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"Changelings" - creatures which illustrate outcomes of immorality


If we look around in these present, stripped from morality times, then strikes us that a noticeable proportion of people in fact does not wish to work, but only tries to benefit from all these pleasures that the current world offers to us. These people do not want to dirty their hands with building or repairing cars, but they love to drive nice limousines. They do not wish to trouble themselves with farming or cooking, but they insist on eating in exclusive restaurants. They do not wish to wash nor clean, but like to live in nice hotels with clean bedding. Etc., etc. So what such people would do, if someone on Earth managed to build an interstellar spaceship, such as the Magnocraft. Well, according to what is explained on a separate web page Evil, they would immediately arrange a farm of slaves for themselves on a remote planet. Then they would force children of these slaves to do for them all works. In order to make these slaves even more useful, and to be able to utilise them e.g. as prostitutes and as servants, in this farm of slaves people would farm their own race, means their close relatives - other people. In the result of such a situation, these enslaved relatives of humans would only work for people, while people would do nothing else but enjoy life through various pleasures and deviations.

Exactly as this is described above, creatures which we call UFOnauts are doing. Only that for them we are these farmed relatives whose children are doing all works. they in turn just sample various pleasures of life. Unfortunately, in last years the knowledge and technology of humanity grew too much, and as a civilisation we begin to notice that we are secretly exploited by them. So in order to shift us back in the development, these UFOnauts use, amongst others, also their secret weapon, which are changelings.

This web page explains exactly who are these "changelings", and in what manner they gradually shift humanity back in the development.

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