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Img.008 (aus Aliens - #F2)

A miniature UFOnaut captured as it runs across the road just behind the horse on the left side of the photo. It is just such miniature UFOnauts that constitute this "grain of truth" from old folk tales about "dwarfs," "lichs," "devils," "goblins," and other dwarf "supernatural" beings.

The above photo was taken in Chile on May 24, 2004, by a certain Germán Pereira A. The photographer simply wanted to photograph "Carabineros" (i.e. mounted police) patrolling the Parque Forestal in Santiago. It was sent to me for review by a reader signing himself "Melody" (Email: melody@dodo.com.au). In December 2004, the photo was displayed on websites with the following addresses: www.cifae.tk/parquef.htm and rense.com/general53/chile.htm.

An interesting detail of this miniature UFO is that it has a thickening at the waist, and that it disguises its legs while running. This, in turn, means that it uses a special "magnetic personal propulsion system" with protective cushions around its hips and with main propulsors in its epaulettes (instead of in the soles of its shoes). The hip cushions of this drive shield the wearer's hands from being stoned by the powerful magnetic field emitted by the thrusters from the eight-segment belt. In turn, the placement of the thrusters in the epaulettes instead of in the soles of the shoes allows normal use of the legs. Detailed descriptions of this "magnetic personal propulsion system" with protective cushions around the hips, which is used by this miniature race of UFOnauts, are presented on the web page explain_en.htm. In turn, the principle of operation of the personal propulsion system with protective cushions around the hips, is explained comprehensively in subsection E4 from volume 2 of monograph [1/4].

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