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Img.701 from Tapanui (#K1b)

Img.701 Here is a high-quality illustration of a K4 type starship, computer-generated by my friend Dominik Myrcik for the dimensions and engineering data calculated for the Magnocrafts of my invention. But because exactly the same proportions and dimensions must be displayed by all interstellar spaceships - as I justified and explained it in chapters G and P from volumes 3 and 14 of my monograph [1/5], and as later officially and unanimously was accepted by the Resolution of March 24, 2003 published, amongst others, in item #J2. from the web page named Interpretation UFO photographs, exactly the same dimensions, appearance, and principles of operation will also have UFO vehicles of the K4 type. The diameter of the K4 starship (D = 8.78 m) perfectly qualifies it for the use of its likeness, e.g. as a roof for some currently needed public structure, e.g. a kiosk, ice cream shop, tourist information centre, exhibition, gallery, or even an old "band rotunda" (i.e. the park stage) - when it would simultaneously reveal the actual appearance of a UFO type K4 built on a scale of 1:1. Hence, I would especially recommend considering its construction in one of these, or in any other, function by everyone interested in UFOs for any reason - especially by the authorities of towns which I mentioned in the caption under the previous Img.701 (#A1a), i.e. which are uniquely and directly related to UFOs by some turn of their history and fate.

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