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Img.680 from Wszewilki tomorrow (#D1)

Img.680 (#D1) Has the culture flown away from Wszewilki to Petone! Once upon a time in Wszewilki one could see and hear wonderful Polish folk dances and singing - among other things, similar to the one I captured in the above photo. This is because Wszewilki had its own amateur folk dance and singing group. This ensemble, among others, performed at the last harvest festival in Wszewilki - which I described in more details in item #L2. of my web page named Wszewilki. I even had a crush on the talented dancer and singer leading this band - i.e. on the beautiful Maryla (I still remember her name to this day - as it was so typically Polish). Unfortunately, she was a few years older than me, so she was looking around for more "adult" boys. Maryla was extremely talented musically, while her songs had that unique "umf" energy, which the reader can also sense, for example, in songs from my own "playlists" - which run, for example, the links p_instruction.htm or oder p_l.htm (note that my "playlists" work best when run by the "Google Chrome" search engine). It's a shame that today's generation of young Wszewilczans is mainly interested in eating sandwiches in front of TV screens. After all, an Wszewilcz dance and singing troupe as talented, colorful, lively and perfectly dancing as the one that Maryla formed with her girlfriends would attract thousands of tourists to Wszewilcz celebrations and performances.

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