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When wise God created people around 6000 years ago, His goal was, that people supposed to serve Him as "soldiers of God" and assist Him in the "pursue of knowledge" - as this is explained in items #B1 to #B2 from the web page Antichrist. In turn, to raise people into wise and resourceful "soldiers of God", and to motivate in them an effective "pursue of knowledge", God creates us maximally imperfect, and then He subjects us to "upbringing" and "training" accordingly to NOT so pleasant for us "principle of reversals" described in item #F3. from the web page Wszewilki. Unfortunately, instead of training into "soldiers of God" and concentrating on the "pursue of knowledge", many imperfect people starts to enjoy their imperfections through e.g. chasing pleasures, power and wealth, adopting immorality in all their activities, etc., etc.

In the result, God was forced to develop various methods of "motivating" people, so that in spite of their imperfections, they still carry out the "pursue of knowledge". Wise God developed many such methods. One amongst these - which I am going to illustrate here, was the "temporary creation" (means "simulation") of the existence of highly evil creatures, which originally God called "serpents" or "devils", while recently which were renamed into "UFOnauts". With the aid of these evil creatures, God could e.g. "punish" most disobedient people, could provide one further explanation for everything - as this is described in item #C2. of the web page Tornado, could carry out physical changes amongst people without depriving them so-called "free will", etc., etc. Although the existing body of evidence conclusively proves that "UFOnauts" and "devils" are actually one and the same creatures, while in the Biblical "Genesis" - verse 3:1, God Himself admits that it was Him who created "devils" (e.g. see item #E2. on the web page Evil), a significant proportion of people believes that "UFOnauts" in fact are cosmic relatives of humans, who arrive to the Earth in order to secretly occupy, exploit, and ruthlessly rob the humanity.

Until the year 2007 I myself also strongly believed in the large body of evidence which I managed to identify, and which documented that "UFOnauts secretly occupy and exploit the humanity". Thus, until 2007 I vigorously disseminated this evidence. But in 2007 I unexpectedly discovered - and described in many totaliztic publications, that UFOnauts are only temporary God's "simulations" (or "fabrications"), and that God uses them for aiding the accomplishment of many superior God's goals. After such "simulating", UFOs and UFOnauts are "intimately" (i.e. in the circumstances strictly controlled by God) shown to carefully selected people, in which they supposed to cause the intended change of views - in the same manner as for the intentional changes of views God also allows every person to experience the so-called "miracles" especially designed for this person - for details see item #F3 from the web page Wszewilki.

This web page was written in 2005 - means around two years before was made this my vital discovery on God's "simulations" of UFOnauts. But in spite that after this discovery my understanding of reasons for the existence of UFOs and UFOnauts drastically changed, I did NOT change the content of this web page. After all, in the way it was originally written, it faithfully illustrates the perfection and precision with which God "simulates" UFOs and UFOnauts, and also it documents the unlimited God's wisdom with which He uses UFO and UFOnauts for motivating the correct direction of human progress, and for implementing on the Earth that developed by God "principle of reversals" which raises and trains people into effective "soldiers of God".

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