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Img.085 Sonic Boiler - #G5-2b)

(Sequence #G5-2abcd): Img.084/ Img.085/ Img.086/ Img.087 Photographs taken by a Polish hobbyist illustrating the differences between the consequences of resistance boiling tap water, and boiling the same water with the telekinetic heater described here.

This is how the bottom of the glass looks like after the deposition on it of micro-fine particles of calcium carbonate CaCO3, which the boiling with these heaters precipitated from the tap water. It is the precipitation of particles of this calcium that causes this temporary "muddiness" of telekinetically boiled water visible on the photograph from "Fig. #G5.3b" below. The upper photograph (a) shows the lime which was precipitated from water in the result of boiling it with a resistance heater. As you can see, the lime precipitate is almost unremarkable. In turn, the bottom photo (b) shows the precipitation of lime on the bottom of the glass which was precipitated by boiling the water with a telekinetic heater. As you can see, this heater precipitates hundreds of times more lime than a resistance heater. Thus, it purifies water from lime much better than the best water filters.

What is shocking in the above experiment is the amount of lime that settles at the bottom of the glass from water boiled with a telekinetic heater. So the question that we should also ask ourselves and then verify with research is "whether such a large amount of lime is actually dissolved in pure tap water". Or rather, is it true what is explained in subsection NB3 from volume 11 of monograph [1/4] - that is: is the process of telekinesis able to perform "telekinetic synthesis of atoms of lime from atoms of completely different elements contained in water?" In turn, if future research accidentally confirms this extraordinary possibility, then the next question to which finding an answer may also turn out to be immensely beneficial for the entire humanity, will be: whether drinking telekinetized water causes the synthesis in living organisms of atoms of those elements which a given organism just needs and which it lacks?" After all, a positive answer to such a question would confirm the suspicion that the heater described here produces the miraculous "water of life."

Of course, if research confirms that tap water actually contains such large amounts of lime, while the heater described here only purifies this water, then this discovery will also prove to be hugely beneficial. After all, it will indicate a very simple way to purify water from chemicals. After all, it is enough that such a heater supplied with electricity at the appropriate frequency boils, for example, sea water, then this boiled water is either centrifuged or poured into a vessel and set aside until its impurities cease, and one obtains pure drinking water devoid not only of salt, but also boiled - and thus devoid of bacteria and ready for consumption. Thus, the heater described here may turn out to be the heart of future simple devices so needed by our civilization for desalination of seawater and for turning it into drinking water

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