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Img.098 (from UFOs behind clouds (#F1a)/ (#H2a) - Tornados

Img.099 from UFOs behind clouds (#F1b)/ (#H2b) - Tornados

Img.100 from UFOs behind clouds (#F1c)/ (#H2c) - Tornados

Img.101 from UFOs behind clouds (#F1d)/ (#H2d) - Tornados

(Sequence #F1abcd): Img.98/ Img.099/ Img.100/ Img.101 Here are four photographs of the same tornado technically formed by a large UFO vehicle that attacked the town of Bunbury in Western Australia on Monday, May 16, 2005. A detailed explanation of the principle on which "clouds-UFOs" generate such murderous tornadoes, as well as a discussion of the characteristics that characterize such tornadoes technically induced by UFO vehicles, are contained on a separate web page Tornados. Analyses carried out on that separate web page reveal that the above tornado was technically caused by a huge UFO vehicle, most probably of the K10 type, which flew in the so-called "hovering position" with the "N" manetic pole of its main propulsor pointed towards the ground. The above photographs thus represent highly illustrative evidence, revealing that many tornadoes are formed just by these characteristic "clouds-UFOs", i.e. by clouds that demonstrate shapes and behaviors that are typical of UFO vehicles. The tornado captured in the above photos did enormous damage. Many "strategic" facilities were affected by it. In May 2005, articles that refer to it could be found at abc.net.au/news/ australia/wa/ bunbury/200505/ s1369342.htm and www.news.com.au/ story/ 0,10117,15302795-26618,00.html.

I should also complement the above with the information that an almost identical-looking cloud, most likely also hiding a UFO vehicle of the K10 type flying in the "hovering position" with the magnetic pole "N" pointing towards the ground, generated in New Zealand a tornado looking almost identical to the above. This New Zealand tornado also had a short, transparent, jagged "funnel" spinning in a clockwise direction. On Thursday, March 10, 2005, it attacked and destroyed a large part of the New Zealand town of Graymouth. Amateur film of this tornado from Graymouth was later broadcast on all New Zealand television news. (Unfortunately, I am not aware that its photographs were published anywhere - although a verbal description of the tornado itself was published in New Zealand newspapers, e.g. see the article "Rumble, a flash, then it struck" from page 1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue of Friday, March 11, 2005).

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