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Img.009 (from Aliens #F2b)

It is interesting that practically every nation on our planet, including even nations for hundreds of years completely isolated from the rest of the world, such as e.g. the New Zealand Maoris, have their own folk tales about miniature supernatural beings displaying attributes of present-day dwarf UFOnauts (such as the UFOnaut documented in the previous photograph Img.008 (#F2). Of course, every nation calls these creatures differently. For example, in Polish they are called "krasnoludki", or "chochliks", or "lichs". In contrast, in English they call them either "dwarfs," or "imps," or "gremlings," or "duce," etc. The above photo was taken in South Korea. It is located in a botanical garden called Hantaek Botanical Garden, right at the entrance to a pavilion showing the tropical flora of Australia. It shows a scene from the popular Australian fairy tale of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (i.e. sort of like their equivalent of the fairy tale "of the dwarfs and orphan Mary"). In this photo in the foreground you can see "Baba Yaga", while in the background you can see some of these 7 dwarfs. Although this fairy tale originated outside Korea, the anatomical features of the supernatural creatures in the scene shown above were designed by Korean artists based on knowledge of these creatures derived from Korean folklore.

In the above photo, our attention should be drawn to the number of fingers in these satanic beings. This number can be clearly noted in "Baba Yaga". Everyone can also count it exactly, this Baba Yaga has only 3+1 fingers on each hand and leg (plus one of two typical for UFOnauts noses - in her case resembling a long carrot). As I also explained it in detail on a separate page about the Milicz church of St. Andrew Bobola, this number of 3+1 fingers of UFOnauts is characteristic for these evil creatures and it is emphasized and documented by the folklore of practically every nation.

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