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Rys. #A4)

Img.069 (from Sonic Boiler - #A4)

Img.069 (#A4): Mr. Peter Daysh Davey in 2008, demonstrating a working prototype of a "sonic heater." (Click on the above photo to view it enlarged.) This prototype, under rather mysterious circumstances, was returned to him at a rather telling moment in time. Namely, the return of this prototype occurred shortly before the publication of an extensive article about it in a New Zealand newspaper from Christchurch, named The Press, in the edition of this newspaper of Wednesday (Wednesday), January 30, 2008. (This article was published on page A13 of this newspaper. It was entitled "Sax notes lead to off-beat boiler". - i.e. "Sax notes lead to off-beat boiler". At the beginning of February 2008 the content of this article was available on the Internet at http://www.stuff.co.nz/4379593a6530.html.) In addition, the same prototype of the heater was demonstrated in the evening television news of Wednesday, January 30, 2008, on channel 1 of New Zealand television, in a short report (lasting about 3 minutes) about this working heater and about its inventor. This reportage was broadcast there almost exactly at 11:00 p.m. (Probably the DVD with the recording of this reportage can be purchased from channel 1 of New Zealand television). Independently from this web page which concentrates on showing the shocking history of the revolutionary invention of this heater, the principle of operation of the same heater, together with principles of operation of other similar telekinetic devices, are described on a separate totaliztic web page Free energy - about telekinetic generators of free energy.

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