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Img.609 from Totalizmus (#A5a)/ (#E2b) Totalizmus

Img.609 (#A5a) Here is the reminder of facial features of a typical "witch", the appearance of which survived until today in the folklore of New Zealand. The same facial features, but NOT in such a caricatured presentation, are also reported by people abducted on a UFO, who encountered human-looking UFOnauts in there. However, one should be careful in recognizing these features on Earth, as perhaps some people's faces are also capable of adopting similar features. In turn the faces of actual UFOnauts currently operating on Earth for sure can now (e.g. after the dissemination of my publications) be surgically made similar to typical human ones with the use of advanced "plastic surgeries" of medicine and techniques of UFOnauts. Therefore, features can only inspire, but the way of revealing the truth is indicated by the advice from the Bible expressed in 7:16 "Matthew" and 6:44 "Luke": "You will know them by their fruits".

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