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Img.678 from Wszewilki (#K1)/ (#K1a) - Petone

Img.678 (#K1) The building of the former elementary school in Wszewilki. In the above photo it looks almost as I remember it from my days in it: kindergarten and 3rd grade elementary school. The only thing missing by it is a large walnut tree - which in the days of my youth grew in the roadside left corner of its garden, making the life of the Wszewilki youth much more attractive. This walnut was a kind of plant miracle, for it bore fruit abundantly, even though for miles around it lacked another nut that could pollinate it. Moreover, in spite of the very cold and harsh winters of Wszewilki, this nut reliably covered itself with greenery every spring - instead of simply dying from frost like other nuts often planted in Wszewilki.

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