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Shocking history of revolutionary boilers which bit all records

#D: Events that took place in 1992 to 2008 - which prepared me to the surprise from the beginning of 2008:

#D1. My experiences with the "curse of inventors" and the body of evidence which documented that this curse in fact persecutes all morally acting inventors, discoverers, and all other people who uplift the civilisation level of humanity:

Mr Peter Daysh Davey is not the only inventor whose revolutionary invention is tightly suppressed and persecuted. A whole array of other inventors and researchers from New Zealand, who experienced the same fate, is described in item #G1. of a separate web page Newzealand - about the message from God contained in the lack of preparation of Antipodes for populating by humans. In turn a number of cases of similar suppressions and secretive persecutions imposed on inventors and researchers from other countries is described in item #K3. of the separate web page Telekinetic Battery - about telekinetic cells, in item #B4.4 and on the entire web page Możajski - about Aleksander Możajski, the Polish constructor of the first airplane in the world, and in item #G2. of the separate web page Eco cars - about pollution-free cars. In addition, cases presented on the above web pages are just "tip of an iceberg" in the huge pool of similar situations. If one reads in literature a biography of any inventor or discoverer, whose creative activities fulfil the definition of so-called "real progress" defined in item #G4. of the totaliztic web page "Eco Cars", then it always turns out that this inventor or discoverer was also persecuted by a whole avalanche of improbable problems, obstacles, bad lucks, offences, etc.

This wide spread of a very shabby treatment of the most creative and most moral inventors and discoverers, caused that this treatment received even a special name of the curse of inventors. Of course, to the group of people who are viciously persecuted by this "curse of inventors", I also include myself. Manifestations of my own persecution, as well as the descriptions of inventions and scientific discoveries for which this secretive persecution is affecting me, are described more comprehensively on the web page Jan Pająk - with the autobiographical note of Dr Eng. Jan Pajak.

Origins and the mechanism of operation of the "curse of inventors" requires quite elaborate explanations. This is because the curse results from the existence and work of the so-called "moral field" described by the philosophy of totalizm. The work of this "moral field" is such that "everything that is moral must climb uphill in the moral field". In turn because making inventions is equally moral like e.g. telling the truth, thus in front of every inventor this "moral field" must be configured on purpose in such a manner, that for implementing a given invention the inventor must climb uphill in this field (means, the inventor must act along the so-called "line of the highest resistance"). But in order this "climbing uphill along the line of the highest resistance" could really occur, the fate must throw various obstacles under the feet of a given inventor. This is why the sole occurrence of such obstacles and persecutions (means the sole occurrence of the "curse of inventors") is a proof that whatever a given inventor is doing, it is actually highly moral, needed, appreciated and awaited by God, and that after it is implemented it is going to represent a "real progress". A more complete description of origins and the mechanism of operation of the "curse of inventors" is provided in item #B4.4. of the separate web page named Możajski and in part #G of the separate web page named Eco cars. On this web page, in item #F1. below, is contained only a brief summary of it.

If we provide here a definition of this phenomenon, formulated for the criterion of the function which it performs in our civilisation, then it would state that the "curse of inventors" is a mechanism of moral self-regulation ingeniously designed and consistently implemented by God Himself; this mechanism causes that communities which passively tolerate in their midst an intolerable number of immoral individuals, self-serve themselves a punishment due to the escalation in themselves the so-called "inventive impotency" which deprives them the access to numerous benefits that result from new inventions and new scientific discoveries. In other words, the moral mechanism of the "curse of inventors" depends on this, that the technologically creative people are always submitted by God to the power of most immoral individuals amongst the community in which these creators live, thus making inventions dependent exclusively on the "good will" of these immoral individuals. In turn, these most immoral individuals from a given community typically "bully" such creators, so that if the level of "immorality" exceeds in this community a specific height, then this community is unable to develop and to implement any new technical invention or any new scientific discovery. In the result, such a community saturated with highly immoral individuals induces in itself the "inventive impotency" with which it serves the punishment to itself. After all, this "inventive impotency" cuts off the access of it to various benefits which always are brought about by the development of new technical inventions and new scientific discoveries. In the result, new inventions and new discoveries eventuate only in communities in which such most immoral individuals are very sparse, while the level of their immorality is yet NOT very high. (More on this subject is explained in item #B4.4. of the totaliztic web page named Możajski.)

In the vital interest of all inventors is to get to know well the "curse of inventors". The reason is that (as I experienced this painfully myself) without the knowledge of the existence and work of this curse, the avalanche of troubles and obstacles which fall on the head of every morally acting inventor, becomes difficult to withstand and extremely demoralising. On the other hand, when we already know the "curse of inventors", these problems and obstacles begin to look as completely "natural", justified, and even needed - and thus they cease to bother us. Furthermore, the knowledge about the existence and work of the "curse of inventors" deprives the outcomes of this curse the taste of "bad luck", "bad omen", or "superstition" - which has the tendency to discourage people from continuation of activities on the path of which rapidly appears a number of such improbable obstacles. After all, the occurrence of this curse reveals that a given our endeavour is needed and desirable, that it is going to contribute towards a "real progress" and that actually even the "supernatural powers" appreciate its highly moral and progressive character. Therefore, if we only are able to overcome the obstacles which the "curse of inventors" throws at our head, we should prove to God our value by breaking through these obstacles and implementing a given endeavour.

#D2. My eye-witnessing of cases when something that already happened in the past was reversed and replaced with a completely different state of things:

In years 1992 to 2007 I experienced a number of events, which documented, that everything that already took place in past can be invalidated through shifting time backward and subsequent replacement of these events by a new state of reality. Examples of several such events in which I participated in person, and which boiled down to just such intentional invalidation and change by a mysterious someone events which already took place in past, are described in items #C6. to #C6.2. of the web page Timevehicle - about time, travel in time, and time vehicles. Similar events, only that experienced by people other than myself, are described in subsection V5.3 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4]. In turn examples of natural changes of whatever has happened in past, are described in item #D2. of the web page Newzealand - about mysteries and curiosities of New Zealand.

Of course, if an event from the past is invalidated, it always means that (1) there was an important reason for this invalidation, and also that (2) the intelligence which is capable to carry out this invalidation in fact does exist (means that does exist the intelligence reported in item #F. of this web page). In this light, rather important meaning assumes the fact, that in 2008 I experienced the invalidation of the demolition of house of Mr Davey, the demolition of which I witnesses in 1998. Thus the invalidation of this demolition on one hand confirms that it was carried out for a vital reason. So it is justified to scientifically seek this reason on this web page. On the other hand it confirms the existence of intelligence referred to in part #F of this web page, and also confirms the significance of the boiler described here for intentions of this intelligence.

#D3. News item in the TVNZ 1 on 30 January 2008, at 11:00 pm, which show Mr Davey and demonstrated the working prototype of his "sonic boiler":

Everything that I described on this web page in previous parts #B. and #C., represents the state of my knowledge about the boiler discussed here as for years 1990 to 2007. However, at the beginning of 2008 it turned out that the matter of this boiler is continuing. Namely, on Wednesday, 30 January 2008 at almost exactly 11:00 pm, in the evening news from channel 1 of the New Zealand television, a documentary report was broadcasted about Mr Davey and his boiler. The report lasted only for around 3 minutes. (The reader probably can purchase from "TVNZ 1" a disk DVD with recording of this report.) In this report almost an instant action of the newest version of this boiler was demonstrated. The boiler make water boil in just several seconds. This report also informed that Mr Davey is already 92 years old, and that he still fights for the implementation of this boiler to a factory production. In this way his struggle extends to over 60 years - thus giving to him a kind of "world record". More about this "world record" is written in item #B3.1 of the separate web page Img.071 (#B2), has already the form of almost a completely closed sphere - instead of the hemisphere as (2) shown in Img.071 (#B2). To this buffering bowl the "zero" ("ground") wire of the electricity supply is connected. This causes that the buffering sphere completely closes the access to the "resonating bowl" - see "1" on Img.071 (#B2), to which connected is the supply voltage (i.e. the life wire of electricity supply). In this way the fully spherical "buffering bowl" (2) makes impossible to the user an accidental touching the bowl (1) to which the supply voltage is connected. This in turn prevents possibility of accidental electrocuting the user. So I was very interested to learn whether, after solving this problem, Mr Davey manages to implement this boiler to a factory production. Especially that the existence of this boiler took as long as until 2008 to be finally revealed to New Zealanders via the news item in TVNZ 1, and also via the article in the New Zealand newspaper from Christchurch, named The Press, issue dated on Wednesday, January 30, 2008. (This article was published on page A13 of The Press. It was entitled "Sax notes lead to off-beat boiler". At the beginning of February 2008 the content of this article was also available in the Internet under the address http://www.stuff.co.nz/4379593a6530.html.)

Rys. #D1)

Img.073 (#D1)

Img.073 (#D1) Here is my own photograph which illustrates the side view of the "sonic boiler" the operation of which was, amongst other, demonstrated in the news item discussed here - of TVNZ 1 on 30 January 2008, at 11:00 pm.

The sonic boiler shown above differs from the immersion heater shown in photograph from Img.070 (#B1). The difference depends on a different design, on providing the solution for the problem of electrocuting which problem was a main reason for the refusal to allow heaters of Mr Davey to go to a factory production, and also on the use of different materials - e.g. the aluminium buffering bowl.

#D4. My discovery that also in the matter of the heater described here the elapse of time was shifted back while events that already took place were invalidated and reversed:

As I am going to describe this in more details in the next part #E of this web page, the consequence of seeing Mr Davey and his boiler in television was that I immediately researched this matter again. In the result it turned out that also in case of Mr Davey time was shifted back, while events the effects of which I saw in past with my own eyes were rapidly invalidated and reversed. For example, the house of Mr Davey, the gradual demolition of which I saw on two different occasions, rapidly reappeared on its previous location and almost in the same appearance as previously.

As I described this already in item #D2 above, in the meantime I had opportunity to get to know many cases of shifting time back and invalidation of whatever happened in the past. I even get to know in person several people who reported to me their experiences when they probably have died but later were returned to life just by such a shifting time back. (Descriptions of such cases are provided, amongst other, in subsection I4.1.1 from volume 5 of monograph [1/4] - see in there the law #4D.) Thus, just the reversal of the demolition of the house of Mr Davey and giving a continuation to the matter of his heater did NOT surprise me at all. But what made me really wonder, was that there must exist an extremely important reason to shift his time back and to reverse consequences of past events in that particular case.

If the reason for the reversal of past events in the matter of this heater was just causing the mass factory production of it, then this heater we should already be able to purchase in shops. After all, when the time was shifted back, reasons for blocking the mass production of this heater could easily be eliminated. However, since the factory production of this heater was NOT undertaken in past, this means that the reason for shifting time back was opposite. Means the reason for shifting time back in the matter of this heater must be to prevent the not-too-distant mass production of it, through erecting some additional obstacles which required the reappearance of this heater and its inventor. Thus, to the matter of possible methods with the use of which in this new phase the factory production of the heater is prevented, is devoted the next part #E of this web page.

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