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Sensational artefacts left from ancient telepathic devices


If the reader of these words is NOT a professional scientist, then he or she probably has already heard the name Telepathy. This is because only professional scientists still do NOT know what this name means. After all, the exploration of it is prohibited by inner doctrines, customs, traditions, procedures and culture of the present official science (which science qualifies the "telepathy" to the category of "scientific heresy"), etc. The reason is that this monopolistic institution of official science already shifted onto practicing the stand, which states that "if the truth and facts are against what the science says, then it is worse for that truth and facts" - fortunately, this currently-practiced doctrine of the present is NOT imposed yet onto the whole society. Thus, some people still can devote themselves to the study of truths and facts. While knowing what "telepathy" means, the reader may be interested in the fact, that in ancient times, people had and used various highly advanced telepathic devices, which contained in themselves the level of knowledge that exceeded the present level of science and technology by at least 100 years. On this web page I am going to describe three such ancient telepathic devices, whose working prototypes already existed and have been used in ancient times. The first amongst devices described here, is the telepathic detector of impending earthquakes, in present times wrongly called the Seismograph - because it was built nearly 2000 years ago by a Chinese genius named Zhang Heng. (In fact, this telepathic device of Zhang Heng I was forced to "invent" again from the very beginning, when I was working out how it really operated in antiquity. This is because all descriptions of its supposedly "inertial" operation, which existed before this my repeated "inventing" of it, were completely wrong.) The second device described here is the "telepathic telephone". The model of it, composed together from elements produced in the Middle Ages, can be viewed today in the Marian church from Gdansk, Poland. The design and operation of this "telepathic telephone" I also needed to "invent" from very beginning. Just as today's "mobile phones" allow to carry voice calls via electromagnetic waves, although they simultaneously induce cancers and debilitate bees with their destructive radiation (see item #D4. below), also this my "telepathic telephone" allows to carry out voice calls while using extremely safe telepathic waves. The third amongst telepathic devices described here is the telepathic pyramid.

Although the model of this pyramid was "given" to the humanity, the true operation of it again I was forced to "invent" from the very beginning. This pyramid allows for a purely telepathic exchange of thoughts between the people that use it, with a complete elimination of speech. In a distant past, an ancient device working just as this "telepathic pyramid" - but on interstellar distances, turns out to be the stone structure called the "Pyramid of Cheops" from Giza, Egypt. All three ancient telepathic devices described on this web page have this to themselves, that their design and operation are shockingly simple, and thus that virtually any reader can find for himself or herself some way in which could contribute actively to their rebuilding today - so that they began to serve again for the good of people and raise our civilization onto a higher level of awareness.

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