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Img.089 Sonic Boiler - #G5-3b)

(Sequence #G5-3abc): Img.088/ Img.089 Img.090 Photographs taken by a Polish hobbyist of a specially prepared transparent kettle with a telekinetic heater mounted in it, which illustrate the three most important phases of telekinetic boiling of water. It is worth noting that in order to make a prototype of this transparent kettle which in the best possible way would expose the phenomena occurring during the entire cycle of operation of this heater, this meticulous hobbyist purchased especially for this purpose a rectangular glass container, and ordered a diamond drill which allowed him to drill a hole in the side of the kettle in which he could install the telekinetic heater.

Img.089 The second phase of telekinetic boiling of water, which in the descriptions from item #G5.1 above is called "inter-chest boiling". During this phase, the first small bubbles of steam appear in the water, visible on the above photograph. The phenomenon begins to be accompanied by a quiet slowly increasing buzz. Electrolysis is now displaced by the increasing boil. From here it smoothly decreases and gradually disappears. The 50Hz buzz increases until it reaches a significant level. Also of note is the slight turbidity (milkiness) of the water that appears. This turbidity (milkiness) ceases (disappears) in about 1 hour after the end of boiling water. This phase of "inter-batch boiling" transitions smoothly into the next phase of "volumetric boiling" which is shown in photo Img.090 (3c).

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