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Img.091 Changelings (#M1)/ (#) UFOs

Img.091 (#M1)): An example of the facial appearance of a typical changeling. The face of the historical person shown in the above illustration is very similar to the typical face of changelings known to me personally operating on Earth today. Including his curled hair, large black irises in his eyes showing a tendency to form a triangle standing on its tip, and a chin with a vertical groove, are very typical of many changelings. The only thing that doesn't quite agree with my observations of changelings is the shape of the nose. "This is because changelings that I personally knew usually had long noses that narrowed gradually ending in a kind of small groove between the two cartilages forming the sharp tip. In fact, the noses of many of them reminded me a bit of an evenly tapering carrot. But some of them had hooked noses. Moreover, the person shown here seems to have deliberately positioned himself for the portrait in such a way that our attention escapes the pear-shaped shape of his head, or more precisely the fact that his skull has the largest horizontal cross-sectional area in the plane of the temples, rather than in the plane of the cheekbones, as people do. Please note that numerous further photographs of changelings are shown on the page Evil - about the origin of evil on Earth. More information about the anatomy of these supernatural beings is also given there.
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