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Abb.068 (from St. A. Bobola - #tabl.I1)

Abb.068 (tabl.I1): Here is the first version of my "Cyclic Tables for Theory of Superior-Beings" - developed on 2018/8/18 and published (with its detailed description repeated as Table #I6 from the web page named Możajski) - where it supplemented item #I6 with a broad explanation of this Theory of Superior-Beings by a Polish writer named Adam Wiśniewski. The second, improved version of this table, compiled on 2018/12/29, is shown and explained extensively as "Table #J1b" from the web page named Propulsion. I am showing the above table here to illustrate to the reader how the creation of such cyclic tables explains the transformation of the reality that surrounds us, taking place in the past and in the future - which in turn allows us to predict what soon awaits us and irrevocably is to come. Furthermore, I show it here to also realize that my life and fate, for some mysterious reasons, periodically returns to the creation and improvement of this type of cyclic tables. After all, my first ever creative product was the multidimensional Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, which I created as an inexperienced student of the Wrocław University of Technology, and the fate of which I described in item #B3 /Mozajski/ as well as in caption under Table #D4 from my web page named 2020 life .

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