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Img.066 (#G3a)

Img.066 (from website St. A. Bobola - #G3a/ #6a)

Img.067 (#G3a)

Img.067 (from website St. A. Bobola - #G3b/ #6b)

Img.002 (from website St. A. Bobola - #G3c/ #6c)

(Sequence #D3abc/ #6abc): Img.066/ Img.067/ Img.002 Here are anatomical details that repetitively hit human eyes in creatures which our ancestors used to call "devils", while we now renamed them misleadingly into "UFOnauts". Especially noticeable amongst these common anatomical details of "devils-UFOnauts" are buttocks-like protrusions on their chins. These protrusions are described also on web pages named Antichrist, UFOnauts, evil, aliens, 26th day, or Malbork. Other equally characteristic detail of their anatomy is that hair grow upwards on their heads.

Img.066 (#6a - upper) The handle of a very old sword. It has a head of "devil" (i.e. "UFOnaut") carved on it. Interestingly, although this sward was made very long ago, the "devil-UFOnaut" it portrays is very similar in appearance to the "Batman" from present American films. In turn his pattern on face by Maoris called "moko" is clearly illustrated on present American films about the "Spiderman". This sword is exhibited in the "War Memorial" from Seoul, South Korea. The most interesting attribute of it is, that it shows a creature which anatomically almost identical to the "devil" from the right photograph "#6c", although anatomically much different from typical humans. For example, the chin of this creature from Korea has similar protrusions as the chin of the "devil" from the photograph #6c taken in Europe. This in turn means, that in spite both these photographs (i.e. #6a and #6c) show figures carved on opposite ends of almost inaccessible (at least in times of their origins) super-continent of Europe-Asia, still both sculptures immortalize genetically related creatures. This in turn reveals, that so-called "devils" are NOT at all some non- existing, "mystical" beings, but are physical creatures made of flesh and blood, only that technically highly advanced, which utilise their high technology for hiding from sight of people. The "devil" from handle of this sword has black skin, similarly as these Maori "Taniwha" from New Zealand shown in photographs "#5a" and "#5b". Furthermore, on the face of it also a "crocodile skin pattern" is visible, which by Maoris is called "Moko". This means that the "devil" from Korea displays anatomical attributes (e.g. this "Moko") which are well known in "devils-UFOnauts" from New Zealand that at that time was isolated from the rest of the world. It also worth to notice the shape of nose of this "devil". It was just such a nose that a Polish poet, Adam Mickiewicz, described in the poem "Pani Twardowska", quote: "... nose like a hook ...". The same nose is shown on photographs of Maori's "Taniwha" from #5a and #5b. Looking at this nose one has difficulty to resist an impression that it resembles to us someone very well known. Such a "hook-shaped nose" is a second (after a nose elongated like a carrot - Img.009) typical appearance of noses of "devils-UFOnauts" which like to change into people from the Earth.

Img.067 (#3b/ #6b - middle) A photograph the entire sword with the head of "devil" (UFOnaut) on the handle, the enlargement of which is shown on photo from the left side #5a. The shocking in this sword is that in spite of being crafted in Korea, the anatomical attributes of the "devil" immortalized on its handle thoroughly coincide with attributes of "devils-UFOnauts" seen in Europe and in New Zealand - and all this in spite that in times of making this sword Korea did NOT have contacts with Europe nor with New Zealand. This in turn means that "devil-UFOnauts" are global creatures, which in past persecuted humanity (and persecute it still until today) practically on every continent and on every island of the world.

Img.002 (#3c/ #6c - bottom) Also very old carving of the "devil" (i.e. present "UFOnaut" from the race similar to people), from one of European churches. The exact description of anatomy of these "devils-UFOnauts" shown on this sculpture and in appearance identical to people, was described on several web pages listed previously. Here I only show it to illustrate the high anatomical similarities of it, with the figure of the "devil" from #6a on the left.

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