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Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:
- #A1. What is the goal of this web page:
- #A2. Why to know about Antichrist:
- #A3. Are we just living in times when these prophecies fulfil themselves?
- #A4. #A4. This web page was drastically reedited on 17 October 2011 - i.e. soon after the discovery of the "totaliztic science" that in present immoral times Second Jesus would also be lynched by mob (similarly as killed was Biblical Jesus), and thus that if God sends a "teacher" to the Earth, then in order to succeed with his mission this "teacher" must be indescribably evil:

Part #B: Why in the world ruled by God, people must act morally:
- #B1. God created people for a strictly defined purpose - so that He gets their assistance in His "pursue of knowledge":
- #B1.1. Why God places so much emphasis on the "pursue of knowledge"?
- #B2. For the most effective "pursue of knowledge", God created people maximally imperfect:
- #B3. The "pursue of knowledge" is NOT possible when people do NOT fulfil conditions and requirements known to us under the name of "morality" - which God defined for the humanity in content of "holy books":
- #B4. Unfortunately, selfish and irresponsible actions of the "atheistic orthodox science", resulting from its intention to maintain its "monopole for knowledge", devaluate human struggles with own imperfections, permanently parting people with morally correct behaviours and pushing them into claws of the philosophy of parasitism:
- #B5. When people abandon moral behaviours, God is forced to initiate on the Earth His "procedures of the restoration of morality":

Part #C: Sending to the Earth of a "teacher of morality" - as one amongst most effective methods of restoration of morality by God:
- #C1. How the so-called "free will" and "canon of ambiguity" limit methods of God:
- #C2. Teaching of morality with an "indirect method" through illustrative (although discreet - so that it do NOT take away "free will") rewarding of moral people and punishing immoral ones:
- #C3. Teaching morality with a "direct method" through sending to the Earth an "exceptionally moral" teacher (e.g. Jesus):
- #C4. Illustrative teaching of morality with the method of an "awkward fellow" by sending to the Earth an "exceptionally immoral" teacher of morality (foretold to us under the name of "Antichrist"):

Part #D: What are consequences of the fact, that in the light of present laws, privileges, and habits of people, almost all "exceptionally moral" actions of a being such as Jesus, would be declared illegal and punishable by law:
- #D1. Let us notice, that almost everything "exceptionally moral" that was carried out by Biblical Jesus, in present times turns out to be illegal, punishable by law, making angry someone influential and vindictive, etc.:
- #D2. The present qualifying of exceptionally moral behaviours of Biblical Jesus as illegal and deserving punishments, practically means that also in present times an "exceptionally morally acting" messenger of God would again be lynched by mob:
- #D3. Since God is unable to send to the Earth a teacher that would act "exceptionally moral" - similarly like Biblical Jesus, means that in order to restore morality to the Earth, God is forced to send a teacher with attributes of Antichrist, which will illustratively teach people morality with the use of "awkward fellow" method:

Part #E: So what are consequences of the fact, that with its immoral behaviour the humanity "asks for" sending Antichrist to the Earth:
- #E1. If we carefully look around, then it becomes obvious that the humanity already entered the period of "asking for" sending Antichrist to the Earth:
- #E2. God already warns us in various ways, that His patience is almost exhausted:
- #E3. The humanity has currently a choice: it either by itself changes its philosophy and its behaviour into a more moral one, or soon God is to react with something rather very drastic - e.g. with sending Antichrist to us:

Part #F: What is known about Antichrist:
- #F1. What encyclopaedia writes about Antichrist:
- #F2. What most people know about Antichrist:
- #F3. What the Bible says about Antichrist:
- #F3.1. We should trust words of the Bible - after all, this holy book is authorised by God Himself (the authorisation of the Bible by God is confirmed by many facts described on the web page named bible.htm - e.g. miraculous attributes of the text of Bible, timeless actuality, "Living Word", "Code of Bible", the formulation which does not deprive people of their free will, absolute correctness which stands up above the errors of interpretations by people with limited knowledge, etc., etc.):
- #F4. What the new "totaliztic science" determined regarding Antichrist:
- #F5. Implications of the finding of the new "totaliztic science", that Antichrist (and also Jesus) is a "bodily representation of God" send to teach people:

Part #G: What is worth to learn about the link between Antichrist and UFOnauts:
- #G1. "Devils", or just "UFOnauts"?
- #G2. Devils and UFOnauts mean the same:
- #G3. Notice the activities of UFOnauts (former devils):
- #G4. Notice that "devils" look exactly like people:
- #G5. Masks of UFOnauts - behind which morally degenerated relatives of humanity hide their faces from people:
- #G6. Resolution: the evidence about UFOnauts we should NOT ignore - in spite that UFOnauts hide it from us:

#H: How to recognise the arrival of Antichrist:
- #H1. Why it is worth to know what to seek in order to recognise the arrival of Antichrist:
- #H2. His recognising will NOT be easy:
- #H3. An additional difficulty will be, that "evil always pretends to be good":
- #H4. Bóg ma wiele historycznych przykładów które ujawniają jak można zainstalować Antychrysta - tak aby niemal nikt go nie rozpoznał:
- #H4. God has many historical examples which reveal how Antichrist can be installed - so that almost no-one recognises him:

Part #I: How Antichrist is to deceive people and still arrive in spite that humanity is seeking him:
- #I1. Problem for Antichrist: how to deceive people?
- #I2. What Polish folklore says about Antichrist:
- #I3. How Antichrist may grab political power over many people:
- #I4. How most probably arrives this final Antichrist that is going to be successful in deceiving people:
- #I5. UFOnauts will repeat attempts to install Antichrist, until they accomplish a success:
- #I6. Whether Antichrist must arrive as a Christian?
- #I7. Whether another candidate for Antichrist has arrived to Nepal in 2005?

Part #J: How the humanity can defend itself against Antichrist:
- #J1. How "group intellects" can defend themselves from Antichrist:
- #J2. How "individual people" can defend themselves from Antichrist:

Part #K: As it turns out, UFOonauts are "experts" in deceiving and tormenting humanity:
- #K1. We already had precedence of numerous cases when UFOnauts impersonated holy figures:
- #K1.1. The impersonation of Jesus by a male UFOnaut and his tormenting of the Polish nun, St. Faustyna:
- #K1.2. The impersonation of Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, 1917, by a female UFOnaut:

Part #L: Why we should be beware of UFOnauts and "watch their hands":
- #L1. In the meantime the philosophy has changed, but facts remain unchanged:
- #L2. UFOnauts are the evil force which has means and reasons to install Antichrist on Earth:
- #L3. What Hitler's teachers can do to us:
- #L4. Seek further details:

Part #M: Highly realistic "simulation" of UFOnauts, as an example of a wide range of methods used by God for improving the human morality:
- #M1. "What is going on" with these UFOnauts:

Part #N: Summary, and the final information of this web page:
- #N1. The main message of this web site:
- #N2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:
- #N3. Emails to the author of this web page:
- #N4. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":
- #N5. Copyright © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak:


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