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Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:
- #A1. What and when motivated me to write this web page:
- #A2. What are goals of this web page:
- #A3. An appeal to readers for further memoirs from the "battle for Milicz":

Part #B: Different facades of every truth - including the truth about the "battle for Milicz":
- #B1. Three main facades of histories written by people:
- #B2. Personal histories - means memoirs of individual people:
- #B3. Official history - means documentation of events developed by professional historians:
- #B4. Folkloristic history - means the prevailing opinions of people about specific sections of the history:
- #B5. "True history" and the God's control over the past:

Part #C: Representations of "historic truth" in examples of histories of the "battle for Milicz":
- #C1. The personal history of the "battle for Milicz":
- #C2. The official history of the "battle for Milicz":
- #C3. Folklore history of the "battle for Milicz":

Part #D: The folkloristic description of the course of battle for the town-hall in Milicz:
- #D1. The townhall in Milicz:
- #D2. The German garrison in Milicz:
- #D3. How folklore described the battle for the town-hall in Milicz:

Part #E: The technology and war machines which decided about the "battle for Milicz":
- #E1. Tanks which decided about the "battle for Milicz":
- #E1.1. The Russian tank "T-34":
- #E1.2. The American tank "Sherman" M4:
- #E1.3. The British tank "Valentine":
- #E1.4. The German tank "Panther":
- #E2. Personal weapon of figting sides, means "pepesha" machine guns against hand-reloaded, single-shot rifles:
- #E3. Every war is won by the level of morality of fighting parties, NOT by their weappon:

Part #F: "When two elephants fight the grass suffer" (Korean proverb):
- #F1. Four abandoned graves of German soldiers by the dirt road from Milicz to Stawiec:
- #F2. Snipers and casual witnesses:

Part #G: The war does NOT end when politicians sign peace documents:
- #G1. The epidemics of "neck breaking" amongst autochthons from Milicz:

Part #H: Remnants of the "battle for Milicz":
- #H1. Remnants of the murderous hardware after the battle for Milicz:
- #H2. The dump of rubbles left from the burned town-hall of Milicz:
- #H3. Macabre souvenir from the war in the Church of St. Andrea Bobola in Milicz:

Part I: Moral lessons that stem from the battle for Milicz:
- #I1. Recommendation of totalizm: "support only these ideas which require that you live for them, not die for them":
- #I2. War, and the action of moral mechanisms - means "why" and "how" every war is always lost by the aggressor, while the short-term benefits and gains of this aggressor always are invalidated during the long-term work of moral mechanisms:
- #I3. Every war deprives people of their "free will" which originally was given to them by God:

/Headings original English text by Dr. Jan Pajak, text content translation with DeepL/
- #I4. Was it "worth dying for" in World War II?

Part #J: Characteristics of every war are also proofs that God does exist:
- #J1. In the universe without God war would look-like completely different:
- #J2. Goals which God used to accomplish through wars:
- #J3. One always can stop believing, but one almost never stops knowing:
- #J4. Let us NOT panic - in the universe ruled by God the "world's nuclear war" will NOT happen:
- #J5. Is there any historical example of a God's method used for prevention of the "world's nuclear war", and what this example reveals to us:

Part #K: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #K1. The summary of this web page:
- #K2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:interessieren:
- #K3. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #K4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #K5. Copyrights © 2015 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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