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Img.591 from Tapanui (#9a)

Img.592 from Tapanui (#9b)

Sequence (#9ab) Img.591 (#9a)/ Abb.592 (#9b) Two photographs of the gigantic mutation of Moa birds from New Zealand.
Although these my amateur photographs leave a lot to wish for (actually the right one was taken through glass), they quite well reflect the huge size of this particular mutation of Moa - when it is compared to an adult human figure. Notice that all gigantic subspecies of Moa originally mutated from a bird of the size of an average turkey, that in New Zealand usually is called "bush moa". Around 100 000 years old and well preserved complete skeleton of such turkey-sized bush moa was uncovered in the Centennial Park in Timaru - a site of this discovery is still marked over there until today (although the skeleton itself is well hidden from the public viewing in cellars of the Canterbury Museum from Christchurch, and possibly is going to mysteriously disappear one day - similarly as this happened with a skeleton of around 8 meters tall human giant also found in Timaru - for details of this giant see item #I2. from the web page Newzealand).

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