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Bandits from UFOs eager to stub our backs


What you could do when you know that a relative of yours, looking like every other person in a crowd, threatens your life and intends to secretly push a knife into your back. After all, you have no method to defend yourself from him, because you do not know who is him in the crowd which surrounds you. Besides, you do not have means to defend yourself, because in every aspect this relative dominates over you in strength, cunningness, and experience as a murderer - not mentioning that he is armed up to the teeth in all possible technology that serves to hidden killings. So probably the only thing that you could do, is to begin yourself a pedantically moral life - so that on your own example you could show him the barbarism of his own behaviour, and to count that perhaps the "mirror" which creates your particularly moral behaviour, and in which he can see the barbarism of his own behaviour, is to suffice to remove his reasons for carrying out the murder. This web page explains that practically each one of us is continually in just such a situation of a person exposed to a push of knife into the back by a bandit relative. Therefore, this web page indicates most important kinds of threats that this bandit relative of ours is creating for us, and also indicates most important methods of our peaceful self-defence with the use of which we can individually try to save ourselves.
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In 2007, i.e. already some time after writing this web page, I discovered that for immensely vital reasons UFO vehicles and UFOnauts are temporary "simulations", means are NOT permanent creations - as permanent are e.g. our cars and ourselves. These vital reasons for which UFOs and UFOnauts are "simulated", in a most simple manner were summarised in item #B1.1. from the web page Antichristextended by items #L1. to #L5. from the web page Magnocraft.

More on the subject of this "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts can be learned from other totaliztic web pages, e.g. from items #K1. and #K2. of the web page Day 26. The fact of such a temporary "simulation" of UFOs and UFOnauts slightly changes the philosophical meaning of this web page. But it does NOT change facts described on this web page, nor change suggestions embedded into it as to what attitude we should adopt while interacting with these evil UFOnauts.
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