen was smooth and it was impossible to distinguish on it any contours of individual clouds. Rapidly, near the same area in which the other day this cloud that I photographed was hovering, means significantly below this grey screen, a ring-shaped cloud appeared of a perfectly white colour. It had an ideally round shape. It looked almost like a silver wedding ring, only that it was made of white water vapours instead of metal. The appearance of it was rather abrupt. It resembled to me a game of forming a circle from smoke by cigarette smokers. Simply initially was nothing in that place, then seconds later there was already a snow-white cloud shaped like a ring. Only that this ring was not a solid one, but it was composed out of over 20 segments of identical size and shape, that were mutually separated with small spaces in between them. I thought that each one of these segments must be formed by a separate side propulsor of this UFO, and that I should count how many of them is there - so that I could determine what type of the vehicle is generating them. But before I managed to begin my counting, the entire volume of space surrounded with this ring, rapidly filled up itself with white water vapour. Thus it formed a solid, disk-shaped cloud, which was very similar to the cloud shown in Img.097 (#C1). All this happened very fast. From the moment when this first ring appeared, until the moment when a complete discoidal cloud was hovering on the sky, only around 20 seconds elapsed. Interesting in this cloud was the snow-white colour of it. This colour somehow stunned and collided with the surroundings. After all, above this snow-white, discoidal cloud, a whole screen of grey, non-transparent clouds was spread. So the logic was suggesting, that this newly formed cloud should also have a grey colour, similar to that from the grey screen above it. But it was completely white. At the moment when it formed itself into a complete disc of a "cloud-UFO" - almost identical to the one captured on "Fig. #C1", I though that just to be sure I will watch it for the next around 15 minutes, before I turn back home to find my photo-camera. I knew that if during next 15 minutes of observation this cloud does not change its discoidal shape, then this will mean that it is a cloud formed technologically by a UFO, not a natural cloud. But it looked as if this "cloud" read my thoughts. After a short while it started to dissolve into nothingness, in order to completely disappear from the view in a few seconds. The manner and the speed with which it disappeared were identical as these observed earlier on the cloud from Img.097 (#C1). The complete transformation, means from the moment when the first white ring appeared on the sky, to the moment when the final discoidal cloud disappeared completely from the view, lasted very shortly - I estimate that in total only around 1 minute. Because of such a fast appearance and disappearance of that cloud, at that stage I was not absolutely sure that whatever I was observing was in fact a formation of a technological cloud by a UFO vehicle. But several attributes of that phenomenon suggests, that most probably what I observed then was in fact a formation of a "cloud-UFO" - only that immediately after forming this cloud UFOnauts decided to fly in another place. One out of such attributes was the fact, that this cloud appeared in almost the same place in which I previously photographed the "cloud-UFO" from Img.097 (#C1). Such a repetitive appearance of it in the same place is consistent with habits of UFOnauts - as we know them. From other UFO observations we know, that if UFOnauts are interested in some object on the ground, they keep arriving in the same place for relatively long periods of time. Another such attribute was the fact, that the entire process of formation and subsequent diminishing of this cloud happened so fast. Normally clouds need many minutes for such a process, not just seconds - as this was the case with the cloud that I observed.

That this was in fact an observation of a "cloud-UFO" in making, was confirmed just several days later. It happened on Tuesday, 5 April 2004. In morning that day the weather above Wellington was perfect - one could NOT see even a single cloud on the entire sky. After I arrived to work I had a look through window and again I noted the familiar discoidal shape of a "cloud-UFO" that hovered high in the sky above the building of Parliament. But that day I had classes with my students from 9 a.m. until 12 noon. And as usually my photo-camera was left at home. So all that I could do at that stage was to have a good look at this "cloud", and then I needed to go for my classes. During both breaks in classes I purposely approached windows that pointed towards Wellington, to check whether this "cloud-UFO" still hovers above the Parliament. All the time it hovered in exactly the same spot and in exactly the same shape. When my classes finished around 12 in noon, I returned fast to my office. Over there I checked again whether the "cloud" still hovers in the same place. It hovered unchanged in exactly the same place where I saw it since shortly before 9 a.m. Because it was just time for my lunch, I decided to switch my computer off, and to go home in order to take my photo-camera, and photograph this "cloud-UFO". The process of switching computer off lasted just several seconds. After I switched it off, I looked again in the window. The "cloud" was NOT there any more. It disappeared literally in several seconds, when I was turned towards my computer. (Previously it was hovering in exactly the same place for over 3 hours.) This abrupt disappearance of it confirmed conclusively, that this my previous sighting of a rapid appearance and a rapid disappearance of a discoidal cloud, was in fact an observation of the technological formation of a cloud by a UFO vehicle.

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