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Img.076 (from Sonic Boiler - #E2b)

(Sequence #E2abc): Abb.075/ Abb.076/ Abb.077 Operation and power consumption of the "sonic heater". Here are three photos of the "sonic heater" photographed at different stages of boiling two different amounts of water in a typical-sized glass (with a capacity of about 0.25 liters). Please note that the power supply to this heater is via an ammeter. Hence, each of the photos shows the electrical power consumption in the boiling phase captured in the respective photo. As can also be seen from the above photos, this power consumption of the "sonic heater" shown here is very similar to the power consumption of conventional resistance wire heaters.

I should explain here that such a "normal" consumption of electricity, which is consistent with the laws of classical physics, supposedly did not reveal itself at all during the testing of Mr. Davey's original heater shown in the photograph from "Fig. #B1" above. In turn this fact, combined with the mysterious circumstances in which this heater was "returned" to Mr. Davey, suggest that the heater shown here probably is a kind of Trojan horse especially developed to induce other methods of blocking the production of this heater - as described in item #E4 of this web page. After all, the intelligence described in part #F of this web page has already made itself known to us from using various "tricks" and "fabrications" used to sow confusion among people. One such "trick", which was also based on the principle of a "Trojan horse", is described in more detail on a separate web page memorial.htm - about the method of deceptively undermining the evidential value of objective photographs.

Abb.076 The photo taken during the first phase of boiling in a glass about twice the volume of water. An interesting fact captured in this photo, is that this heater boils the water immediately in its entire volume, and also that immediately after the heater is inserted into the water in its entire volume, the water forms miniature tumblers of transparent steam.

An interesting fact that the above photo reveals relatively well, is that the water boiled with this heater changes its parameters. Namely, the bubbles of steam formed during its boiling do not burst at all after rising to the surface of the water - as is the case with normal heaters. In the heater shown here, these bubbles become more durable and form a thick layer of transparent foam above the boiling water. This foam looks almost the same as the foam above beer poured into a mug. Only that it is transparent. Its thick layer can be seen relatively well above the surface of the water in the above photo. I personally believe that this change of physical attributes of water during its boiling with the heater discussed here results from the telekinetic principle of operation of this heater. Namely, this heater not only heats water simultaneously in its entire volume, but also telekinetizes it simultaneously - as I describe it in item #E6. der Webseite Sonic Boiler.

The energy supplied to the water in this phase must satisfy the energy input for raising the temperature of the water resulting from the "specific heat" of this fluid, and it must also satisfy the energy input for the simultaneous evaporation of this water resulting from the "heat of evaporation." The ammeter captured in the photo indicates a current draw of about 8 Amps. At a typical mains supply voltage, that means this heater is consuming just about 1,800 watts of electricity.

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