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Evil UFOnauts and their advanced technology

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:

#A1: What are goals of this web page:

Motto: "Even the biggest idiots are able to mock, laugh or deny, but to accept, understand and explain a lot of knowledge, wisdom and experience is needed."

We are proud of the level of advancement of our present civilisation. After all, instead of chasing mammoths with spears, we carry our bottoms on leather sits of modern limousines. But are we really so civilised? If so, then where these entire nations dying from hunger come from? What causes these astronomical differences between the highest and the lowest earning people - could it be that some are lesser humans than others? Who instigates these wars which almost continually are troubling our civilisation? What causes this increasingly more dangerous warming of the Earth's climate? What causes the so-called "ozone hole"? Where this dangerous economic crisis comes from - which was initiated around a half of 2008? Why a group of rational scientists organised in the "Club of Rome" already in 1972 needed to prepare a report "the limits of growth" which foretells the collapse of the entire our civilisation not later than by 2030 - and why the existence of this report is not commonly known and taken notice of? The reply to all these "Why" questions is very simple. It states: because as a civilisation we continually live in lies. (How e.g. content of the Bible confirms with its authority the already chronic, although completely unnecessary, lying to the humanity by, amongst others, the institution of our official science, which jealously guards its lucrative monopoly for research and for education of future generations of people - is explained in item #C4.7. from my web page named Morality, while is additionally supported with empirical evidence by item #K1. from the web page named Tapanui.)

These lies of our entire civilisation begin from a supposedly "insignificant matters". Their example can be the official denial that UFOs do exist. We know that such denial is a lie, because in spite of it, there is no such a day that a newspaper somewhere in the world, or a television of some country, wouldn't inform about another UFO sighting carried out by reliable eye witnesses. Another example of lives on an ivory tower of lies, are scientists denying that God does exist.

After all, in spite of this denying we have a number of huge religious institutions on the Earth, which could be organised and can act only because God continually manifests His existence to various people. In addition, only naming subsequent categories of scientific evidence for the existence of God occupies a whole web page God proof - about scientific evidence that God does exist.

When such a culture of lies is once imposed onto our lives through such supposedly "innocent" lying repeated everyday by people of authority and by institutions of social responsibility, then this human lying is gradually leaking to practically every area of our lives, staring from sciences (see the web page Evolution), through industry and inventions (see the web page Sonic Boiler), and finishing on politics (see items #C4.2. and #A4. from the web page Morality, or item #A3. from the the web page Humanity).

So in the final result, as a civilisation we earned whatever we just see around ourselves, means we earned the rampaging immorality, social injustice, exploitation, oppression, unemployment, hunger, tormenting, wars, illnesses, plagues, unhappiness, uncertainty of tomorrow etc.

From the above situation stems the goal of this web page. Namely, let us begin to not only see the truth, but also let us openly say the truth. In turn, it is most easy to begin seeing and saying the truth when this truth concerns something that is NOT too painful for us, for example when it concerns a special kind of clouds that have a technological origins. Therefore, the description of just such clouds formed technologically by UFO vehicles is the main goal of this web page.

#A2. The Ticino photograph which reveals a typical appearance of "clouds" that hide UFO vehicles inside - means how this web page was started:

Everything started around 1989. Together with a team of UFO investigators from Dunedin in New Zealand, we organized a research expedition to an area which was continually troubled by UFOs. This area lies at the site of so-called "china-stones" fallout from the UFO explosion near Tapanui - described comprehensively in a separate monograph [5/3]. It was located not far from the New Zealand township Roxburgh. At this area a huge paddock was covered with hundreds of UFO landing sites. UFO vehicles also lifted into air over there, and transported slightly uphill, a huge china-stone that weighted several tons. So when all of us was documenting and filming marks left on the ground over there by a fleet of UFOs, our attention was directed at a strange cloud that was hovering exactly above our heads. It looked like a spherical complex of two UFOs formed from white steam. This cloud was even captured on a video by our camera operator (unfortunately, none of us has taken a photograph of it). It hovered later above our heads during the entire period of our investigations of this area, means for several hours. All other clouds drifted with the wind to other places and changed their shapes. But this extraordinary cloud hovered motionlessly in one spot as if it was "anchored" to the ground. It also did not change its shape and all the time maintained the same appearance and size. When finally we returned to our cars and drove back to Dunedin, this cloud started to move with us. It accompanied us the entire path to Dunedin (around 140 km), drifting parallel to us above the left side of the road along which we were driving. What even more interesting, the direction in which it moved collided with the direction of drifting of other clouds. In this particular research expedition around 20 people were participating. None of us even for a moment suspected, that it could be anything else than a cloud. Even when it started to move and "drifted" with us to Dunedin, no-one changed this view. I remember, that we even commented in our car, that probably on various heights different directions of winds must prevail, so that one of these winds by a chance moved it in the same direction that we travelled. No-one of us was considering the fact, that all this time the "cloud" maintained the same shape and size, looking like a spherical complex of UFOs, nor the fact that the road from Roxburgh to Dunedin changes the direction into a shape of the "L" letter, and that this strange cloud changed the direction of flight together with this road.

At the time when I observed this "cloud", I had some unexplained conviction that it was nothing else but a cloud with shapes accidentally slightly more regular than other clouds. Probably for this reason I have NOT taken a photograph of it, in spite that all the time I had a camera in my hands ready for shooting. (Or, perhaps, this "cloud" telepathically ordered me to NOT photograph it - as this UFO vehicles do and as I described this in subsection VB4.1.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4].)

However later, my memory of a strange behaviour of this "cloud" with the elapse of time started to induce in me a suspicion that perhaps it was something more than just a cloud. It was because of that suspicion, that my curiosity was raised by a photograph of "clouds-UFOs" which soon afterwards by a chance show to me one UFO investigator. (I am showing here this photograph on Img.096 (#A2).) This UFO investigator was named Helen Loepfe. She lived in Waikuaiti, New Zealand (i.e. not far from Dunedin). She received this photograph from one of her friends. It was taken in Switzerland, in the vicinity of Ticino. It is connected with a quite interesting case concerning a UFO abduction to a huge UFO vehicle which was hidden inside of one of these clouds. Unfortunately, now I am unable to find my notes with the description of this case. In turn, because of the elapse of many years since the time when I was familiarized with this UFO abduction, I do not remember all details. However, even without describing here the extraordinary events that were connected with taking the photograph shown here as Img.096 (#A2), still one fact is absolutely certain. Namely clouds shown on this photograph were hiding UFO vehicles inside.

The talk with Helen Loepfe and the history of this unusual photograph shown here as Img.096 (#A2) caused a breakthrough in my thinking. It realized to me, that this extraordinary "cloud" which together with a team of UFO investigators we observed in Roxburgh, was not a cloud at all. It was a UFO vehicle which in some technological manner generated around itself a cloud of vapours that looked like a cloud, in order to hide from our sight in this cloud. So this unusual "drift" of that "cloud" to Dunedin together with us, also was NOT a coincidental correspondence of the direction of wind with the direction of our travel. It was an intentional travel of that UFO with us to Dunedin, most probably in order to check in which exactly homes we live, so that UFOnauts could later give to us a "special treatment". (Due to an extraordinary "coincident", all participants of that particular research expedition were later severely "disadvantaged by life". They were persecuted by illnesses, deaths, shooting of a crazy gunman, disintegrations of families, divorces, unemployment, mental disorders, etc. Starting from that particular expedition, life of practically every participant of it had no more a normal or a typical course.)

Starting from that time, I began to seek intentionally in skies and to observe these extraordinary clouds with UFO shapes. During years that elapsed since, I managed to find and to observe several of them. Unfortunately, always then I had no camera with me. Means, always previously - until one "more lucky" case which I described in item #C1..

Fig. #A2
Img.096 (#A2)

Img.096 #A2: A photograph of clouds which for sure hide UFO vehicles inside. A friend of Helen Loepfe took this photograph in Ticino, Switzerland. "Clouds" captured on the above photograph for sure were formed technologically by UFO vehicles in order to hide these vehicles inside. Into a UFO vehicle hidden in one of these "clouds" a citizen of Ticino was abducted by UFOnauts. The above photograph originally was published in a Polish treatise [4c]. In that treatise [4c] the photograph was described in subsection B7.8. (Reasons for which evil UFOnauts so thoroughly hide their UFO vehicles from human sight, are explained in a separate web page named Day 26.)


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