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Rys. #D3b

Img.059 (from St. A. Bobola - #F2)

Img.059 (#F2): The appearance of a typical underground tunnel from the medieval period. The above tunnel is available to visitors in Klodzko. Its entrances are by the Klodzko town hall and under the Klodzko fortress. It is well lit, protected from straying, and full of medieval artifacts, so it is worth seeing - I strongly encourage you to do so. A whole maze of medieval tunnels very similar to the above is also located under Milicz. In the times up to the end of the Second World War, these tunnels were passable and well-maintained. At that time there was an open tunnel connection between the undergrounds of every church of Milicz, including the Evangelic church from the photograph Img.054 (#D2), with the entire system of other tunnels under Milicz. Later, however, the entrance from the church's underground to this tunnel system was walled off.

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