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Img.061 (aus St. A. Bobola - #G1b)

(Sequence #G1abc): Img.060/ Img.061/ Img.062 A female "devil" with three fingers and what appear to be bat wings. To allow a better look at the details of her wings and paws with three sparrowhawk-like claws, she is shown from two directions. (Further explanation about it is contained in the caption under "Photo #K2" from my separate web page named evolution_en.htm.) Supposedly it was just such "bat wings" that the flying sorcerer popularly called "Sapieha" supposed to have, who in early years of 20th century terrorized people from the area of present Milicz commune. (Only that he was of the male sex, not female.) Even in the years of my youth, local indigenous people used to frighten children with the warning "Sapieha flies"!

The above figure of the "female devil" originated in the culture of the North Pacific (Far East), more specifically in Suwon, South Korea. However, such creatures with only three clawed fingers were also known in Poland. It is about such a devil that Mickiewicz writes in "Pani Twardowska", and I quote: "... a chicken's leg and sparrow-like nails he had. ..." These creatures were actually known all over the world. For example, near Nasca of South America, a mummy of such a three-toed creature was discovered. The anatomy of this mummy is shown and scientifically discussed in an approximately 12-minute English-language video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NdWbHlGo4g. Looking at the "sparrow-like legs" of the above female devil, it is easy to guess who the owners introduced on Earth the fashion for women's "stilettos" - to hide the awkwardly protruding claw in their heel. On the figurine of the above devil, attention is drawn to a sort of "snake pattern" on her skin. (This pattern is best seen when this photo is enlarged to the maximum by clicking on it and viewing it on the largest screen.) It is probably because of this pattern that many present UFO abductees claim to have seen a race of "reptiles" in there. This pattern is well known to New Zealand Maoris. This is because in order to somehow please the malicious visitors with three fingers and magical powers, New Zealand Maoris tattooed a similar pattern on the skin of their own faces.

This Maori pattern tattooed on the skin in the likeness of the pattern from the skin of these "devils" or "sorcerers" is called moko. In turn the creatures which possessed it were known to Maoris from the worst side - for example, in the national museum of New Zealand called "Te Papa" there was once exhibited a sculpture, the surviving fragment of which I showed in "Fig. #D1" from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm, which depicted a mass rape by these three-fingered creatures of all women from the entire Maori village. The functions of these supposed "bat wings" in these creatures formerly called "devils" or "sorcerers", while today called UFOnauts, were explained only by the latest findings of people practicing parachute diving. Well, such "wings", actually being appropriate patches on the clothing worn by a given wearer of them, help in better maneuvering during flight in the air. It is worth noting that the creature in the above photo seems to have two pairs of hands. One pair of clawed hands raised upward spreads its wings, while the other pair placed along its body gives it a human form.

These two pairs of hands result from a simple misunderstanding. After all, these creatures have only one pair of hands - just like humans. Only that folklore was not aware that their "wings" are simply a properly shaped and specially made cloak which takes on the shape of wings only when the creature raises its hands upwards during flight. Folklore therefore thought that, like birds, they had separate wings. Meanwhile, when the creature walks on the ground with its arms hanging freely along its body, their "wings" turn into a kind of like a cloak with a cape. The cut of this coat, by the way, is imitated to this day by the upper part ("jacket") of the official suits of dignitaries and orchestra conductors, popularly known as "frak." (Interestingly, in English this official garment is called "tuxedo" - which name is a mere "play of sounds" carrying the meaning of "transporting garment". For example, in America, this "tuxedo" is also described by the slang name "tux" - the pronunciation of which there is almost identical to the word "cab" or "cab"). This is because ordinary people noted that the dignitaries (or more precisely, the creatures impersonating them) who were in power and around money in the old days often wore such costumes with a cape. So people began to imitate the cut of clothing of these influential beings in earthly official attire.

Img.061: Female devil-UFOnaut photographed in front view. This time the photo reveals well the appearance from the front of their legs and arms with 3+1 clawed fingers. I should add here that the above photo, as well as the next photo "Photo #G1c (#4c)", are also shown and discussed in more detail on the memorial page. On the other hand, from completely different points of view, the above photo is analyzed and discussed on the pages about evolution and Malbork Castle.

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