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Abb.599 from Telekinetics (#E2)

Abb.599 (#E2) One amongst a whole series of prototypes of machines constructed in various countries of the world, which tried top duplicate the design of telekinetic influenzmaschine called "Thesta-Distatica" and build by the Swiss religious commune Methernitha. The above two-disk "telekinetic influenzmaschine" was constructed by the Swiss group called "Vene" from the nearest to Methernitha town Thun. However, similarly like many other attempts of this kind, the above machine never was working. Experts would claim that most clearly the builder of this machine was lacking the technical expertise and manufacturing power that were in disposal of the developmental team from Methernitha. But I would state, that for reasons described below in item #K1, God just refused to allow to construct this machine without priori fulfilment of conditions explained in item #K2. of this web page Telekinetics. After all, even the developmental team from Methernitha failed in its efforts to build the fourth (gigantic) technical version of their telekinetic influenzmaschines, in spite that it had to its disposal this entire technical expertise and three previously constructed (and working) prototypes of these machines.

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