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Img.007 (from Aliens - #F1)

Dwarf UFOnaut invisible to human eyes. The above black and white photograph shows a UFOnaut invisible to human eyes. This photograph was originally intended to show a girl with flowers (the girl's name is Elizabeth Templon). This is because she was the one photographed at the time. But when the photograph was developed, then it turned out that the previously invisible UFOnaut, dressed in a spacesuit and with his face covered by a space helmet, is perfectly visible as he hovers in the air above the head of this girl. (Notice that the white color of this UFOnaut's spacesuit is due to the special kind of "supernatural" glow it emits, which always accompanies the state of the so-called "telekinetic flicker" invisible to human eyes. In subsection L2 from volume 10 of monograph [1/4] this white, "supernatural", ghostly glow is described in detail under the name "absorption glow").

This photo was taken on Sunday, May 24, 1964, by Elizabeth's father, a firefighter, some five miles from their home in Carsle, USA, on the banks of the Solway Firth. The photographer reported that there was a strange "electrified" atmosphere at the time this photo was taken, and also the local cows were behaving very strangely, although aside from the girl's family, no one was there at the time. (It is worth noting here that some animals, including cats, dogs, sheep, cows and deer, have such constructed eyes that they are able to see UFOnauts in the state of "telekinetic flickering", even if these UFOnauts remain invisible to human sight). This concept itself, as well as its detailed description, are published on page 51 of the excellent book [2] by Jenny Randles, "Alien Contact - The First Fifty Years", Collins Brown (London House, Great Eastern Wharf, Rarkgate Road, London SW11 4NQ), 1997, ISBN 1-85585-454-6, 144 pages, pb. - I highly recommend reading this book. A more detailed scientific interpretation of the photograph of this UFOnaut, invisible to human eyes, is contained in subsection B2 of treatise [4c] (see there the photograph marked Z_4_B2) which is disseminated (free of charge), among others, on web pages available here via "Menu 4".

There is not even the slightest doubt that the above photograph is authentic. It is worth noting that the above photograph of a UFOnaut hiding behind the back of a little girl is also discussed from a slightly different point of view on a separate web page 26th day, and on a page about the singularities of the Teutonic castle in Malbork.

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