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Img.096 (from UFOs behind clouds (#A2)

Img.096 A photo of clouds which with all certainty hid UFO vehicles inside them. An acquaintance of a certain Helen Loepfe took this photo in the Swiss town of Ticino. (Click on the above photo to view it enlarged.) The "clouds" captured on the above photo were certainly formed technologically by UFO wehikuly to hide these vehicles inside. This is because a resident of Ticino was abducted into a UFO vehicle hidden in one of these "clouds". The above photograph originally comes from treatise [4c], copies of which are disseminated free of charge via the websites listed in "Menu 4". In this treatise [4c] this photograph is described in detail in subsection B7.8. (Reasons for which diabolical UFOnauts so meticulously hide their UFO vehicles from the sight of people, are explained on a separate web page Day 26).

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