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"Changelings" - creatures which illustrate outcomes of immorality


Part #A. Introductory information about this web page:
- #A1. Goals of this web page:
- #A2. In the meantime the philosophy has changed, but facts remain unchanged:

Part #B. Only in the "world without God" everything would be ruled by coincidents:
- #B1. The "world governed by God" - like the one in which we live, must significantly differ from the "world without God":
- #B2. The world in which we live manifests all the attributes of the "world created and wisely governed by omnipotent God":
- #B3. The formal scientific proof completed with the method of "matching attributes", that the humanity lives in "the world created and wisely ruled by God":
- #B4. In the "world created and governed by God" only two categories of people exist, namely: (1) these ones who live accordingly to God's commandments (i.e. "totalizts"), and (2) those ones who ignore God's commandments (i.e. immoral "parasites"):
- #B5. When living in the "world created and ruled by God" one must NOT expect that "ignoring God's commandments" (i.e. leading a life of immoral "parasites") is going to escape punishment:
- #B6. Practicing the philosophy of totalizm in the "world created and ruled by God" opens for us access to all fruits and rewards which God grants for leading moral lives:

/Translation DeepL/:
Part #C. The methods that God uses to dissuade people from practicing the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism and to induce them to voluntarily practice the perfectly moral philosophy of totalizm:
- #C1. The "carrot and stick" method:
- #C2. Imposing feelings on people (e.g., "embarrassment"):

Part #D. Why and how people's development must be controlled:
- #D1. Problems that God has with working out procedures for governing highly imperfect people endowed with "free will" that will perfect humanity:
- #D2. "Technical aids" which God uses to control the morality of people without depriving them of "free will":

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #E: "Changelings" - means the mystery which thorough researching will bring numerous benefits, while which further ignoring will be a source of increasingly larger problems:
- #E1. Who are these "changelings":

/Translation DeepL/:
- #E2. Why changelings must display all attributes of people who practice the highly immoral philosophy of "evil parasitism":

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
- #E3. What such changelings are capable of, means their attributes and powers:

/Translation DeepL/:
Part #F. Examples of situations when the existence of changelings was actually discovered and confirmed:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
- #F1. Documented examples of changelings identified by people:

Part #G. Benefits from using "changelings" on the Earth for, amongst others, illustrating to people consequences of practicing the highly immoral philosophy of "evil parasitism" (as this is planed to be done by Antichrist):
- #G1. What is the goal of camouflaging UFOnauts-changelings amongst people:
- #G2. What benefits UFOnauts draw from camouflaging changelings amongst people:

Part #H: Historic review of kinds of activities completed by "changelings":
- #H1. Classical examples of shifting humanity back with hands of changelings, means medieval "inquisition" and present "war on terrorism":

Part #I. Examples of destructive activities of "changelings" on the Earth in present times:
- #I1. Representative examples of present activities of "changelings" on the Earth:

Part #J: Methods of acting of "changelings" on the Earth:
- #J1. How changelings are bombing, so that the responsibility can be charged on people:

Part #K: What benefits the humanity rips due to researching the existence and activities of "changelings":

/Translation DeepL/:
- #K1. If one knows, then one can begin to act based on that knowledge, whereas ignorance only leads to wandering and to making mistakes:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #L. Where we can find sources of knowledge about "changelings":
- #L1. Where are sources of information about changelings:

Part #M. Identification of "changelings":

/Translation DeepL/:
- #M1. The perfection of all creations of God and the implications of this perfection for our methods of recognizing changelings:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
- #M2. How to recognise UFOnauts-changelings camouflaged in our surrounding:

Part #N. Our defence from destruictive and detrimental activities of "changelings":

/Translation DeepL/:
- #N1. The most effective group defense: eliminate the need for changelings:
- #N2. Individual defense: eliminate the need for changelings to unpleasantly experience just us:

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
- #N3. How to defend ourselves against activities of these "changelings":

Part #O: Reflexions:
- #O1. How it is possible that most of people do NOT believe that "changelings" do exist, yet they still harm us:

Part #P: Benefits from practicing the philosophy of totalizm:

/Translation DeepL/:
- #P1. Why totalism is a "cure-all":
- #P2. Let us remind ourselves here the most important benefits of practicing the philosophy of totalizm:
- #P3. Instead of practicing parasitism, rather practice "intuitive totalizm", then try to transform your "intuitive totalizm" into "formal totalizm":

/original english text Dr. Eng. Pająk/:
Part #R: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #R1. Summary of this web page:
- #R2. How with the use of web page "Topics" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he or she is interested:
- #R3. Blogs of totalizm:
- #R4. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #R5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #R6. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:



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