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Rys. #B1)

Img.070 (from Sonic Boiler - (#B1)

Abb.070 (#B1): Telekinetic "immersion heater" (1990 version) invented during the Second World War (in 1944) by a New Zealand fighter pilot and musician named Peter Daysh Davey. The main component of this heater, triggering the telekinetic effect in it, is the inner resonant bowl visible at the right end of the photo as it protrudes slightly from the outer buffer bowl. (Also visible in the photo is an old New Zealand 50 cent coin with a diameter of 32 mm. As of August 2006, these coins had already gone out of use.) I have repeatedly heard opinions, although I have never had an opportunity to verify these opinions with scientific research, that this mechnically immensely simple device generates many times more heat than the amount of electricity it consumes. It means that its energy efficiency is well over 100%. If future research confirms this fact, then it will probably be one of the most simple free energy devices that exist on Earth. This heater has already proven that it actually works. It has also reportedly been measured by many scientists. However, its mass production was intentionally blocked by someone with obstacles of a bureaucratic nature - for details see descriptions of the "curse of inventors" discussed on a separate page Eco cars.

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