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Img.649 from Wrocław / (#K1b - Tapanui)

Img.649 When in the years 1983 to 1987 I was lecturing Software Engineering at the College in the southernmost large city of the world called Invercargill, that is located at the most southern end of the South Island of New Zealand, I studied old legends of local Maoris about the emergence of the then discovered by myself the first place so identified in the world where UFOnauts intentionally exploded a stack of 7 UFO starships near small NZ town named Tapanui. The most important evidence that the UFO explosion near Tapanui was caused on purpose by UFOnauts, is indicated and explained in item #J7. of this web page Tapanui, and also in "chapter I" and "subsection D4" from my monograph [5/3]. (Later I got to know several other such places of deliberate exploding of UFO vehicles in order to cause death and destruction - other of which I described e.g. on the web page named Day 26.) Studying these old legends about the UFO explosion near Tapanui led me to the discovery that the name of a small township called "Mataura" also located not far from Invercargill, in the old language of local Maoris was a name to a mysterious starship which in the present "modern" language is represented by the name of a UFO starship. Because it was then that I was simultaneously carrying out extensive developmental engineering works on synthesizing the design, materials, principles of operation and precise appearance of the starship of my own invention called the Magnocraft, shown more precisely on our 4-minute-long Video "How big is the Magnocraft resp. in YouTube (which my Magnocraft starship incidentally turned out to look and work exactly like UFO starships), I then turned to the authorities of the township of Mataura, that for their own good they should somehow honour the uniqueness of the name "Mataura (meaning "UFO") assigned to their town, by building in it some monument or a public object with a precise appearance and dimensions of a UFO starship - precise data and illustrations of which, together with my advice on how to technically construct this monument, I offered then that I will provide the authorities of the town of Mataura for free. Unfortunately, although that my proposal was quite loud at that time, as it was even discussed by the local radio station "Foveaux Radio" (the recording of which discussion may have survived somewhere in my luggage until today), in order to undertake the actual construction of any monument that looks precisely like a UFO, it is necessary that there is currently a demand for such monument, and that there are also people and resources needed to complete its construction. Furthermore - what we humans still are NOT aware of, is that if one wishes to build or do anything that works against the secretive occupational interests of UFOnauts (similarly as the disclosure of the precise appearance, design and principles of operation of UFOs to fellow humans would work against secretive interests of UFOnauts), then UFOnauts have the power, organization and enormously advanced technical devices in operation on Earth, capable of creating so many extraordinary obstacles against building or doing it - examples of which obstacles I described in #A5 from my web page named totalizm_pl.htm, that one needs either almost a miracle or superhuman work to overcome these obstacles and to accomplish his/her goals - about which fact I was also convinced by implementing the project that I described in part #J from the web page tekst_3b.htm, while about what the late Andrzej Domała discovered and described in subsection #B5.3 from Polish treatise [3b] entitled "Kosmiczna Układanka" - (which title means: "The Cosmic Puzzle") - while a few of his words about these suddenly appearing obstacles I quoted in [3b] Subsection #B5.3. from item #K2. of the web page named Petone. The explanations, which I am presenting below about the symbolism of UFO monuments, are aimed, among others: at reminding today's residents and authorities of the town Mataura that my old offer is still valid; at giving the assurance that my former offer of gratuitous engineering help is valid as well; at reassuring that it is worth considering such construction for the good and prosperity of Mataura town and at making "Mataura" truly the world famous because of the uniqueness of its name "Mata-ura". In turn to other readers I hope these explanations on ways of expressing UFO symbolism will provide as follows:
(a) will indicate symbols with the use of which in old times connections with UFOs of a given institution, place or person were expressed, and also
(b) will indicate symbols which have been proven during use for centuries, and with which now when we know that UFOnauts are the actual occupiers, exploiters and tormentors of humanity, these relationships with UFOs can be emphasized again, as well as that
(c) to those interested in learning about UFOs, these UFO symbols will also reveal the correct (because developed during the engineering synthesis of my Magnocrafts) precise data about the actual appearance, dimensions and principles of operation of individual out of 8 main types of discoidal UFO starships.

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