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Img.097 (from UFOs behind clouds (#C1)

Img.097 A photo of clouds which with all certainty hid UFO vehicles inside them. An acquaintance of a certain Helen Loepfe took this photo in the Swiss town of Ticino. The "clouds" captured on the above photo were certainly formed technologically by UFO wehikuly to hide these vehicles inside. This is because a resident of Ticino was abducted into a UFO vehicle hidden in one of these "clouds". The above photograph originally comes from treatise [4c], copies of which are disseminated free of charge via the websites listed in "Menu 4". In this treatise [4c] this photograph is described in detail in subsection B7.8. (Reasons for which diabolical UFOnauts so meticulously hide their UFO vehicles from the sight of people, are explained on a separate web page named "26th day".)Shot in the very center of the above photograph the "cloud-UFO" which I observed for over 2 hours as it hovered over Wellington - the capital of New Zealand. In March 2005, I (i.e. Dr. Jan Pajak) photographed it in person. This cloud certainly hid a UFO vehicle, or more precisely a spherical complex coupled from two UFO vehicles. It also demonstrated almost all the behaviors described in item item G1. from the website UFOs behind clouds.

It is highly interesting that this UFO hovered approximately above the New Zealand Parliament building, which was in session at the time. It would be interesting to learn what kind of law was passed by that parliament that afternoon. The city visible under this "cloud-UFO" is Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. It is shown in the view from the shore of the sea bay that extends from the center of Wellington, all the way to a suburb of that city, a town called Petone in which I currently live. Among the buildings of the center of Wellington (located exactly under this "cloud"), especially within the right side of Wellington, one can still see undispersed remnants of this extremely dense fog, which was formed technologically by a UFO and which troubled this city for almost a week of time. In the lower left corner of the photo, remnants of a rather thick layer of clouds can be seen. At the time this "cloud-UFO" was spotted, that thick layer of clouds covered the entire sky above Wellington and Petone, i.e. from the horizon to the horizon. The "cloud-UFO" captured in this photo was thus initially only one of the numerous clouds of that thick layer.

During the more than 2 hours of time when I made my observations of the "cloud" shown here, that thick layer of clouds was blown beyond the horizon by the wind. At the same time, however, this "cloud-UFO" captured in the above photo was constantly hovering above one and the same place, as if it was anchored there.

Also, in spite of the fact that all other clouds from this thick layer were constantly changing their shape and size, this "cloud-UFO" maintained almost unchanged shape and was always approximately the same size. In turn, because the strong wind constantly tried to blow it away, every now and then it cyclically renewed its original UFO-like shape, restored the smoothness of the outline of its surface, and returned to the same original size. In fact, the above photo captured this cloud in almost the last phase of its blurring by the wind. A moment later it underwent another transformation which restored its original UFO-like shape and smooth surface outline. On the above photograph it is shown in almost the most blurred state that it always reached just before the cyclic renewal of its UFO-like shape. Some 15 minutes after the above photo was taken (which turned out to be the last photo on the roll of film), and after undergoing only a few more cycles of being blown away by the wind and returning its original UFO-like shape and smooth surface, the "cloud-UFO" fixed on the above photo suddenly blurred into nothingness, still without moving from the place of its anchorage.

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