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Rys. #B2)

Img.071 (from Sonic Boiler - (#B2)

Img.071 (#B2): The above drawing illustrates the design and main components of the telekinetic heater of Mr. Davey's invention. Notice that it can be enlarged by simply clicking on it. Detailed descriptions of subsequent components of this heater are contained in subsection K3.3 from volume 10 of monograph [1/4], free copies of which can be downloaded from this web site.

Symbols: (1) - the inner "resonating bowl" connected to the "current wire" of the 50 Hz electricity supply, (2) almost identical in shape also hemispherical outer "buffer bowl" connected to the "neutral" wire of the electricity supply (also called "return wire"), (3) and (5) - two nuts which fix both bowls in their correct positions, (4) - a washer which serves to adjust the mutual distance "L" of the two bowls (this distance should be about 4 to 6 mm), (6) - an electric wire which connects the "current wire" of the electricity supply to the "resonating bowl" (1), (7) - a wire which receives electricity from the "buffering bowl" and supplies it to the "neutral (return) wire" of the 50 Hz electricity supply, (8) - a long mounting tube, which is like a "frame" of this heater which holds together the remaining parts of it.

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