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Img.668 from Wrocław (#G3a)

Img.668(#G3a) The above illustration shows how in the near future researchers of the new "totaliztic science" - the philosophical and scientific foundations for which I have already worked out, will use Magnocrafts as a "universal repairer" in order to, among other things, restore life and vegetation in present and future deserts (of course, if in the meantime humanity manages to free itself from the "evil power" that occupies it and pushes it towards self-destruction). The squadrons of telekinetic Magnocraft of the second and third generation (of my invention) will be able to accomplish such restoration of life and vegetation due to their numerous execution capabilities - e.g. their ability to automatically plant trees without the need to send workers to the ground. This planting can be carried out NOT only with mechanical planting machines mounted on the deck of the Magnocrafts and similar to those already used by people, but also in the second and third generation Magnocrafts with telekinetic "transporting rays" which I described in my publications. Apart from the ability to plant trees and vegetation, Magnocrafts also have the ability to prepare the ground in which this planting takes place. For example, the same ability to form strong winds that allows them to form tornadoes and hurricanes technically, and which I described, amongst others, in items #E3. and #E6. from the web page named Tornado and in part #J of the web page Hurricane, they also allow them to generate gusts of powerful wind, which can be used to level, for example, a wavy and uneven ground surface of the type shown in above illustration. As a result, undulating and not suitable for useful cultivation areas, these Magnocraft are able to turn into surfaces flat like a table, ideally suited for trees and even for agriculture. In turn, the so-called The "magnetic whirl" that Magnocraft can produce, is able to evaporate hard rocks of the type shown in the above illustration and crush them into loose components of sand and soil - as I am explaining of this, among others, with the evidence indicated in item #J4. from the web page named Hurricane. Magnocrafts are also able to control the weather and climate - as it is generally described in item #H2 from the web page named hurricane.htm. For example, by positioning themselves in a kind of chain, they are able to form one-way blowing winds which, depending on the requirement, will either blow clouds soaked in moisture and cause rains in large areas, or will bring dry air that dries out the climate - as I described it e.g. in item #E11. from its web page named Military Magnocraft. Furthermore, with the appropriately commanded frequency of their magnetic field, the Magnocraft can precipitate water from the air, creating local clouds and rains - as I explained it e.g. in item #B2., while documented in items #C1. and #C2. from the web page named UFO clouds and from publications linked in there.

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