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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #B: Let us define more unambiguously the subject of this web page:

#B1: What are these "cloud-UFOs":

By the term a "cloud-UFO" this web page understands a different kind of clouds which is NOT formed naturally through the release of laws of physics or mechanisms of nature, but is formed technically with the use of propelling devices of advanced vehicles popularly called the "UFO vehicles".

#B2. How "cloud UFOs" (also "fogs" and "rains") are generated by UFO vehicles:

The principle of technical generation of fogs and clouds by UFO vehicles is described more comprehensively in several monographs on totalizm - for examples of such descriptions see subsections LB2 and H5.4 from volumes (respectively) 10 and 4 of my newest monograph [1/5], or at least subsection H5.4 from volume 4 of monograph [8e/2] "Totalizm".

#B3. The construction of the Earthly starship of my invention called the Magnocraft would e.g. prove empirically that its magnetic propulsors can technically generate clouds and dense fogs, destructive tornadoes and hurricanes, and even can make this starship invisible to the human eyes, but unluckily, for most of decision-makers and for scientists accustomed to the primitive rocket technology, the Magnocraft is technologically so advanced vehicle, that the possibility of starting its construction scared all the institutions and countries to which I have offered that I will build it for them:

Motto: "Is it possible to convince e.g. donkeys to the value of wings?"

In 1980 I published the first article about the starship of my invention called the Magnocraft (for detailed information about this starship see volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]).

A year later I have formally proved that UFOs are already completed my Magnocrafts. In turn this proof has such a consequence, that it allows all the phenomena induced by UFOs to be explainable on the basis of our knowledge of the principles of operation of the Magnocraft, and in addition it also allows that a lot of technical solutions that in the future we need to develop in order to build the Magnocraft, can be previewed on UFOs.

My offer, that in exchange for the use of their laboratories for the research on the Magnocraft and for funding of the construction of my prototypes, I will build for them the working prototypes of this starship, I posted to virtually every university and every institution around our world which deals with magnetic fields or space travel. Thus, my offers to build the Magnocraft received practically almost all laboratories, universities, and institutions in the world involved in research on magnetic fields and on the development of space technologies - including all divisions and laboratories of NASA and the European Space Agency. In order to avoid the expensive for me sending more than one offer to the same institution, when I was starting the postage of these offers, I bought for myself a thick notebook in which I carefully wrote down addresses of subsequent institutions to which I posted these offers accompanied with my monographs describing the Magnocraft and its propelling device called the Oscillatory Chamber. When arrived the time that I already exhausted all the addresses to which I should post my offers, the thick notebook turned out to be almost completely filled up with these addresses. Unfortunately, all these institutions got scared by the level of technical sophistication of the Magnocraft, and refused to help me. After all the minds of their decision-makers and scientists were unable to rise above the present primitive rocket technology. This construction dared only to start all sorts of private teams and hobbyists - who indeed reached the rather spectacular results, but who always finally got stuck on a lack of funds and research equipment. A number of results of these DIY researchers and hobbyists until today you could watch on YouTube by typing to any search engine e.g. the keywords Oscillatory+Chamber.

A pity that none of these hundreds of institutions to which I turned out for help has NOT dared to undertake the construction of my advanced Magnocraft nor the Oscillatory Chamber (which is to propel this starship). After all, if this starship and propelling device would be build, then everyone could see with their own eyes that this starship is able to generate technically NOT only clouds, dense fogs, Tornadoes and Hurricanes etc., but even become invisible to the human eyes. Thus, the building of my starship would, amongst others, prove to all scoffers, sceptics and scientists with limited horizons and with dubious morality, that all the phenomena that this web page describes actually can be easily generated both by the Magnocraft, and by this intentionally hiding from people kinsman of the Magnocraft - popularly known under the name of "UFO vehicles". After all, even already now all mysterious phenomena induced by UFOs can be easily explained on the basis of our knowledge of the principles of operation of the Magnocraft - as this web page is just trying to do and to document.

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