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Img.703 from Petone (#K1a7m)

Img.703 Here is a photograph of the melted asphalt of the sidewalk which shows the apparently melted imprint of the right foot of a 3-fingered unearthly creature (UFOnaut), which, after switching on the propulsors of its magnetic drive, took flight on the sidewalk from the intersection of streets near the house of my neighbor. The imprint of this foot is 12 centimeters long and 5.6 centimeters wide at its widest point (i.e. at the base of the toes). This means that if the ratio of her height to the length of her foot was the same as mine (in my case it is 167/25) then the creature that etched this footprint in the asphalt would be 80 cm tall. In turn, her height of only about 80 cm - instead of Mickiewicz's "two elbows", means that she was a female UFOnaut, because female UFOnauts (like human women) are typically noticeably shorter than male UFOnauts. This inhuman footprint molding clearly documents the unearthly origin of this creature - after all:
(a) its largest toe is the middle one - while in humans the largest is always the toe near the inner rim of the foot,
(b) the foot has only three toes spaced wide apart means differently than in humans but exactly as illustrated in the sculpture from "Fig. #K1c",
(c) mounted under the feet of this creature are propulsors of "personal magnetic propulsion" because only the power of such propulsors could melt on a cold autumn night the hard asphalt of NZ sidewalk which even the summer NZ sun is NOT able to melt, and (d) all four imprints on the sidewalk illustrate the taking flight of their miniature owner - although it is known that people have NOT mastered this ability yet, and even if they already had it they would NOT allow 80cm tiny children to fly at night. Puzzlingly, it can be roughly estimated that at least around 100 people pass by the above footprint every day. However, apart from myself, it seems as if no one else is interested in this trace. Indeed, today's people "look and do NOT see" (Bible, Matthew 13:14), or more precisely "they look but do NOT want to see". So first I tried to persuade my wife, then a visiting acquaintance I had known for a long time, that I would show them this trace - but each of them refused to walk with me several tens of meters to see the trace. The site of this trace also lies within sight of something that looks to me like a TV camera of some official service. In turn, if it is a working camera, then to those who supervise its image apparently the sight of a creature looking like a little girl walking without her parents in the middle of the night and suddenly flying into the air does NOT look like anything worth noticing and investigating. The most popular official name for this tiny race of UFOnauts in Polish is sukkuby (night demons) while old Polish folklore calls them zmory - see the descriptions of my being "strangled" by a female nightmare when I was only about 9 years old, contained in the caption under Photo #F3ab and in item #H3 of the web page wszewilki.htm. But other nations also call them differently. For example, in English-speaking countries they also call them Gremlin, while e.g. in Malaysia - Toyol or Pontianak. In fact, however, all beings described by these names and displaying the characteristics attributed to them by folklore are seen aboard UFOs. Thus, all of them actually represent UFOnauts secretly occupying us. It is also worth knowing that the folklore of many nations describes the habits of UFOnauts as almost that of sexual maniacs. For example, male versions of these creatures, according to the folklore of many countries, are supposed to take a liking to raping human women hypnotized by them at night in their own homes and in the beds of these women. After such rapes on the hands, hips, or legs of women raped by UFOnauts they often leave clearly visible bruises - only that they are deprived by the technique of UFOnauts of the typical painfulness of human bruises. By the Chinese, these painless bruises are called ghost pins (which means "ghost pinches"). Their descriptions are contained in subsection U3.3 from volume 15 of monograph [1/4]. What is even more shocking, just such painless bruises quite regularly and repetitively appear in many people - including both women and men. Moreover, descriptions of reports of human abductions to UFOs all too often include descriptions of being raped aboard UFOs. There are also cases of pregnancy in women who have NOT had intercourse with a human male.

I should add that the traces of the "UFOnaut-moth" described here, embedded in the asphalt of the NZ sidewalk, turn out to be extremely permanent. For example, the most obvious of these footprints I photographed again on 2022/12/24 - means after the elapse of exactly 7 months - see Photo #K1a7m (click on this link to see this photo). It turned out then that it looks almost exactly the same as when I saw it for the first time. Only that on the photo it may look slightly different because the conditions of its illumination by the sun changed (it was the middle of NZ summer), and also because this time I already photographed it with my cell phone - because UFOnauts burned out my electronic camera - as I describe it in Photo #K2b and in item #K3 below on this page. (In that #K3 see also Photo #K3h with the same footprint and see there photos of the footprints of an invisible about 3-meter tall giant UFOnaut). It is also telling that in the meantime, as I estimate, at least 1,000 passers-by walked along the above footprint, and nowhere did any mention appear that anyone noticed it on this public sidewalk and took interest in it.

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