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Img.095 from website Village Cielcza (#G1b)

(Sequence #G1ab): Img.094/ Img.095 Cielcza and religion. These photos commemorate the ties of my person and family to religion and to Cielcza.

Img.095 My photo which is a souvenir from my first Holy Communion. Because a relatively short time after this photo was taken, there followed this my one-year residence in Cielcza and attending the fifth grade of elementary school there, this photo gives quite a good idea of how I looked like when I lived in that village. Looking at this photograph I am often puzzled, how it is possible that looking like a typical rascal whom apart from playing with friends and eating almost nothing else interests me, in fact already then I had so wide interests and such a high sense of observation to note and analyze a huge number of observations and experiences, only a tiny fragment of which is described here. What is also intriguing about this photo is that the first communion was received by our entire sizable family of poor Catholics, but only at the time when it was my turn did my mother have just a little penny saved up, which she decided to spend on taking this photo. (I.e., no one else in my entire sizable family of Catholics has his or her photo from the first communion - it's just that at the required time my poor mother could NOT afford to take a souvenir photo). It looks almost as if already at the moment of taking this photograph it was planned in advance by God and foreordained, that one day this photograph will be used to illustrate some publication or idea, which will turn out to be very important or highly educational for many people - for results of my research why such a precise "fine tuning" of our life fate to God's intentions and goals, see item #C3. from the website Immortallity, item #J5. from the website Petone and item #A1. from website Evolution.

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