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Img.094 from website Village Cielcza (#G1a)

(Sequence #G1ab): Img.094/ Img.095 Cielcza and religion. These photos commemorate the ties of my person and family to religion and to Cielcza.

Img.094 Photo of the interior of the relatively new church in Cielcza, dedicated to St. Margaret, built in 1912 and 1913. Before this church, Cielcza had only a very old wooden church located in the center of the manor half of this village - which, however, was demolished around the middle of the 19th century. To the group of numerous local volunteers and unpaid laborers who gradually erected this new church on the capital-free basis of what decades later was called "social deed", i.e. who first built it, then spent years equipping it, finishing it, completing it, decorating it, etc., and who also built the church vicarage, belonged both my grandfather and my father. Thus, a lot of stories circulated in the family about this church - e.g., about an unusual stonemason who was able to split large boulders with a blow of his bare hand (see item #D3. der Webseite Cielcza). It was also in order to serve masses in this very church, that during my living in Cielcza I wanted to become an "altar boy". But in spite of the fact that we went to the rectory many times with my friends (who were already altar boys and who wanted to "recommend" me to the priest), we never managed to "get" the priest in this matter, and thus I never became an "altar boy". I now believe that this repeated absence of the priest from the rectory when we were looking for him was NOT a series of "coincidences". God surely knew already then that in the future I would become the creator of the "philosophy of totalizm" and the "totaliztic science" (both of which scientifically and objectively research God). So in order NOT to distort my objectivity in matters of knowledge about God and the state of today's religions, God did NOT allow me to become an "altar boy" at that time.

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